Need of Vector Images in Digital World

Image or photograph is integral part of any digital platform like website, social campaign, and community or business institution. Sometimes, we use image entity to represent entire institution or deliver some facts. Logo is best example which is used for different purpose like press release, online store, business paper and digital marketing.

When we circulate a logo at vast level then we should ensure that image shouldn’t fade their look & feel at user’s end. But, it can’t possible by raster image.

Why Raster Image is not perfect for web?

Raster images are producing through the process of scanning source artwork or “painting” with a photo editing editor. Some popular editors are Corel Photo Paint and Adobe Photoshop.

Raster image is made of series of dots, which is known as pixels. Each pixel of raster photo is a tiny colored square. At initial stage, when we are scanning an image then photo is converted into raster image.

We can identify scanned graphic image with following formats:

  1. CPT (Corel PhotoPAINT)
  2. BMP (Windows Bitmap)
  3. PCX (Paintbrush)
  4. TIFF (Tag Interleave Format)
  5. PSD (Adobe PhotoShop)
  6. PNG (Portable Network Graphic)
  7. JPEG
  8. IMG
  9. JPG

Above image format are delivering low quality of resolution on web. Along with degraded picture quality, you can’t increase size of image due to reason of distortion.

Process to Build Vector Image:

Vector Image is based on mathematical equation as well as geometry objects like line, curve and polygon etc. Finally, we can say that it is a connected path of lines and curves. By using the mathematical description, we can generate vector objects like node position, location of node, length of line and curve. Vector image is an object oriented that’s why it can be used without hampering picture quality. In a vector object, colors are mapping on the top of a skeleton. For creation of Vector graphics, top most editors are CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator. These editors have potential to manipulate raster images into higher quality of raster image.

Vector file formats are available with following extensions:

  1. EPS (Encapsulated PostScript)
  2. WMF (Windows Metafile)
  3. AI (Adobe Illustrator)
  4. PLT (Hewlett Packard Graphics Language Plot File)
  5. SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)
  6. CDR (CorelDraw)
  7. DXF (AutoCAD)

Presence of Vector Photographs:

Vector image is enabled with line objects so we can increase such kind of image at any level. It allows the designers to reuse existing image with different size. It also boosts the image resolution of scanned image with higher level of user engagement.

Due to high quality, digital world is accepting vector image for increasing visitors. Apart from corporate world, high quality of vector images are demanding by mid level agencies/professional like wild life expert, weeding photographers, online advertiser, tour operator, cloth designer, retailers and fashion advisors.

Graphic experts are also recommended to use vector logo. This approach encourages the marketer to use logo on different locations with distinct size.

Overall! We can say vector format is helpful for managing digital world with meaningful picture quality.


Free Windows Recovery Tool to Handle Hard Drive Data Loss Problems

Now Windows data recovery is possible for free with all the advanced options enabled using Disk Drill for Windows. Previously available recovery tools comes with limited functionality where Disk Drill for Windows offers full-fledged rigorous scanning mechanism and in-depth analysis against the problem device, be it HDD, USB, Flash drive or memory cards. You can certainly recover almost anything lost like documents, movies, pictures, backup files etc.


Multiple Drive Support

There are multiple type of drives available from which, data loss situation strikes like accidental formatting hard drive, permanently deleting valuable files, system startup failure etc. There are range of drives available and Disk Drill for Windows supports recovery for free: Hard Disk drive, Solid State Device, USB, Flash Drive, external hard drive etc.

Disk Drill for Windows


Advanced recovery

This data recovery software includes advanced options to recover severely damaged, corrupt or inaccessible files and folders. Options include Quick and Deep scan which can be run separately to recover data to address any type of data loss situations.

Speedy Performance

With intuitive interface and easy to follow steps, you can scan and preview all of your lost files in no time. You’ll only need to follow few simple steps to begin scanning your problem drive and sit back to watch your files getting back.

Huge list of file type support

Disk drill easily scan and recover data from different type of file system including FAT, exFAT, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS, HFS+, EXT2, EXT3. You can certainly recover any type of file types including picture, audio, videos, documents, emails, archive and more.

Lost or accidentally formatted partitions

Don’t worry if you’ve accidentally lost or formatted one of your important hard drive partition full of your important pictures or official documents. Disk drill employs advanced scanning algorithm and sector by sector scan to detect logical partitions that previously get deleted or formatted.

