Does Free PSD to HTML Converters really works?


PSD to HTML converters are in big demand these days. Companies keep on searching for a good conversion tool which can perform more accurately or the reliable PSD to HTML file conversion service provider.

Though there are few free PSD to HTML converters available in the market which made me think that why to pay for the services which we can get for free and tried few of them. I thought let’s just use the free PSD to HTML converters and then proofread the converted files for mistakes. So, here is the result of my personal experiments with free tools.

PSD to HTML Converters

I started with Googling for ‘Free PSD to HTML Converters but nothing really helpful happened. Nothing for free available till the 5th search result page and after that I stopped moving further. Some are only showing a preview of a markup for free and lots of others are showing step by step tutorials to convert PSD to HTML and companies are charging for their services.

So, I thought to give it a shot on my own by following the step by step tutorials of converting PSD to HTML files.

But after spending few hours I gave up as my enthusiasm has been crashed by reality. What I came to know from those tutorials and my research is that:

  • Tutorials intended for total newbies are still for money and only previews are available
  • Free tutorials are only intended to provide the scratch level knowledge and still the main steps are not available for free.
  • To convert PSD to HTML I would need special software to be installed, consequently, I would need to learn how to use the software properly.

I tried to Google again using some different keywords with a thought of that there would be lots of automated PSD to HTML converters and tools available but I was totally wrong. Nothing free is available except few services provide facility to choose and download an archive with a readymade template.

They ask you to upload the PSD files from your computer and in return after few minutes of wait they return with a download link of converted files in a zip folder to you.

I downloaded the Zip folder back to my computer and opened it to check for the converted files and the big surprise was waiting for me inside the folder. It was empty!

In short what I learned from my experiment is that there are nothing called free is available for PSD to HTML conversion and the resources which claim they to be free are scumbags.

Have you ever tried free PSD to HTML conversion tools or services? Share your experience in comments.



  1. Oh Thanks for sharing your experience Nitin, i thought that these sites would really work, anyhow i don’t know to Create PSD i didnt waste my time….with these sites.