EaseUS Partition Master Free Edition – Review


Windows users provided with functionality to resize, copy/move, change drive letter name etc. to customize their PC and managing the storage drive efficiently. The utility known as ‘Disk Management’ makes it all possible and ensure users for healthy running PC. However, many times user ran into series of problems while performing any of the desired functions through Disk Management wizard. Moreover, it includes huge risks of making windows partitions inaccessible or formatted. Under critical situations, you may be thrown at huge risks of potential data loss.

To overcome with such problems and perform the desired disk management operations even more easily, try EaseUS Partition Master (Free for home users or personal uses). One of the best partition manager tool which lets you shrink or extend hard disk volume, straighten out low hard disk space problem, copy entire disk or partitions, ‘Disk is not formatted’ problem and more.

 EaseUS Partition Wizard Home

Top most features

Resize/Move partitions
resize move partition

As the name suggest, this option lets you extend or shrink hard disk volume to optimize the overall performance of your PC while ensuring you the maximum space utilization. Using this tool, you can easily extend the size of your bootable partition which ultimately delivers two benefits: Remove low hard disk space problem and make your PC performance relatively better and up to the mark.

To shrink or extend any partition, simply right click on the targeted volume on the partition master home screen and choose option ‘resize/move partition’. After that, manually enter the size of the new partition and hit enter. Just in case if there is not enough unallocated space to extend desired volume, try shrinking the rarely used partition which significantly carries very few amount of data.


Merge Partition

Merge Partition

If you want to merge two partitions to make one relatively larger capacity hard drive volume, then this option is surely for you. Again from the partition master home screen, right click on your desired drive that you want to merge and choose ‘merge partition’.

Select the second partition that you wish to merge into single stand alone partition and then click ‘OK’. Please note that the data of the second partition will be shifted into a new folder and can be accessed from the merged partition.


Check Partition

check partition

This option will work in the same fashion as disk check utility in Windows and can scan as well as repair different type of hard disk problems. Check mark all the option available on check partition wizard and click OK. If you are unsure about what this utility will repair or almost anything else, do carefully read the help tutorials.

Note: Many times, PC may run into freezing or inaccessible state and asked for force restart. This option will help you overcome from such problems and lets you start your system as you normally do.

Besides all the above features, you can also able to copy entire partition data to a different partition within the matter of time.

On the top left corner of the software home screen, you’ll also find options to backup hard drive, data recovery, create bootable CD etc. which performs their intended tasks in risk free manner.

Final Saying

Grab this utility to perform almost any desired disk operations in hassle free manner and in minimum possible time. This application becomes handy when user is in hurry to resize, copy, delete, or wants to format the partition. Last but not least, the application is free and offers vast set of premium features which can’t be found elsewhere. Strongly recommended utility.

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