How to get Apps from Marketplace in Windows Phone 7


Mobile devices, no more today are used for the purpose of making and receiving calls only, instead they have developed with so many interesting and attractive applications that one can completely rely on today’s devices and gadgets. Using Windows Phone 7, business users can even get their work done in few minutes on the phone even while they are on the go or away from their workplace.

Thousands of applications are available in Marketplace, the Microsoft virtual entertainment store for its elite users. You can find plethora of applications suitable for you and most of them are offered free of cost. Some applications are paid applications and for that before buying it you can also try them out for your satisfaction.

Windows Phone 7 marketplace

You need not to visit any store for this purpose as the Windows Phone Marketplace is available online on the web. Thus, you can shop Marketplace using your phone through the Internet or you can also use Zune software on your PC and even from your Mac or iPad.

Checkout below the given steps that can help you download the apps or games for your Windows Phone 7.

To shop from your phone

The best possible way to shop Marketplace is to shop from your phone only ( where you can also find music and podcasts). If you want all the applications at a single glance then try Marketplace’s web storefront.

1. To start, tap Marketplace. If asked, sign in with a Windows Live ID.

2. Tap Apps or Games.

3. Flick right or left to see topmost, latest, or featured items, or browse categories. When you locate the desired app or game you looking for, tap it.

4. If your desired app or game is available to download free, tap install (it might be possible that you will be prompted twice) to download it.

5. Else:

  • In case it is not a free app or game then, tap Buy to pay for the app (you’ll be prompted twice).
  • If the free trial version is available Tap Try to download it.

6. The downloading process might take several minutes to complete an app download. In the meantime, you can look for new App list by going on Start, Flicking to Left. New games will be visible in the Games Hub, same on Start, Tap games.


  • After tapping on a particular app, flick left or right to see customer reviews, screenshots, and related apps. Tap More > Share to send it to someone else link to the app.
  • If you already know the name of the game or app that you are looking for, then on Start, tap Marketplace, and then tap Search.
  • On Start, if you see a number on the Marketplace Tile, the number represents that there are some updates available for your apps. On Start, tap Marketplace, then tap Updates at the bottom of the screen.

To shop using your web browser

It is not necessary that you have to install your required apps or games using your phone. If presently you don’t have your phone with you and want to shop Marketplace then you can also shop for apps from any web browser – may it be Safari on your Mac or iPad. Using this option provides you a benefit that, a browser can show you more applications at a single glance in comparison to your phone. Whatever apps or games you have bought from the web Marketplace can be installed instantly, without connecting your phone to your computer.

1. On your PC open a web browser window, type the following address in the address bar. Now you are required to sign in with the same Windows Live ID that you had used on your phone to sign in.

2. Click Marketplace and then Click Apps or Games.

Windows Phone 7 Apps

3. You can click on a category or can also browse by a feature, free, top, or new. When you get an app or game that you were looking for, click it.

4. If that desired app or game is available free of cost, click Get free app.

5. Else:

  • Click Buy for [price] to purchase the app.
  • To try an app or game before buying click, Try for free to download a free trial version (if available).

6. If asked to, choose an app delivery method, then follow the steps to finish the purchasing process. Once the process gets completed, you will find new apps in the App list (on Start, flick left) and new games in the Games Hub (on Start, tap Games).

To shop using the Zune software

To download apps for your PC, you can download them using Zune software. This is the Marketplace leading store: here you can get all the apps, games, music, movies, TV shows, and podcasts for your phone.

1. Using the USB cable, connect your phone to your PC.

2. On Start, go to All Programs, and then click Zune.

3. Click Sign In, if you are not signed in, and sign in using the same Windows Live ID that you used on your phone.

4. Click Marketplace > Apps. Under Devices, click Windows Phone.

Apps for Windows Phone 7

5. Search for an app or game by clicking a genre or by using the Search box.

6. Click the app that you like, and then click Free Trial or Buy to try to buy the app or game. And if the app is available for free then, click Free to install a free app. Just follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation process.

7. Disconnect your phone from your computer, if you want to see apps and games on your phone. You will find new apps in the App list (on Start, flick left) and new games in the Games Hub (on Start, tap Games).