Recovery Vault

Moving ahead with addressing your data loss situations, Disk Drill for Windows will include recovery vault to save a copy of your recently deleted or lost files from targeted storage device.

Preview before recovery

You’ll be able to see what you are going to recover in advance using preview before recovery window. It’ll offer quick view of lost files and folders with size, name, change/modified date etc. so you can easily identify files you’re looking for.

Other important features

User can take backup of files or even the whole partition from failing or dying hard drive that is supposed to fail soon. Backup copy in .DMG formatted will be created which you can store on another drive to ensure safe recovery in the event of complete failure or inaccessibility.

Longer drives generally takes longer time to scan and recover files. But don’t worry, you’ll be able to pause or stop scan and continue at any later time exactly from where you have had left off.

It’ll also lets you scan or examine corrupt or inaccessible memory cards and later, recover important pictures or photographs recently taken from your digital camera or smartphone.


Disk Drill for Windows is absolutely free data recovery tool and there are no limitations on recovery of deleted or lost files and folders. Additionally, this tool offers multiple advanced options of recovery that you’d find missing in most free or professional data recovery utilities.

However, Disk Drill recommends to remove and plug your problem hard drive to another computer and perform recovery. Any wrong or misleading steps could cause deleted files to be overwritten or permanently wiped off.

EaseUS Todo Backup Home 8.0 – Back Everything in Few Clicks

Taking backup is just like you are insuring your valuable data for the long period of time. Meanwhile, you also ensuring better data safety from critical data loss circumstances. Manually taking backup of files and folders or almost anything else would take time more than you think or could imagine. By using a single tool, you may free yourself from the headache of taking backup.

Try EaseUS Todo Backup Home 8.0 (latest edition), packed with more useful features and capability to provide smoother platform towards safeguarding your valuable data. It’ll help you combat against any critical disk failure or disastrous situation by making your data available again within the matter of time.

Below are the powerful features of this tool that’ll keep your eyes open:

  • Complete system backup (including the operating system) is possible using the complete backup option of this tool.
  • Fast and efficient disk imaging option by offering block level disk imaging technique.
  • Backup specific files, folders, documents (weather it’s placed on local computers or networked location) without interrupting the open operations.
  • This tool can also take backup of your important mails including contacts, messages, calendar records etc. from Outlook Express or 2003/2007/2010
  • The most awaited and overlooked features that everyone looks in any backup tool is now possible using EaseUS Todo Backup entitled Incremental and differential backup. This helps you take backup of files only with changes and thus, save and time and space for you.
  • You’ve the flexibility to schedule backup on every week or any particular day of the month.
  • Win-PE recovery environment to help you restore everything from the unbootable or inaccessible PC.
  • Improvised cloning feature to clone everything, from files to complete system (including OS). You can use this tool to clone hard drive Windows 7, Vista, Windows 8/8.1 etc.


This is one of the most popular backup tool with over 6 million unique users from all over the world. This tool offer basic interface and advanced capabilities to let user perform even the crucial operations with easy. This tool is pretty safe and offers better data backup accuracy with 99% data restore possibilities.


Number of free tools in the market could do the same job so it’s quite challenging to differentiate the capability with EaseUS Todo Backup Home. Make sure that you haven’t failing or dying hard drive to ensure the healthy backup copy is always available and can be used restore whatever needed.

Final verdict

This tool is completely free to use for 30 days. Afterwards, it’ll requires you to afford the specified charges based on the PC requirement. Their efficiency is unmatched and you’ll not find anywhere else with that much capabilities all in single tool.

Can’t Find Files and Pictures after System Restore, How to Restore them Back?

In computer, restore means return to the previous state of the system in the event of corruption or failure. This also could be the original factory settings or a previous state system. This process basically undo the changes made to the system. However, using system restore, you will not be able to restore documents, music, emails, or any kind of personal files.


System Restore allows you to restore your computer data like system files, installed programs, etc. With this feature you can roll back Windows to a point where you know it was working well can restore your system from all issues. You can exactly use a previous date to restore a computer, this should should be the one at which you knew the system was working well. Restoring the system does not affect to original files stored in the system at all. During the System Restore process, there could be chances of error existence, which may cause damage to the stored files. Do not shut down your system while restore as it may lead to missing or hidden files. In case of System Restore failure, it may also lead to loss of important files that are present in the system.

