Can’t Find Files and Pictures after System Restore, How to Restore them Back?

In computer, restore means return to the previous state of the system in the event of corruption or failure. This also could be the original factory settings or a previous state system. This process basically undo the changes made to the system. However, using system restore, you will not be able to restore documents, music, emails, or any kind of personal files.

System Restore allows you to restore your computer data like system files, installed programs, etc. With this feature you can roll back Windows to a point where you know it was working well can restore your system from all issues. You can exactly use a previous date to restore a computer, this should should be the one at which you knew the system was working well. Restoring the system does not affect to original files stored in the system at all. During the System Restore process, there could be chances of error existence, which may cause damage to the stored files. Do not shut down your system while restore as it may lead to missing or hidden files. In case of System Restore failure, it may also lead to loss of important files that are present in the system.

Causes of Data Loss after System Restore

  • Wrong Operation: This is the most common reason of data loss during system restore operation. For example, you may have accidentally chosen all the disks to be formatted. Therefore, all the files stored on those volumes would lose data or you may not understand the instructions properly or miss few steps, and lose the important files
  • Saving Files without Backup: You may have saved your important files on the desktop without any backup. During a system restore, the OS removed the complete information from the C drive, which leads to the loss of your precious files.
  • Others Reasons: During a system restore process, many other factors like the virus infection, internal fault of the hard disk, system incompatibility and many more lead your files lose. Some of them can be avoided, while some are non-avoidable.

For Example, if you have restored your computer system recently, and in this process your user accounts were reset or deleted. Then, after successful process, you may not be able to see many of your documents and files

If you really willing to get those hidden or missed files back and you have tried multiple methods from a long time, but every time you got upset due to unsuccessful results. Then this write-up is for you, here you will get to know about the method to Undelete files after system restore.

There are many people, who regret after losing data files after system restore, and looking for the same solution like you. In order to prevent data files from any loss, take regular backups. But if you do not have any backup, then also there is a chance to get all lost photos and other files back. To restore your lost files, restart your computer and press F8 key when it starts booting. It will land you to the Windows Advanced Options menu. Run your system in the safe mode, and follow the below mentioned procedure.

  1. First, Shut down your system
  2. Turn it on again, and when the system screen appears, press F8, it will display the Windows Advanced Options Menu.
  3. Here, use the arrow keys to move the cursor.
  4. Now, you should boot up the computer in Safe Mode by selecting Safe Mode, and press Enter key.
  5. Within Safe Mode, choose System Properties and then select System Restore.
  6. A small window will appear and ask you for a confirmation to keep operating in Safe Mode.
  7. Select Yes.
  8. Select Start and go to ‘My Computer’ option. Click twice to the main hard drive (C:) icon and choose Documents and Settings.
  9. Right-click to the folder name of the user account and select Properties. (You can also view this folder when you login your Windows normally. However, Windows shows it as empty and does not allow you at access it.)
  10. Select the Security option.
  11. Choose Advanced option. On the third tab, which is actually Owner tab, select the checkbox to select the Replace owner, which is available on the sub containers and objects option.
  12. Select Apply.
  13. A security message appears, Select Yes.
  14. Click OK.
  15. Click OK again. After this you will be able to see the files, which you were trying to access, being transferred.

Now, after the successful transfer, restart your computer in normal mode and access the folder again. You will be able to access all the lost documents on your desktop along with pictures, music, movies, documents, internet favorites, etc.

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