Big Reasons for Small Businesses to Make the Switch to Windows 8


Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system is a greater departure from Windows 7 than 7 was to XP. Perhaps a nod to greater synergies with touch screen tablets and cell phones, the operating system is vastly different from anything Microsoft has ever previously created. With this new innovation many individuals may ask themselves when, if ever, is the time to take the leap to a new operating system? Microsoft is making the answer to this upgrade easier than in previous years. Any computer that can run Windows 7 is able to run Windows 8. Further, the upgrades are less expensive than in previous years. Simply check innovative websites like for pricing and more detailed information.

samsung windows 8 pc


The following are five reasons for switching to Windows 8:

1. Compatibility: Windows 8 not only will run on the desktop, but will be an operating system running on such platforms as tablets, laptops and/or netbooks. Such cross compatibility will allow greater efficiency for wirelessly sharing information via a variety of hardware options. Once learned, boardroom meetings and note taking by employees on a tablet or other device will seamlessly be linked to their desktop computer.

2. Faster Boot Speed: Windows 8 boots in 17 seconds compared to 38 seconds for Windows 7. Windows 8 also offers faster shut down performance, browser speed and video rendering.

3. Windows XP will soon be obsolete: Windows XP will shortly be losing additional updates and product support from Microsoft. Those small businesses that have declined the move to Vista or 7 may choose instead to make the leap to 8 as the inevitable extinction of XP occurs.

4. New Applications: In an effort to compete with Apple and the Apple store, Microsoft now has a store where finding and installing new applications to place on start screen tiles is easy and possible. De-installation of these applications is also promised to be streamlined and made to be much simpler with less registry conflicts.

5. Enhanced Security: All from the individual user to the largest of corporations know the true horrors of a security breech. Small businesses can lose not only a great deal of financial information through nefarious hackers, but also a good deal of respect and good will amongst their customers. Many business owners may also understand that employees from time to time will search throughout the web to sites that may contain malicious code or offer software to download that includes trojans and viruses. Windows 8 uses “secure boot” which stops a computer from loading an operating system that hasn’t been signed by the publisher. Internet Explorer 10 is the by far the best web browser in regards to blocking malicious downloads without the help of third party anti-virus programs.

Overall, Windows 8 appears to be a positive change from previous operating systems. There is understandable hesitation from what many consider to be the disappointment of the Windows Vista operating system. However, current reviews for Windows 8 are mostly positive and it does objectively provide greater efficiency over previous Windows incarnations.