How to get your business online


Businesses, charitable organizations, and not-for-profit entities need a website to communicate with audiences in today’s Internet-focused and time-crunched world. The website serves as a virtual home or communications portal for managers, employees, donors, and other interested parties. However, even before committing to a website development project, most businesses and organizations reserve a domain name. There is no time like the present to get started.


Domain Names Registrar

Most registrars of website domain names offer the user a search tool to determine if the .com, .net, or other TLD of choice is available. When registering a domain name, consider the longevity and reputation of the firm holding it. Many small registrars set up shop and do not offer a full menu of domain services, including domain name registry, transfers, renewals, expiration protection and privacy services.

Email Accounts

Some businesses may not have the immediate resources to develop a website or they may have no plans to do so. Most businesses or organizations do like the idea of branding their communications. Business email solutions are based upon the reservation of a domain. Then, email services or packages are tailored to the firm’s specific requirements. A small business may have only one email account or use various email addresses. For example, “” separates emails from “” The business owner may use email to organize his or her communications with ease while presenting a professional image to clients, customers, and others.

Hosting Services

Many businesses want to bring their domain “live” with a user-friendly website. Selection of a web host service is important to the website’s success. If the host does not have sufficient uptime, users trying to access the website may experience error messages or delayed access to the site. That is the website owner should look for an uptime guarantee and an IP address that is specifically dedicated to their website. Smaller web host providers may provide little to no support. The ability to contact customer service when it necessary is essential to website management.

Website Development and Design

Building the website is serious business, and finding the right web developers, designers, and content creators is enormously important to its success. Outdated websites turn off customers while today’s easy-to-use, modern sites often combine photographs, videos, and streaming images. Many sites include a blog to help the site owner’s search engine optimization (SEO) initiative. The careful selection of key words and phrases can help drive traffic to the website. For that reason, the most reliable and reputable domain registrars offer website building services.

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