Bing Webmaster Tools receives update, new UI and many new features added

Microsoft has updated the Bing few days ago by introducing the new social search feature to its search engine. Now, Microsoft introduces several new features to its Bing Webmaster Tools also.

This update includes a new fresh user experience, a range of new tools including Link Explorer and SEO Analyzer/SEO Reports, and updates to current tools such as Keyword Research Tool, and URL Removal Tool.

The new user interface of Bing Webmaster provides user a better and easy way to manage their websites. All the sites has been now organized under one central area named as ‘My Sites’ which will include top-line data for your verified sites.

You can also view various data charts and dive deep into the various statistics available for your sites directly from the ‘My Sites’ area.

There are several new features were also introduced and few of already existing features has been updated as well.

Link Explorer (Beta)

This new beta tool allows you to explore links associated with any of your domain. Just enter a URL and the tool will supply a list of known links pointing to the specified destination. The default setting will be to display external links pointed at the specified URL, though this can be switched to show internal links as well.

SEO Reports (Beta)

The SEO Reports (beta) will run an SEO report every other week for any domains verified in your account. Bing Webmaster uses approximately 15 SEO best practices to scan against, and prepares a report to tell you if you are in or out of compliance with the noted best practices. These reports provide aggregated counts of all the issues found, across each of the websites scanned.

SEO Analyzer (beta)

This tool will scan any URL you enter from one of your verified domains and build a report to let you know if the page scanned is in or out of compliance with each best practice. It also uses the same SEO best practices as the new SEO Reports (beta) feature use.

This is an on-demand tool which can scan a single page at a time – making it great for checking new pages to understand where more work may be required.

Fetch as Bingbot (beta)

This will allow a webmaster to request Bingbot to crawl a specified page and display the page as the crawler sees it. This could help a webmaster to understand if Bing is actually reaching a page and, since Bingbot supply the code while retrieving, the tool makes troubleshooting easier.

Canonical Alerts

Canonical Alerts have been enabled because we see a lot of misuse of the rel=canonical tags. Consequentially, this new alert can help protect you should you make a mistake implementing your canonicals.

The other features which are updated with the new functionalities to enhance their working are URL Removal Tool, Keyword Research Tool and URL Normalization.

So, login to your Bing Webmaster Tools account to experience all the new features and user interface.

Source: Bing Webmaster Blog.

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