Download Latest Board Game for Windows Phone – Vicious Fishes


With the increasing popularity of Windows Phone, more and more games studios are developing games for Windows Phone platforms. The Hex Studio has intended new board games for Windows Phone users.

Windows Phone Board Game

HEX Studio was originally intended by the people who love board games. Board games are the perfect choice to bring on the Windows Phone. Their first game is named as Vicious Fishes just hit the Marketplace. The game is available on the Windows Phone Marketplace and can be downloaded without any hassle.

Windows Phone Vicious Fishes Board Game

Vicious Fishes Description

Vicious Fishes is a game where six different schools of fish are fighting to become the dominating school of the sea. It’s better to be a big fish in a small pond, goes the old saying, and this is a small pond. Players are actively supporting a faction of fish hoping that their faction is the winner. At the same time, they are secretly betting that one faction of fish loses.

Each player is secretly dealt three colors with each one representing one school of fish. It’s your job to be sure that only your colors will score points and be very careful to back the right factions.

Vicious Fishes is a board game created by one of the most known board game reviewers Tom Vasel. Now play it on your Windows Phone:

  • addictive game play up to 6 players (pass & play, AI)
  • three levels of AI
  • stunning graphic design and animations by Marek Rutkowski
  • easy to learn, turn based, tile laying game
  • trial mode allowing to play two players game in Pass’n’Play mode

As a special holiday gift you can try it for two weeks for $0.99, and after that you would be asked for the original price $1.59. You can download the latest board game for Windows Phone, Vicious Fishes from Marketplace.

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