Causes of Data Loss after System Restore

  • Wrong Operation: This is the most common reason of data loss during system restore operation. For example, you may have accidentally chosen all the disks to be formatted. Therefore, all the files stored on those volumes would lose data or you may not understand the instructions properly or miss few steps, and lose the important files
  • Saving Files without Backup: You may have saved your important files on the desktop without any backup. During a system restore, the OS removed the complete information from the C drive, which leads to the loss of your precious files.
  • Others Reasons: During a system restore process, many other factors like the virus infection, internal fault of the hard disk, system incompatibility and many more lead your files lose. Some of them can be avoided, while some are non-avoidable.

For Example, if you have restored your computer system recently, and in this process your user accounts were reset or deleted. Then, after successful process, you may not be able to see many of your documents and files

If you really willing to get those hidden or missed files back and you have tried multiple methods from a long time, but every time you got upset due to unsuccessful results. Then this write-up is for you, here you will get to know about the method to Undelete files after system restore.

There are many people, who regret after losing data files after system restore, and looking for the same solution like you. In order to prevent data files from any loss, take regular backups. But if you do not have any backup, then also there is a chance to get all lost photos and other files back. To restore your lost files, restart your computer and press F8 key when it starts booting. It will land you to the Windows Advanced Options menu. Run your system in the safe mode, and follow the below mentioned procedure.

  1. First, Shut down your system
  2. Turn it on again, and when the system screen appears, press F8, it will display the Windows Advanced Options Menu.
  3. Here, use the arrow keys to move the cursor.
  4. Now, you should boot up the computer in Safe Mode by selecting Safe Mode, and press Enter key.
  5. Within Safe Mode, choose System Properties and then select System Restore.
  6. A small window will appear and ask you for a confirmation to keep operating in Safe Mode.
  7. Select Yes.
  8. Select Start and go to ‘My Computer’ option. Click twice to the main hard drive (C:) icon and choose Documents and Settings.
  9. Right-click to the folder name of the user account and select Properties. (You can also view this folder when you login your Windows normally. However, Windows shows it as empty and does not allow you at access it.)
  10. Select the Security option.
  11. Choose Advanced option. On the third tab, which is actually Owner tab, select the checkbox to select the Replace owner, which is available on the sub containers and objects option.
  12. Select Apply.
  13. A security message appears, Select Yes.
  14. Click OK.
  15. Click OK again. After this you will be able to see the files, which you were trying to access, being transferred.

Now, after the successful transfer, restart your computer in normal mode and access the folder again. You will be able to access all the lost documents on your desktop along with pictures, music, movies, documents, internet favorites, etc.

Redbus App Makes Booking Tickets Easy

With the advent of the various travel mobile applications, travelling and booking tickets has become easier than ever before. These apps not only allow you to book your tickets to various destinations across India and abroad but also help you get rid of the hassles of dealing with the booking agents. Long gone are the days when you would have to wait in the long serpentine queues at the bus depot or keep nagging the booking agents to get a confirmed booking for your travel. Today, with the increased use of smart phones and the new and innovative applications you can download the travel booking applications and get your booking done with just a click of a button at your own convenience.

One of the most popular travel booking apps that has completely changing the travel booking scenario in India is the RedBus app. The app is available on both Android and iOS platforms. It helps you book your bus tickets in the easiest and fastest way. The application lets you search for bus tickets across 67,000 routes all over India and choose from more than 1800 bus operators. The app features all kinds of buses including Air-conditioned, non A/C buses, sleepers, semi-sleepers and seaters. Some of the significant features that make this app a favourite among the bus travellers are discussed below:

Redbus App Ticketing


  • Plethora of options

By using this booking app you can find a bus operator that perfectly suits your budget and schedule. You can also choose a specific bus operator that offers certain special amenities that you are looking for to make your travel easy and comfortable.

  • User reviews and ratings

This is one of the most significant features of the app. While booking a ticket through the app, you would surely want to know about the credibility of the operator. The RedBus app features customer ratings and reviews of almost every operator listed on the app. This would give you a fair idea about the services provided by them and you can make an informed decision. Not to mention you can use the RedBus coupons to get attractive discounts on your bus bookings.

