Free Windows Recovery Tool to Handle Hard Drive Data Loss Problems

Now Windows data recovery is possible for free with all the advanced options enabled using Disk Drill for Windows. Previously available recovery tools comes with limited functionality where Disk Drill for Windows offers full-fledged rigorous scanning mechanism and in-depth analysis against the problem device, be it HDD, USB, Flash drive or memory cards. You can certainly recover almost anything lost like documents, movies, pictures, backup files etc.


Multiple Drive Support

There are multiple type of drives available from which, data loss situation strikes like accidental formatting hard drive, permanently deleting valuable files, system startup failure etc. There are range of drives available and Disk Drill for Windows supports recovery for free: Hard Disk drive, Solid State Device, USB, Flash Drive, external hard drive etc.


Advanced recovery

This data recovery software includes advanced options to recover severely damaged, corrupt or inaccessible files and folders. Options include Quick and Deep scan which can be run separately to recover data to address any type of data loss situations.

Speedy Performance

With intuitive interface and easy to follow steps, you can scan and preview all of your lost files in no time. You’ll only need to follow few simple steps to begin scanning your problem drive and sit back to watch your files getting back.

Huge list of file type support

Disk drill easily scan and recover data from different type of file system including FAT, exFAT, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS, HFS+, EXT2, EXT3. You can certainly recover any type of file types including picture, audio, videos, documents, emails, archive and more.

Lost or accidentally formatted partitions

Don’t worry if you’ve accidentally lost or formatted one of your important hard drive partition full of your important pictures or official documents. Disk drill employs advanced scanning algorithm and sector by sector scan to detect logical partitions that previously get deleted or formatted.

Recovery Vault

Moving ahead with addressing your data loss situations, Disk Drill for Windows will include recovery vault to save a copy of your recently deleted or lost files from targeted storage device.

Preview before recovery

You’ll be able to see what you are going to recover in advance using preview before recovery window. It’ll offer quick view of lost files and folders with size, name, change/modified date etc. so you can easily identify files you’re looking for.

Other important features

User can take backup of files or even the whole partition from failing or dying hard drive that is supposed to fail soon. Backup copy in .DMG formatted will be created which you can store on another drive to ensure safe recovery in the event of complete failure or inaccessibility.

Longer drives generally takes longer time to scan and recover files. But don’t worry, you’ll be able to pause or stop scan and continue at any later time exactly from where you have had left off.

It’ll also lets you scan or examine corrupt or inaccessible memory cards and later, recover important pictures or photographs recently taken from your digital camera or smartphone.


Disk Drill for Windows is absolutely free data recovery tool and there are no limitations on recovery of deleted or lost files and folders. Additionally, this tool offers multiple advanced options of recovery that you’d find missing in most free or professional data recovery utilities.

However, Disk Drill recommends to remove and plug your problem hard drive to another computer and perform recovery. Any wrong or misleading steps could cause deleted files to be overwritten or permanently wiped off.

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