8 Fair Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 8


Finally, the arrival of Windows 8 beta also known as Consumer Preview is near and soon it will be out for public download and testing. And the process will then continue, Release Candidate will come later and then the final version of Windows 8 will be rolled out for the public use by the end of this year. Though, there is not any official announcement about Windows 8 release date, but it is likely expected that it is going to hit the technology market sometime in this year.

Till now, Microsoft has given plenty of updates related to Windows 8, saying that the new version of Windows is going to revolutionize the entire tech world. Windows 8 is a concept of reimagining Windows, and taking the concept beyond imagination.

So far, Microsoft Windows 8 has grabbed the maximum societal glaze and I was wondering about the reasons to look forward for its release. Thus, gathered endless reasons but would like to share the eight grand reasons for which we should look forward for Windows 8.

1. Windows 8 Live Tiles

Windows 8 Live Tiles

Since, Windows 8 is a touch based concept, here the users will not get the desktop interface on the start screen. It has been replaced by the Live Tiles that will be available on the start screen of the Windows 8 instead of the icons.

Live Tiles are nothing but a rectangular shape tiles, that continuously keeps updating you and push out the notifications. The best part is that though these tiles are live all the time but, it anyhow doesn’t degrades the system performance or the battery.

2. Ribbon UI

Yeah, it’s quiet sad that the traditional Microsoft Office has been replaced by the newer Ribbon UI, which has been in to controversies as well. Few folks despised the Ribbon UI and lament for the loss of long-standing drop-down menus in previous Windows versions, but at the same time many folks have latch on due to its very flexible, customizable, and useful interface of the ribbon.

I feel as we have been in habit of using those old-fashioned drop-down lists, we are not been able to get friendly with the new ribbon style, but once you familiarize to the Ribbon UI style, I’m sure you will start working more effectively and efficiently. I liked it in Microsoft Office, and keenly looking forward to use it in Windows 8.

3. Internet Explorer 10

It seems as if Microsoft has chosen to lead the race not by one but by every other contender in its way. The company is working with a rapid fire speed as it was not too late when the Internet Explorer 9 was launched and soon the news was started flooding that the next generation browser from Microsoft is soon to be emerged in Microsoft’s next windows version, Windows 8.

IE9 was only available for Windows Vista, and Windows 7 shunning Windows XP and the prior versions of the operating system, but an IE10 cut even that line as well, and leaves Windows Vista. This means to run IE10 explorer you need to have Windows 7 or the later versions.

4. Windows Store

Windows Store

With new Software OS, a new online software market is intended to let you have the complete Windows 8 experience just at one spot. The store is designed with the intent to let you shop apps developed exclusively for Windows 8 Metro-Style UI. Actually, Windows Store is going to be the just one online outlet, from where users can buy Metro-style apps.

5. Windows 8 OS on a Thumb Drive

My favorite! Knowing something like this will surely make you look forward to Windows 8. Windows 8 comprehends the ability to store an entire, bootable Windows 8 operating system on a USB thumb drive. This makes Windows 8 a portable OS, which allows you to carry entire Windows 8 environment with you in your pocket, and boot it up on whatever PC hardware happens to be available.

6. Gaze Interface for Interacting in Windows 8

I know your eyes must have hopped on the monitor after reading this, but this is true. Now, in Windows 8 you can monitor your cursor moves with your eye balls and to launch any application you just need to blink an eye. Tobii has developed this technology for Microsoft, a controller that lets you to launch applications with the help of your eyes. It will use a webcam-style add-on that plugs into the PC through a USB port.

7. Windows 8 sports both Metro UI and Desktop UI

If you are upset with the Metro UI, but wants to upgrade for Windows 8 then without any hassle get to Windows 8. You need not to despise with the Metro UI as Windows 8 is also going to offer you the conventional UI experience. Yes it is possible because Windows 8 will be laden with both the tradition Desktop UI and the Metro UI. So whenever you want to switch back in the old desktop mode you can very easily switch to it.

Moreover, the desktop interface in Windows 8 is much more improved and delivers the rich experience dipped into the latest technology.

8. Windows 8 on Tablets

Last, but the most weighing reason to look forward to Windows 8. Windows 8, the software giant, Microsoft most iconic desktop operating system will be also working on ARM-based hardware, and will be able to run on tablets as well as the laptops and desktops.

Windows 8 on Tablets, just keeping my fingers cross and waiting to hear soon about Windows 8 Phones from the software giant. There are flood of updates regarding Windows 8 tablets but the most recent was that Intel is prepping a grand new chip “Clover Trail” especially for Windows 8 tablets. Moreover, Lenovo and Acer have already made their minds for it, that they will somewhere in the middle of the year land their Windows 8 tablets running inside the Intel’s Clover Trail atom chips.

The present tablet market is dominated by Apple iPad 2, but it seems as if in the near future none other than the Windows 8 tablets would be able to survive in the market.

Seeing the present booming horizon of Windows 8 among the manufacturers, techies it seems that Microsoft has already made it a big success. Nothing more exciting is happening these days, except the Windows 8 and I believe it will make a ground-breaking entry in the market.

Exciting time is still ahead when the Windows 8 beta will be made available to the public in the late February.



  1. I checked developers preview, hope some good changes are made in beta, I really did not liked metro UI for desktop users, may be good for tablet or touch screen monitors but I did not like, If it comes with desktop UI too, then I am looking forward too else I love windows 7 

  2. Windows 8 seems to be pretty cool so far. I have Win7 on my laptop and i’ll stick with it until a full commercial version of Win 8 is available. I dont wanna be experimenting with my everyday machine .