  • Live Tracking

Yes! You heard it right, the app allows you to track the bus live on a map. This would help you know the location of the bus in real time.

  • Choose your own boarding point

Until a few years ago when you booked your bus tickets with a booking agent, you dint have the freedom to choose your own boarding point, you would have to travel to the booking agent office to board the office. But, today with the RedBus app, you can choose your own boarding point near your home.

  • Secured payment gateways

One of the major concerns for travelers who book tickets online is to pay money in a safe and secured manner. The RedBus app offers you a secured payment gateway without the risk of your banking/card details being misused.

  • One touch cancellation

This is another significant feature of the RedBus app. It makes your last minute cancellation hassle free, you simply have to log onto the app and cancel the booking with a touch of a button.

All these features combined with the top class customer service make RebBus app a popular application for booking bus tickets.

Product Review – Stellar MBOX to PST Converter

Many of the email clients, such as Thunderbird, Spicebird, Entourage, Pocomail, Eudora, AppleMail, Mulberry, SeaMonkey, Netscape, ClawsMail, OperaMail, MozillaMail, Evolution, Sylpheed, Cone, Mutt, and Gnu Mail, support MBOX format. And, it is very often to switch MBOX based email client to Outlook, which is a PST based email client. If you are looking for a fast and professional converted tool for this purpose, Stellar MBOX to Outlook PST Converter is the best among all available options. As I have tested many popular converter tools and found that it to be more reliable and faster among all.

  • Product Name: Stellar MBOX to PST Converter
  • Version: 2.2
  • Download Size: 8.5 MB
  • Installation Time: 20 Sec
  • Free Demo: Available
  • License Type: Single User license (Download): User can install the software on a single system
  • Technical License (Download) can install the software in different system and different software. Simultaneous recovery from multiple systems is not possible in technical license.
  • Price: $39
  • Product Website Link:

Minimum System Requirements

  • Processor: Pentium Class
  • Operating System: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2003-2008 Server
  • Microsoft Office: 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003
  • Memory: Minimum 1 GB
  • Hard Disk: 50 MB of Free Space


  • Convert multiple MBOX -based email clients in to Outlook PST
  • Provide multiple amazing features in reasonable price


  • The software does not provide simultaneous recovery from multiple systems in technical version.

Main Features of the Software:

Stellar MBOX to Outlook PST Converter is a must have tool that provides a very easy interface to use. The best part of this software is, it converts various the MBOX supported files to Outlook PST file, those MBOX based clients are Thunderbird, Spicebird, Entourage, Pocomail, Eudora, MacLiveMail, Mulberry, OperaMail, SeaMonkey, MozillaMail, Netscape, Evolution, Sylpheed, ClawsMail, Cone, Mutt files and Gnu Mail. You can scan any of these clients, based on MBOX file to equivalent Outlook PST files. As it covers almost all the MBOX based email client, so it does not matter what email client you are using, you can convert any of them into a compatible PST format. You can save all the converted emails to a new PST or an existing PST file.

Here’s how it Works:

  • After downloading and installation, you can run the software and open the main window.
  • In this main window, you can view all the MBOX- based mail icons, which are supported by Stellar MBOX to PST converter. You can select any of the mail clients to convert.


  • After selecting an email client to convert in to PST, you can see a new window with ‘Select File’, ‘Select Identify Folder’ and ‘Find File’ options. By those options, you can directly select a file, select multiple file from selected folder and find all available files from a selected volume respectively. Choose any of the options and click ‘Convert’ button to start conversion.


  • After clicking on ‘Convert’ button, the process will be started. Now, you can see the process progress with all the converted mails. You can stop the process in mid, in case you do not want to continue the further process and save scanned mails.


  • After complete scan you will get a message of successful conversions, click ‘OK’ to disappear the message.
  • You can now preview the content of all the mails and check the format and other things.


  • To save the files click on save button from the menu, a new dialog box will appear. Here select the radio button to save the file into ‘Save As a New Outlook PST File’ or ‘Append data into New Existing PST file’ and ‘Browse’ to choose a location to save the Outlook PST file. Click ‘OK’ to complete the process.


