Celebrating Windows 7 Birthday, A Windows 7 Professional Genuine License to Win

October 22nd 2009, A year back a revolutionary product launched which changed the whole computing experience of the world. Microsoft gave it’s the name Windows 7, with in a year it’s the best OS ever developed for human race. Admired by all, Microsoft have sold more than 240 million copies of this wonderful product till now. Isn’t it awesome?


Windows Lifestyle is celebrating its loving operating system’s birthday in it’s cool style by giving away a genuine license product key of Windows 7 Professional.


The rules are simple to enter in the giveaway:

  1. Wish Windows 7 Happy birthday as comment down to the post.
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Important Considerations:

  • The winner will be announced on 27th of October 2010.
  • Please use your proper email address while subscribing to newsletter because that email id will be used to contact you.
  • All four steps are required to be followed to participate in the giveaway. Uncompleted entries will be rejected.

Cheers! let’s celebrate the Birthday of Microsoft Windows 7.

Interesting read: Windows 7 fun facts by Softpedia.

Update: Winner Announced.

About Nitin Agarwal

Nitin Agarwal is a Spritual Soul from India. He is a Windows and Windows Phone Expert and Blogger by birth. He has been awarded as Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for three times by Microsoft in Windows Expert category. People often calls him a Geek, techie, gadget freak and A Crazy Heart because of his passion towards doing things differently. Immensly inspired from Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and APJ Abdul Kalam.
  • losslesssoul

    Happy birthday!

  • trm96

    Happy 1st birthday Windows 7! Wheres the picture of Windows 7 eating cake…?

  • Kristi

    Happy birthday Windows 7!!! :)

  • Norman Kara

    Happy Birthday!
    glad you became part of my computer!
    Here is to next year!

  • Ashwin

    Happy Birthday to Windows 7 :)

    nice giveaway. shared it on FB http://www.facebook.com/Imashwin/posts/113746792023283

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    Happy birthday, Windows 7! It’s been QUITE pleasurable using you!!

  • Ian

    Happy 1st Birthday Windows 7

  • Crond

    Happy birthday to you, my lovely Windows 7 :)

  • joeragan dasenk

    Happy Brithday for windows 7 you is the best performance

  • linu

    Windows 7 Happy birthday …..the best OS ever! http://twitter.com/#!/aviator365/status/28418049428

    Thanks for the giveaway. Regards.

  • Paola

    I wish that Windows 7have a great Happy Birthday!!!

  • rachel

    Happy Bday for the great Windows 7.. Hope more bdays to come and if i will win i won’t be envy to my friends pc which she use windows 7. shared it on twitter!

  • Varun

    Happy Birthday Windows 7!
    Happy days ahead :)

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    Happy Birthday windows 7 its been a year and you keep on making great things thanks to you! i just shared this great news on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/profile.php?id=1796716206

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    Happy Birthday Windows 7! May you treat my computer kindly.

  • Mad Geek @beingPC

    Done all steps…. may be I win this time

  • Zain

    Happy Birthday Window 7!
    It’s been a great experience with you 😀

    Thanks to admins for the giveaway. Tweeted about this :)

  • yethz

    Happy 1st Birthday Windows 7 😀
    I would love to have a genuine windows 7.
    Honestly, i am really dying to have a windows 7 as a main OS in my PC, and it would be nice if it’s a genuine one, that way i will use windows 7 forever.
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  • Mikael75

    Happy birthday Win7!

  • zanesa

    Happy Birthday To You Win 7!

  • Robert

    I wish Windows 7 Happy birthday!

  • Juan P

    U are The Best O S in the world, congratulations Windows 7 for u first year.

  • Deep

    Birthday wishes for Windows 7 and wishing it many more !

  • remya

    happy b’day win7…..

  • kirk
  • андрей

    С днем рождения Windows 7 !
    P.S начел ей пользыватся с ее бета тестирования и пользуюсь досихпор самая стабильная ОС внастоящий момент))

  • springname

    I wish Windows 7 a very Happy birthday as it’s great product
    Thank you Admins for organizing this giveaway
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  • Kaushal

    Happppy Birthday , to Windows 7..
    I like if you choose me to giveaway Genuene win. 7..
    bcoz I am using now xp & wants to try new..

  • Jlelono

    Hi Windowslifestyle Admin..:)
    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. Please count me in. According to the rule:
    1. Happy birthday Windows Seven.
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  • TestGOTD75


    Thanks Windows Lifestyle for great Windows 7 Birthday celebration giveaway.
    Windows 7 is the best OS ever developed. I love Aero interface, Aero Snap, Aero Peek, Pinned item, and very delighted performance. I am using Windows 7 Enterprise 90 days trial and I simply love it. I have to reinstall it every 90 days. It will be nice to have Windows 7 Professional key to install once and enjoy forever. Thanks again for such a wonderful giveaway. Please count me in.
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    Happy Birthday Windows 7!

    Windows 7 is a successful combination of security and speed.

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  • malkhaz

    I think that WINDOWS 7 is the best operating system in the world, but I have not got it yet. Try my like with you. happy birthday and thank you

  • Neo

    firstly happy birthday to windows 7 which is favorite so far.

    it would be great to Win 7 professional

    i have been following your site and found it interesting and its very generous to share win 7 key

    i have subscribed the newsletter

    followed on twitter

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    hope to be lucky :)


  • Ivan Ho

    Happy Birthday Windows 7! A great reason to celebrate.

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    WIn 7 Happy Birthday

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    Happy Birth Day To Windows 7,Wishing it’s Long Life
    I am a regular subscriber of your news letter.I have completed all procedure for this giveaway.
    Count me in.Regards.

  • huyhuy

    Happy 1st birthday Windows 7 !
    I like Window 7 ,I would love to have a genuine windows 7.

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    Happy birthday windows 7. Using u since RTM was released and what can I say :)
    now i shared it on my facebook profile http://img2.imagetitan.com/img.php?image=41_untitled886.jpg (deleted a name due to privacy )

  • k1922h

    Happy 1st birthday Windows 7. Great giveaway.


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    Yes, happy first birthday to us, and Windows 7

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    Happy birthday Windows 7 ! :)

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    Happy Birthday Windows 7 again !

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    Happy Birthday to the Windows that is the BEST.


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    Windows 7 Happy birthday! I just got a new laptop with Home Premium, but would love to put Professional on it.

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    Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, you are the best. Ana this is urs 1st birthday!

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    Would love to win this one.

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    Oh Forgot,

    Happy Birthday Windows 7, May you live long.

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    Happy Birthday Windows 7!
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    i’m wishing the happy birthday and thanking for the givingaway. i’m done everthing below, please count me in this giving away.

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  • Ram

    Hi Nitn,

    Thanks for conducting a giveaway of such a great OS..

    Wishing Microsoft a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY WINDOWS 7″… :)
    I also wish to enter into the Windows 7 Community from the Windows XP Community..by winning a Genuine “Windows 7 Professional” license…

    Hoping to win a license for me…

    Thanks and Regards,
    PS:- 1. Wished Microsoft as said..
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