Download Windows Intune Tips and Tricks Documentation


If you are looking forward to start using Microsoft Cloud-based PC management and security, then you can also check out few tips and tricks designed to simplify adoption offered by the Microsoft.

Windows Intune

Microsoft is offering “Windows Intune Tips and Tricks” document, which is especially intended to provide you the basic guidance, and that the advanced users will not even face any problems while performing the tasks described in the guide on their own.

Pretty obvious, that for some of the users will find the guidance useful, and especially if they had just started using Windows Intune.

The document is live now at the Microsoft Download Center for download free of cost, and also guides users through the following tasks: setup service administrators, download and install the Windows Intune client software, and set up your Windows Intune groups.

Let me remind you that the software giant is still offering a trial of Windows Intune, and that too for free of any charges.

Customers that sign-up for the free trial can test the PC management and security Cloud service for a total of 30 days, on no less than 25 PCs.

Once the trial is finished, they can subscribe to Windows Intune, which will costs you just $11 per PC per month, and also comes with upgrade rights to Windows 7 Enterprise.

Download  Windows Intune Tips and Tricks Documentation.

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