  • If you select ‘Append data into New Existing PST file’, then choose the path of PST file in which you want to merge the converted file or you can select to append the converted file into exiting Outlook profile by selecting radio buttons. You can also search the PST file by clicking on ‘Browse’ button on your system. Click ‘OK’ to complete the process.


  • Now one message of successful conversion will appear. You can click on the link to see the file or press ‘OK’ button to disappear the message.




Stellar MBOX to PST Converter tool is best for those users who use multiple MBOX-based email clients and want to convert all of them into an Outlook PST format or into Office 365. This professional tool provides the flexibility to save converted data into a new PST file. You have options to append new converted Outlook data file in to existing profile or merge it into an existing PST file. You can preview the content of your converted file with all attachments.

Product Rating: 9/10


The product is very reliable and accurate and also available in free demo version. You can use this free demo before purchasing to test its speed and accuracy. I have used it with both very low configured system and latest configured system and surprised to see the same speed of the product. I would recommend it to those users who have multiple profiles on multiple MBOX based email clients. You can buy it without thinking about the security aspects, as the reputation of the source company is very good in the market.

Reliable (and Unreliable) Hard Drive Manufacturers

The Hard drive is the most convenient way to store digital data whether it online or offline. There are many big hard drive manufacturers, and everyone claims to make a reliable hard drive. However, even then why every hard drive is not equally reliable, even if it is manufactured by the most reputed manufacturers in the world such as Western Digital, Seagate, Samsung, Hitachi  and Toshiba.

BlackBlaze provided the report for all Hard Drives’ reliability, as it is an online backup company, which currently has almost 34,881 hard drives powered up. It is continuously storing as well as spinning over 80,000 terabytes (80 petabytes) total of user data.  Now you can imagine how good this company could be to analyze hard drive reliability. Every time when a hard drive fails, the company has to pull it out, slot in a new one, and rebuild the RAID array. Now, he we will discuss that why there is a difference between the reliability of all the hard drive makers.


Firstly, let us check the BlackBlaze’s new figures in their new report and try to find out the most reliable and unreliable manufacturers. The company had revealed its first reliability figures at the end of 2013, when it was using 27,134 hard drives. Next data was revealed in end of September 2014 with tracks of old and new hard drives.

Hard Drive Annual Failure Rate



On the chart, the gray bars indicate the annual failure rates of end 2013, where the colored bars indicate the failure rates of upper six months of 2014. ‘Annual failure rate’ always shows quite odd statistics but it is a better way to analyze the hard drive reliability. In a company annually multiple new hard drives slot in and many become old, a large number of hard drives come with different manufacturing batched and from different vendors. Therefore, it would be a mixed response of multiple hard drives in 12 months. The annual failure rate is an averaged over a drive’s entire life.

The second chart indicates the first three years a Hard drive life and after that a quick drop-off.

Survival Rate in Months



The above chard conclude that which one is the most reliable hard drive even after three years and which one you should replace into a new one after three years. According to Backblaze among Seagate, Western Digital, and HGST (Hitachi), Hitachi is the most reliable hard drive manufacturer. However, Western Digital has acquired HGST but still there is a minor difference between their reliability factors.

Samsung and Toshiba

Unfortunately, Backblaze does not release any statistical chart for Samsung or Toshiba drives. As in 2011, Samsung’s hard drive division has been acquired by Seagate, so it is quite obvious that Samsung reliability must be similar as Seagate. Toshiba/Fujitsu share only around 10% of the market so it is not the right time to compare them with Seagate, Western Digital, and Hitachi.

After the complete BlackBlaze analysis, we conclude that the average lifespan of hard drives at Backblaze is still very high. All the hard drive has very good chances of last longer than four years. So why some hard drives reliable than others, let us discuss some more facts:

According to Backblaze’s data it is now clear that HGST’s drives are much reliable than any other available hard drives in the market. As there is no significant information about hard drive reliability; so, the best way to find out is to go with some educated guesses about reliability factor of a hard drive.

Manufacturing defects

Every hard drive manufacturers in different batches and if one batch fails and it belongs from a bad batch it could be a reason of hard drive failure. At times, a bad batch of motors or the QA guys could also be a big cause.

