How to Customize a Theme in Windows 7


A theme is a collection of pictures, sounds, colors, which you can use on your computer desktop to make it look more attractive. A theme contains plethora of customizable options like a desktop background, screen saver, windows colors and sounds. Some of the themes also comprise icons and mouse pointers.

Like Windows 7, Windows 7 themes are exquisitely popular among the folks as there is a broad collection of Windows 7 themes that you can use every day on your desktop. Now, the essential feature of Windows 7 is that you have the option to change individual parts of a theme like the pictures, colors, and sounds, and then you can save the edited theme for your own use or to share with other people. Here in this article you can learn how to customize various options available in personalization and share it with others as well.

To change parts of a theme

1. Open Personalization, by going to All Control Panel Items.


2. Click the theme of your choice, which you want to edit/change to apply it on your desktop.

3. Do one or more of the following:

  • If you want to change the background, click Desktop Background; select the image checkbox that you want to use, and then click Save changes to apply the changes.

change desktop background

  • If you don’t like the color of your windows borders, then click Window Color, select the color that suits you and click to use it, adjust the intensity, and then click Save changes.

Window Color

  • If you love to have your theme sounds, then click sounds, change sounds available in the Program Events list, and then click OK.

Click on Sounds

Change Sounds

  • If you seeking to add or change a screen saver, click screen saver, click an item of your choice in the screen saver list, change any settings that you feel like to change, and then click OK.

Screen Saver

Screen Saver Settings

Once you complete changing parts of a theme and save the changes made to it, the revised theme will appear under MY Themes as an unsaved theme.

To save a revised theme for your use only

The theme that you just revised for your use, needs to be saved for further use and you need to follow the below mentioned steps:

1. In All Control Panel Items, select Personalization to open it.

2. Now, click on the theme that you revised according to your changes in order to apply it to the desktop.

Unsaved Theme

3. Then click Save theme.

4. Give a name to your theme, and after typing the name, click Save.

Save Theme

The revised saved theme now will appear under My Themes.

Saved Theme

Note: The Themes that are saved this way can’t be shared with other people.

To save a revised theme to share with Others

In last segment we learned how to save a revised theme for our own use to apply it on our desktop, and here you can learn to save the same revised theme for sharing it with your friends and family. You can share your theme using any sharing mode available with you like using e mail, a network, or an external hard disk.

1. To open Personalization, open Control Panel and there in All Control Panel Items, click Personalization.

2. Click on the theme that you revised to apply it to the desktop.

3. To share the theme, Right-click the theme and then click Save theme for sharing.

Save theme for sharing

4. Enter a name for your theme in the File name box and then click Save.

Save Theme pack as

5. By default, the theme would be saved in your My Documents folder by the Windows.

Tip:  Double-click a shareable theme to add it to your collection of themes.