Acer Aspire S5 – World’s New thinnest Windows 7 Ultrabook

Amazed, I’m just amazed with the Acer new stunning Aspire S5 Ultrabook.

Yes, as the biggest annual fiesta is up on the sky heights, the leading manufacturer Acer veiled their new and notably the THINNEST Ultrabook, named Acer Aspire S5 at the Consumer Electronics Show in LAS Vegas.

The updates are that the Taiwan-based computer titan will begin shipping Acer Aspire 5 models in the second half of this year, with prices to be disclosed in near future.

Acer Aspire S5

“That S5 is quite significant,” analyst Tim Bajarin of Creative Strategies said after the Acer press event.

“It looks like the thinnest and lightest, and it sets the bar for the rest of the ultrabook vendors,” he continued.

The Aspire S5 has features a 34-cm (13.3-inch) screen and is 15 mm at its thickest point. The ultrabook weighs slightly less than 1.35 kg (three pounds), which means that it is also going to be very light in weight and this makes it portable too.

The thinnest Acer Aspire S5 Windows 7 ultrabook will also be accompanied by HDMI, USB3 and Thunderbolt ports. So far you might have seen it from Apple, but now Acer has also introduced Thunderbolt port in their ultrabook and the use of a Thunderbolt port is to offer high-speed data transfer, and all the ports are accessed via a panel built into the laptop’s hinge.

“We are committed to evolving this technology,” said Acer chief executive J.T. Wang. “By the second quarter of this year we will have four models of ultrabook and more to come.”

According to Wang statements made at CES 2012 Acer Press event, it is revealed that Ultrabooks powered by Windows 8 will be released by Acer as soon as Microsoft releases the new version of its computer operating system later this year.

As the most successful operating system available in the market is Windows 7, the Acer Aspire S5 would be housed with Windows 7.

With this Acer has also announced their further plans to launch a free service that will let users of its computers store video, photos, music, and documents in the internet “cloud” and can access files from any Windows 8 or Android software powered gadgets.

It is estimated that by the end of this year, Acer Ultrabooks would make up at least 35 per cent of the Acer product line.

As the provided information is not sufficient to review, Windows 7 Acer Aspire S5 as if now, so keep tuned with us to read the review soon in the coming days.



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