4G Performance on Nokia Lumia 900


Most of the internet assessors once predicted that after the long silence of Nokia, they will come up with the best smart phone. They call it the “messiah” because it saves Nokia from the smart phone race.

Nokia Lumia 900 is one of the smart phones that could cater the 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) offered by some providers like AT&T. This smart phone can actually give you fast internet connection up to 10 Mbps. As a hotspot provider, Lumia 900 is the first of its kind to enter the 4G LTE industry.

People at the broadband internet business say that since Nokia never gave up to Windows as their OS, people will eventually choose the efficacy and user friendliness of the phone. Given the fact that Windows has lesser applications compared to Android and iPhone’s iOS, it is still the internet speed that matters for most of the smart phone users.

Nokia Lumia 900 has a good physical machine, having a 1.5GHz single core CPU it modestly handles the demand of the system especially in giving a much faster internet performance. Compared to some android phones, Nokia Lumia 900 is fast and smooth with seldom lags. Nokia used diversity antenna array to maximize RF performance. The LTE Cat 3 which has a 50 Mbps Downlink and 25 Mbps Uplink makes it a very fast wifi hotspot smart phone.

Though Nokia Lumia 900 did a very good job in providing fast 4G internet connection, internet gurus confirmed that it may be AT&T’s 4G LTE which gave the Nokia Lumia 900 a spot light. Some other factors like weather condition, signal strength and location should also be considered. However, Nokia confirms that Lumia 900 may reach a speed of 15Mbps per second.

We made a speed test to discuss more about the 4G performance of the phone. Using AT&T’s 4G LTE, Nokia Lumia 900 performed a download speed up to 10 Mbps per second and an upload speed up to 5 Mbps. However, it will always depend on your location. But as for the record, AT&T’s 4G LTE never failed to tap Nokia in this business venture.

According to an internet expert review, the amazing part of this new Nokia Lumia 900 is that, it is affordable compared to some smart phones like HTC. With $99, you could get the phone.

Nokia Lumia 900 is indeed a savior and the messiah to Nokia.  It redeemed its reputation as one of the leading manufacturer of quality phones. Decades ago, Nokia lead the market in mobile phone innovation. However, Samsung and Apple changed the face and the phase of the game. Nokia needed to adapt so that it can dominate the industry once again. Nokia maintained its reputation as one of the user friendly phones invented by loyally carries Windows with it as its OS to its smart phones. Now the last arsenal has been revealed. The new Nokia Lumia 900. The fastest smart phone when it comes to internet connectivity.

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