Gigabyte Launches Convertible Windows 7 Tablet S1081 with Intel Cedar Trail Chip

Gigabyte, the Taiwan based company, has just announced an all new Windows 7 Tablet at the Consumer Electronic Show. The name of this tablet is S 1081. It is a 10.1 inch Tablet which is powered by Intel Atom Cedar Trial platform, the platform is not just powerful but energy saving too. The S1081 will be coming in two avatars, first with 500 GB Storage capacity for those who need extra space on the Hard Drive and the second for those who need more performance than the storage capacity.

Gigabyte S1081

The tablet will be multi-touch capacitive touch and in addition to the multi-touch the machine will be sporting a optical trackpad as well to give the users convenience and precision at the same time. In the connectivity segment the S1081 will be sporting a HDMI and VGA port so that the machine can be connected to the bigger screens easily. Then there is USB 3.0 port and a Bluetooth 4.0 (mind you it is the latest technology in the Bluetooth world).

Gigabyte S1081

In the Camera category it has a 1.3 MP camera to offer. And if there are no Wi-Fi routers to use the S1081 has an Ethernet port as well. The S1081 has a DVD Drive and a supreme quality audio system which has a pair of stereo and a pair of woofers to boast about. The display of the system as said earlier is 10.1 inches and the resolution of the display is 1366×768 pixels which by any standard is an excellent thing to possess. It is understood that the company will be packing the S1081 with a 6 cell battery by the real number is still not revealed.

Unfortunately, at the present moment, there is no price details available for the S 1081 Tablet but it will come in due course, obviously. Let’s wait and a watch for the present moment. If you want you can buy Gigabyte S 1080 Windows 7 Tablet on discount.



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