How to build a Good Business Website


Every business house in modern times must have a presence on the Web. So you are starting your very first commercial venture and you must have a website. There are things which must be present in your website and there are also a number of things which have scant use and it will be better if your site eschews it completely. Your site can do without any crazy flash animations and stuff like that.

The first and foremost task is to get a catchy URL, something which is relevant to your site. Refrain from using bombastic words and the best place to look for it is the social platforms.  Once the domain is built the next task is to create your site. Here are some simple but important points which must be kept in mind while creating any commercial website. It will ensure that your website design is digitally visible and increase engagement of your brand in a positive and productive manner with your customers.


A Coherent Roadmap

Before picking up a server or a HTML tag it will be wise to make a ghost design of your website and show it to your friends and get their feedback. Ensure that the logic of your design and the underlying message of the website get across. Remember that Google crawlers are smarter today and consider the content and the structure of the website while ranking it for search.

 Crucial Business Information

Never design a website like you want it to be but like a website which fulfills the needs of the consumer or user. Suppose you offer music on your website but ignore basics like a proper menu or directions and contact information.

Don’t make the mission statement seem like an epic of astounding proportions. Comparing your services or products with something else, something unrelated but a successful brand is also a good ploy to get your message across. Short is sweet and the more you lengthen the punch line the more it loses its punch.

There are certain specific requirements, something peculiar to the type of the commercial enterprise which needs to be identified. If the site is about a restaurant, it must ideally feature a map. If you are a retailer then your website must have pictures of products, really good pictures which can attract attention of the viewer. Comments by well known consumers can be displayed with positive effects.

Contact Details

The most important section is the Contact Detail’s section. A perfectly designed website with contact details hidden like a puzzle in some corner can end up losing potential consumers.  Remember to upload an email address or a phone number on the site in a manner which can be copied or clicked from the site to make a call or shoot an email quickly and conveniently.

Hassle free Navigation

Maps without legends are a waste just like a website without a clear navigation set up. Use words which are used in the common lingo rather than jaw breaking and bombastic words which can turn off consumers even if they understand what you mean. Words like contact, about, FAQ etc will do the job instead of using words like Trin-Trin or Latin words which goes over the head of an average consumer.

Design the navigation in your website in a manner in which you want people to move on your site. Underline what you want your consumers to do on your website- Place an order or Email for a quote, Become a member or you want them to come to your brick-and-mortar store, or better still call to speak with the  customer service representative of your commercial enterprise? Make the goals clear and also visible.


Make sure the website is secure with an SSL certificate. Having a SSL certificate will ensure encryption of the communications between you and your clients pertaining to credit card number, Social Security number etc. It will instill a feeling of security in your customers and will dispel their fears about providing such information.

Social Media amalgamation

Twitter Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Foursquare, etc are all big names in the social media segment and make sure that they feature on your website. Social media has become a vital part of any marketing process.

A Mobile Compatible Version

Use of Smartphone and tablets are increasing and therefore make sure that the designing of your website is better readable on hand held devices.


Interact with consumers, answer their questions, remove their apprehensions, take into account creative criticism, don’t beat around the bush and try to be vague in your answers, be cr5isp and clear even if it about something negative

First-rate Hosting

A bad hosting can cost dearly in terms of business.  A sluggish site is exasperating, one that fails to load is abhorrent and both can cause you to lose your customers. Use a first rate hosting even if costs a little more.

Nitin Agarwal is a Spritual Soul from India. He is a Windows and Windows Phone Expert and Blogger by birth. He has been awarded as Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for three times by Microsoft in Windows Expert category. People often calls him a Geek, techie, gadget freak and A Crazy Heart because of his passion towards doing things differently. Immensly inspired from Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and APJ Abdul Kalam.

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