Bad Design

A design could also be a cause of a bad hard drive. At times, one hard drive is bitterly designed than others. There could be many manufacturing defects can take place on the basis of design such as less stress on the motor or read/write head arms, etc. which leads to a bad reliability factor.

Rebadged Enterprise Drives?

This is also a big factor of hard drive reliability. Actually, most of the reliable hard drives are enterprise-class hard drives, but they are sold as a consumer-level drive. These types of hard drives are manufactured for a higher standard so their quality assurance processes are tougher.

Damaged goods

If the retailer sells damaged hard drives, so its reliability will be automatically less. Many times, it happens that the same vendor’s hard drives show the low reliability behavior. May be they are dropped in the vendor still selling them to earn money. Therefore, it is always better that never buy all the products from the same vendor.

Better or Different Technology

It is a fact that the technology matters a lot that is why some hard drive manufactures a better than others. The quality they use and the efficient technology they apply in their hard drive, always show results on the reliability factor of the hard drive. The smallest difference in the manufacturing can make a hard drive much better. There is always a difference between two different manufactures’ technology, which leads a good or a bad hard drive and impact your decision on purchasing a new hard drive


There are many reasons behind a reliable and an unreliable hard drive. We have already discussed the statistics of some higher manufacturers and rest of them might have followed the above factors for an unreliable or reliable hard drive. It is recommendable that whichever hard drive you have chosen for yourself, it is better to take regular backup for your important data as the most reliable manufactures’ hard drive also shows failures.

Freely Backup and Restore SQL Server Database from Anywhere using SQLBak

Backup plays an important role in ensuring the longer data availability as it helps user to restore lost, damaged or corrupted data when disaster strikes. Many organizations tends to rely on ‘SQL Server’ as it was supposed to be the safest and reliable medium to store important records of employees, transactions, goods selling or buying etc. However, corruption arises on such databases even after following all the norms which may eventually ruin your business growth and overall success.


Taking backup of SQL server database helps you retrieve information that is corrupted, unintentionally deleted and so on. There are tools that can run schedule backup to have the latest copy of database backed up and you’ll not going to lose any recently updated database. SQLBak is one of the most popular program that can backup, monitor and helps you to restore SQL Server Database remotely.

How Application Works

SQLBak is the only service that lets you backup your important SQL server database using browser. Basically, you’ll need to install a small program on your targeted device and configure it to your online SQLBak account using the credentials you’ve entered while signing up.

You’ll have to set few configuration settings on SQLBak dashboard such as entering Mail ID to get instant notifications, set time and date to take backup automatically, and type of SQL Server backup you want to take backup.

Cloud Hosting Services included in this application

  • Dropbox
  • FTP
  • Google Drive
  • Amazon S3
  • OneDrive and Azure Blob Storage (Available on or after September 2014).

Important Features

SQLBak offers set of features that you should have if working on profile of database administrative roles. Below is the top feature of this tool that becomes really helpful in many situations of database corruptions:

  • Schedule time and date to take backup automatically. Once done, this tool will run in the background and save latest copy of SQL server as well as make them ready to restore in the event of corruption or accidental deletion. The best thing is, you can run restore using Tablets, Smartphones or any other portable devices.
  • High level of security (Only https) to ensure the safety of your crucial SQL server information.
  • All you require is a browser to access the online portal of SQLBak. No need to login on your SQL server  .
  • You can run backup of multiple SQL Server by clicking on ‘Adding a new job’ on your SQLBak Dashboard account. The process is simple and can be done easily – ‘Select Target Computer’, ‘Connect to SQL Server’, ‘Log on to Server’. That’ sit.
  • You’ve multiple location choices to send backup folder such as FTP or any of the cloud hosting website mentioned earlier.
  • There are no easier way to monitor your SQL Server than using SQLBak. All you’ve to do is to enter your working email id to receive the latest performance updates of connected SQL server and fix problems immediately.

Why SQLBak?

There may be multiple applications you could found for performing the same task. However, unmatched performance and superior reliability of SQLBak makes it unique and have nothing to disappoint you. Moreover, SQLBak charges no setup fees for this and allow you to run backups of utmost 2 databases for free. After that, you may need to pay a small amount of fees which you can found here.

