Download Bank Account Manager 5.10 now from Windows Phone MarketPlace


If you are a windows Phone 7 user, then here comes a good news reporting that the latest version of the Bank Account Manager is available on the MarketPlace.

Yes, a new updated application has been made available on the MarketPlace for download called BAM V5.10. The application has under gone essential changes and came up with a nice welcome screen, reformed Metro UI, and surely more pretty features.

Bank Account Manager 5.10

It is a Windows Phone 7 application, considered to be on top in the list of financial applications in many countries and confined in 4 languages, soon to be available in German language as well.

You can try its trial mode on the Windows Phone 7 MarketPlace, and you will be highly surprised how easily and quickly it works on your entered data like your expenses/incomes, forecast your accounts balances in the future or be reminded of your upcoming transactions.

Bank Account Manager 5.10

Bank Account Manager 5.10 Description:

BAM is a complete financial application to manage in nice pivot views your registered bank accounts, entering very quickly your payments or incomes, checking your pending transactions, calculate you current or estimated balances at any date apply any type of filters on your operations, estimate your budgets, import OFX file from your bank website, export your data to .CSV files! etc..”

New features in version V5.10 :

  • Welcome screen to offer you a speedy access to any BAM list.
  • “Metro” theme completely redesigned to give a better experience !
  • The total of all balances of all accounts is now visible in the Accounts list and the dashboard.
  • Filters can display additional information in the “detailed view” mode.
Bank Account Manager 5.10


  • Manage infinite number of bank accounts
  • Provides Full Backup & restore to/from PC
  • Import OFX file and export to .CSV files
  • Payment types and currency configurable per account and per operation
  • Possibility to pin the transactions list of a filter on the BAM main page
  • Forecasts very easily the balances of all accounts in next few days, weeks, or months
  • Support custom display themes
  • Option to enable a password
The application BAM V5.10 is available for download on the Windows Phone MarketPlace and is available for $1.99.
Download Bank Account Manager 5.10 now.