Gearing Up Your Remote Software Deployment Task


Distributing applications over networked computer can be challenging and time consuming. It can take from hours to whole day if the number of applications were large or the large number of systems lying around your office. On the flip side, these tasks can be optimized to reduce time and effort by half through standardized remote deploying applications such as EMCO MSI Package builder (

In a typical office environment, PCs were well connected through common network wire called LAN and tools were used to keep track of the health of computers, perform maintenance task on daily basis, applying updates etc. Whereas, MSI Package Builder and installer utilities were used to create MSI packages using traditional setup (.exe) files. MSI packages are a type of Windows installer files, used to perform standalone installations of application on networked computer without using any actions to be performed at the user end.

Visual editor and changes tracking technology will easier the process of making MSI packages easily and later, helps any number of installations to be performed silently.

Top 5 Application Advantages:

  1. Modern interface and wizard based MSI creation wizard makes the whole tasks not only easier but simplified enough. Extended option for new data management dialogues has been added.
    EMCO MSI Package Builder
  2. Manual as well as automatic ways of MSI creation wizard. Visual editor is used to define special parameters like installation resources and actions.
  3. The tool incorporates ‘Live Monitoring’ technology to keep track of all file system and registry changes and helps you make every installation project deployed efficiently.
  4. Installation wrapping to assemble multiple installations into one single MSI package builder and perform silent installations on targeted computer one by one.
  5. The tool enhances the application installation success rate by using automated monitoring mode. In the repackage installation wizard, the tool steps installation monitoring and generate MSI after completing all the subsequent processes.

Available Application Version

Application is basically available in two versions: Professional and Enterprise. Professional edition can be used to automatically create MSI packages by using changes monitor as well as manually by using visual editor. Whereas, Enterprise edition includes advanced option to create MSI packages of complex setup files. It will itself include change monitor capabilities to monitor consistency and health of targeted computer. To learn more about converting traditional setup files (EXE) into MSI packages, visit this page:


EMCO MSI package builder includes each and everything you’ll need to professionally manage remote deployment tasks. Advanced editor and tool to maintain system health states while deploying applications is stable and risk free. You’ll have free 30 days to evaluate application and test its capability around your work station.

I’ll personally recommend to use this application to fulfill all your needs of automatically deploy applications on small or large business size. It’ll have all the instructions and easy to use interface for making the whole task simpler and trouble free.

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