Lost Your Data or Partitions? Now Get It Back Using Hetman Recovery Software

A good day might eventually turn into a bad day when you accidentally lost or deleted an important partition of your hard drive. Losing an entire partition would be a real pain which often compromises losing your GBs of important data that you’ve invested over weeks or months on it. Fortunately, we are living in the age where nothing seems impossible and so as recovering of your useful data from such painful situations.

There are number of recovery utilities available in the market which claims to recover almost any type of lost data or partitions. Hetman partition recovery is one such useful utility that repairs damaged or corrupt hard drive partitions and makes you able to recover data in hassle free manner. You may have probably heard about such recovery tools before, but Hetman recovery tool works quite different and provides extra level of data recovery benefits. It ensures easy operability for basic as well as advanced users.

Through this tool, you can easily recover lost or deleted partitions; all the deleted content with their actual file names and attributes, severely damaged or virus infected files will also get scanned and recovered easily. Wizard based recovery interfaces make this software perfectly suitable for beginners and it’s Windows explorer like secondary interfaces will easily lets you explore through installed hard drive partitions.


Get this software from manufacturer website and install it on any latest Windows PC including Windows 8, Windows 7/ Vista/ XP etc. Make sure that you’ve enough hard drive space available to install and perform complete scanning of the problem drive. Also, prefer not to install this application on the drive containing deleted copy of documents.




Software performs in quite similar fashion as other software. Double click on the application icon located at the desktop and enter password if required for authentication purpose.  A pop up window will open and requires you to follow the on screen steps to choose problem drive and begin scanning it.

Wizard Recovery


Software can perform fast as well as full system scan to recover data from internal or any externally attached storage media devices.  Fast scan option is helpful to reclaim recently deleted files and folders from the storage device. Whereas, full system analysis employs content aware analysis to gather missing pieces of damaged or corrupted partitions labeled with NTFS or FAT.

Recovery methods

Any time, during scan, you can stop the scanning if you’ve found the files you’re looking for. Later, you can use the ‘Recover’ button located at the top menu strip to save it onto your desired local or removable media.

Besides recovering your lost files and folders, the software is also capable in recovering entire hard drive partitions. If you can want, can select the whole hard disk to scan and find corrupted or damaged partitions as well as save them as .dsk images. When actually recovering such partitions, you can compress the content of lost partitions to save disk space or save only the desired part.

Manufacturer offers descriptive video tutorials to understand this product better and explore more hidden yet helpful features.


Real time scanning result and capability to stop scanning helps user find lost or erased files quickly, instead of waiting for over hours to complete scanning. The software unique feature to trace partitions with lost or damaged directory structures is also useful.


Demo version is free to try. Likewise, you’ll need to purchase premium license key to restore lost data or deleted partitions.

The Verdict

Software offers powerful mechanism and techniques to ensure that nothing will be overlooked. It also claims to recover files intact and perfectly in healthy state.

Tips to Design a Professional Ecommerce Website

Professional Ecommerce Design

Every ecommerce site must be designed by an experienced professional to get a neat ecommerce design. Web stores are designed to increase profits for businesses, but these stores cannot increase profits even one percent if they are not designed properly. Many companies forget about the artwork and graphic design that goes into these websites, but these parts of a website are what make the website beautiful.


The Homepage Artwork

Artwork is the graphic design on the homepage is the one thing every customer is guaranteed to see. People who shop on the website will see the artwork along with the logo for the business first. The artwork should be in line with the purpose or mission of the company. Customers who enjoy the business will notice that the artwork matches the business, and they will be able to connect with the business more readily.

The Individual Pages

The individual pages on the website must be designed with the same artwork in mind. Customers want to be transported to a world where they can see impressive new things. When a designer is placing artwork on every new page, the pages come alive with activity. There are even customers who will visit the website just to look at the artwork.

Contact Information

Customers who want to contact a business will have great success when they are given the proper contact information all in one screen. Most business offer an email address or form, but the best businesses offer information for everyone working in the office. Giving information to the public makes the business seem more transparent and open. Also, the business will get good feedback from customers if they open up their communication.

The Catalog

The catalog must be managed by a developer who knows how to make every product look good when it is being displayed on the website. The best catalogs are updated every week, and the products are all displayed on similar pages. Asking a web development professional to handle this makes it simpler.

With help from a developer, every ecommerce design can become the place where a business makes the majority of its money and sales.