Deploy Applications Remotely and Keep Track of Software Changes


Managing PCs over network is a daunting task and support professionals faces new challenges every day. Tasks include installing and uninstalling applications, updating software over specific duration period, software repair and inventory. These were seems pretty challenging if needs to performed manually and might leaves much pressure as well as consume lot more time.

EMCO Remote Installer

Manufacturers from around the world developed tools that automate the whole task and let you finish the whole procedure in almost half of the time. Remote software deployment tools can perform application installation and uninstallation procedure over networked PCs in hassle free manner. You can use the same traditional EXE setup or MSI/MSP packages for deploying applications over Network. Including remote software deployment, such tools can build software inventory reports, manage applications on remote computer, can repair and fix problems online etc.

EMCO Remote Installer

One stop solution to address all your remote application deployment needs even while maintaining the consistency of targeted computer. The tool supports the latest Windows computer i.e. Windows 8 or Windows 8.1(Free update over Windows 8).

This tool can also performs detailed software audit reports like software version, name, and manufacturer information and easily export them in files. It’ll also help you maintain the software tracking changes report and help you analyze the recent application installation changes.

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Top 7 features

  1. Can remotely deploy applications as well as uninstall them without hampering the stability of remote PC. Number of PCs can vary from single to multiple.
  2. Applications packaged in traditional setup files (exe) or MSI/MSP packages can be easily handled and used efficiently to deploy over network.
  3. Install one or multiple application at one go. Installation will be performed in the order scheduled by owner.
  4. Unique software inventory reports to configure software uninstallation report safely and in effortless manner.
  5. Perform application repair task silently on one or multiple PCs over network. You can select one or multiple applications at one and repair them concurrently.
  6. Collect a detailed list of application information like application version, software details, manufacturer details etc. This information can be easily exported into files and later used for further analysis.
  7. The software mainly available in two licenses: Free and professional. Free version of remote installer tool can be used to deploy application on only fewer numbers of PCs (limited to 5). Whereas, professional version will be used to deploy applications on unlimited number of PCs and all the functionalities exclusively unlocked.

Ease of use

The tool offers flawless and easy remote software deployment wizard to help you perform application installation and uninstallation in effortless way. As soon as you start application, pop up wizard will open at first and help you easily locate the throughout procedure. All the options and functionalities were clearly visible at the home screen of the software. You can get the full details about the procedure from the inbuilt help menu too.

Help and support

EMCO software provides extensive support and online help manuals to let you easily understand the whole functionalities of this tool. Company has dedicated support section to handle their large customer base queries and reply them in not more than 1 business day.


You may find bunch of free tools to perform same task, though its capabilities and easiness weren’t guaranteed. EMCO Remote Installer is powerful enough to handle large set of dynamic group PCs without giving any error or non performed actions.

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