Freely Backup and Restore SQL Server Database from Anywhere using SQLBak


Backup plays an important role in ensuring the longer data availability as it helps user to restore lost, damaged or corrupted data when disaster strikes. Many organizations tends to rely on ‘SQL Server’ as it was supposed to be the safest and reliable medium to store important records of employees, transactions, goods selling or buying etc. However, corruption arises on such databases even after following all the norms which may eventually ruin your business growth and overall success.


Taking backup of SQL server database helps you retrieve information that is corrupted, unintentionally deleted and so on. There are tools that can run schedule backup to have the latest copy of database backed up and you’ll not going to lose any recently updated database. SQLBak is one of the most popular program that can backup, monitor and helps you to restore SQL Server Database remotely.

How Application Works

SQLBak is the only service that lets you backup your important SQL server database using browser. Basically, you’ll need to install a small program on your targeted device and configure it to your online SQLBak account using the credentials you’ve entered while signing up.

You’ll have to set few configuration settings on SQLBak dashboard such as entering Mail ID to get instant notifications, set time and date to take backup automatically, and type of SQL Server backup you want to take backup.

Cloud Hosting Services included in this application

  • Dropbox
  • FTP
  • Google Drive
  • Amazon S3
  • OneDrive and Azure Blob Storage (Available on or after September 2014).

Important Features

SQLBak offers set of features that you should have if working on profile of database administrative roles. Below is the top feature of this tool that becomes really helpful in many situations of database corruptions:

  • Schedule time and date to take backup automatically. Once done, this tool will run in the background and save latest copy of SQL server as well as make them ready to restore in the event of corruption or accidental deletion. The best thing is, you can run restore using Tablets, Smartphones or any other portable devices.
  • High level of security (Only https) to ensure the safety of your crucial SQL server information.
  • All you require is a browser to access the online portal of SQLBak. No need to login on your SQL server  .
  • You can run backup of multiple SQL Server by clicking on ‘Adding a new job’ on your SQLBak Dashboard account. The process is simple and can be done easily – ‘Select Target Computer’, ‘Connect to SQL Server’, ‘Log on to Server’. That’ sit.
  • You’ve multiple location choices to send backup folder such as FTP or any of the cloud hosting website mentioned earlier.
  • There are no easier way to monitor your SQL Server than using SQLBak. All you’ve to do is to enter your working email id to receive the latest performance updates of connected SQL server and fix problems immediately.

Why SQLBak?

There may be multiple applications you could found for performing the same task. However, unmatched performance and superior reliability of SQLBak makes it unique and have nothing to disappoint you. Moreover, SQLBak charges no setup fees for this and allow you to run backups of utmost 2 databases for free. After that, you may need to pay a small amount of fees which you can found here.

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