Google Panda Update: What Matters Now


On February 24, 2011, Google unleashed its Panda or Farmer Update to the US market. Biller as a means to change the way in which it ranks sites in its search engine pages, there has been a lot of chatter about what this update means to SEO and internet marketing/investing.

Described as an effort to reward quality original over those pages that are simply copied by many e-marketers as a means to saturate the web with their product or links, Panda has changed the face of SEO in only a few short weeks.


If your site is impacted by the Panda update, there are several steps that you can take to improve upon its content as a means to increase your rankings once again. Read over the following tips, but also be aware that the number one concern in Google’s mind is the searcher experience. As the marketer, you need to better gear your page to the needs of your audience.


  • Focus on original content: This seems to be the number one reason that pages have lost traction in Google searches with Panda. The old practices of reposting simple spun material is not going to work anymore and you need to either improve upon or eliminate the duplicate content on your page in order to improve your rank. If you are copying your own material, add rel=canonical tags, which will prevent Google from seeing these pages as dupes. If you are copying material from others, make it better or eliminate it.
  • Consider the aesthetics of user experience: One of the biggest differences with this algorithm change has to do with making the intangible aspects of Google user experience into quantifiable elements. While it will take awhile for us on the marketing end to understand what that means or how to game the system, it does mean that we need to consider users now more than ever regardless of our site’s purpose.This means that upon entrance to your page, users should be intrigued. You should consider adding video and images as well as attractive text and good links to your best material. Also, that ridiculous spun content needs to be eliminated. The language of your site needs to be clean and easy to understand.
  • Promote where it matters: Use the immense power of social media to your advantage to make sure that your site gets traffic from places other than Google. Facebook and Twitter matter and by generating a following, you show yourself as legitimate and increase the likelihood that even if you cannot get your ranking up organically, Google will “white list” you at your request. The Panda/Farmer Update is obviously still in its infancy and its true impact on SEO and e-commerce in general is still being debated. One thing is certain, however, if you are impacted in Google’s rankings by this update you need to act now to fix it or you risk losing your business and investors.


Don’t wait for ways to game the system to be discovered, even though they will be. The best way to ensure a lasting good standing in search engine results is thorough quality original content.

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  1. I am seriously confused at this panda thing. I got page rank for three of my sites and 2 of them are gone now. Still don’t know what to do , as I always use the white hat method.

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