Asus Planning to Show Windows 8 ARM Tablet at CES 2012

I was anxiously waiting for this update, and finally got it that one more leading manufacturer is up, for showing off their Windows 8 ARM Tablet at CES.

Like me, ASUS also seems to be very excited for CES event as just one day before CES 2012 event they broke their silence at a presentation in Taiwan, and for the first time confirmed that they will be manufacturing Windows 8 powered ARM tablet in this year. At CES 2012, Lenovo and Acer are also going to show off their Windows 8 plans, and they both have also confirmed Windows 8 tablets running Intel’s Clover Trail chip, to be released later this year.

Asus Windows 8 ARM tablet

But keeping a touch with Android, Hu said that they will also launching a new Android tablet and it is going to have a 10 inch screen with “a high screen resolution”. Though, it is still not confirmed that this will be an all new tablet or an upgraded version of the Transformer Prime.

If you are anxiously waiting for the Transformer Prime 3G version, then friends here is good news for you as now its upgraded version will be made available soon in the March, confirmed officially. This new variant of the Transformer Prime will also come armed with a more powerful GPS module.  This is welcome news since the Transformer Prime has been receiving some negative reviews around the weak performance of the GPS.

Now on to CES, at the trade show we are expecting the roll out of a 7-inch tablet—most probably  the ASUS Memo—and a 10-inch tablet with a high-resolution screen.  Apart from disclosing these details, he also provided additional information that “two more 10-inch tablets” are on track for launch by the second half of 2012, but no other details were given.

ASUS also provided their projections for 2012 tablet sales with an expectation sitting around 6 million tablets.  It seems that ASUS is ramping up to be a big player in the 2012 tablet ecosystem.

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