8 Awesome Free Games for Windows 8


Games that do not burn your pockets should be your choice if you want to play Windows 8 games. You can find 8 enjoyable free games listed here, which are free and would not cost you a penny. The games listed here are touch optimized, and you can really boost your game score with these games. So, if you want to play poker then download the software for poker and install it in your computer.


Here are the games that are absolutely free.

  1. Soulcraft

A fantastic choice among the Windows 8 games, this game, has loads of characters. You can create a new one or go for the existing option. Of the several characters, you can use only any two, and if you want to use them all, then upgrade your account. But, playing with 2 characters can offer tons of fun. You can enjoy framing new strategies to win. When you want new weapons and other features, you need to upgrade the account, but even with the free account, you can find the game exciting.

  1. LEGO Hero Factory Brain Attack

Play this game for free in single player mode, or you can even enjoy it with your friends. This is a game for shooters. You need to destroy all the enemy sites, and you can upgrade if you want to progress. The graphics are great, and you can enjoy the story behind the game.

  1. Dragon’s Blade

If you need lots of options to choose from, then Dragon’s Blade offers this, and this is a great fun filled game. You can play as a team with your friends and destroy the monsters. You can have a really nostalgic experience when you kill monsters in this 2D game ambiance.

  1. 4 Pics 1 word

If you want to train your brain, then 4 Pics 1 word, the free games let you do this. You get 4 images and need to come up with a common word that links all these photos. Sounds easy? No, the game can even puzzle you. Sometimes the puzzles are tough enough that you will ask for hints. Even with the hints, it is not pretty easy, as you will have to think a lot to come up with the right answer.

  1. Doodle God

You get the basic four elements, and you need to combine any of them. Blend any 2 of these, fire, water, air, and earth. You will have to come up basic things and the complicated items too. There are 300 items to be found and combined.

  1. Dungeon Hunter

This is a homage game that comes for free. The game has a story campaign, and you can play it with a team. The game comes in the more multiplay modes. You can find different skills and weapons, which you can use like the archetypal fantasy warriors.

  1. Guns for Hire

This action game is available free of cost. You will be involved in loads of actions like the terrorist hunts, POW rescues, objective defense and a lot more. You can find in a few missions, the additional supportive elements like turrets and airstrikes. You can customize the team as you like and buy more weapons when you keep adding to your points.

  1. Taptiles

This simple animated game lets you match and remove the tiles from the puzzles. You can rotate the puzzle, and you can find several matches still available. This is possible because the game uses 3D. You can find the game offering variety each day, and is very apt for playing when you relax yourself.

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