Holi giveaway, win Three Windows 7 genuine Product Keys


Festive time is back on WindowsLifeStyle with a bang. We are very pleased to announce our Holi giveaway. We are giving away three unused Windows 7 Genuine License product keys worth $ 819.97 US combined. 1 license key of Windows 7 Ultimate, 1 of Windows 7 Professional and 1 of Windows 7 Home Premium is to be given. Anyone can grab this colorful opportunity by following the simple rules described below.

windows 7 keys

Contest Rules:

1. Subscribe to WindowsLifeStyle.com Newsletter: Just type your email address and complete the subscription request. (A verification mail will be delivered to Inbox, follow the mail to verify the subscription to complete the request) 

2. Reply a valuable comment on the post: Use the same email address that is subscribed for daily newsletter, otherwise you won’t be eligible for the giveaway. We expect you’ll give your honest opinion why you want to use Windows 7.

3. Share about this Giveaway: Share about this contest with your friends on Facebook and become a fan of WindowsLifeStyle or follow us on twitter @nitinagarwal198 and Retweet about it. If anyone is not on social websites, then you can Digg it or Stumble it to get qualified for the giveaway.

4. Use the Facebook share or Retweet buttons to share about the contest. For sharing at other networks simply use the sharing buttons available at the end of the post. You may also subscribe to our feeds using feed readers.

Follow these simple 3 Steps and you will be eligible for the giveaway. The winner of the giveaway will be announced on 10th March 2010.

You can retweet or share about this contest as many times as you want and this will work more in your favor.

The Genuine unused License key will be send to the winner by email. So, please provide your correct credentials here.

Happy Holi to everybody! Enjoy the colors of Holi with WindowsLifeStyle. 3 Windows 7 License keys in a Row. Three winners to be selected. so, hurry up and enter the contest now.

UPDATE: Holi Giveaway winners announced

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  1. I like to win a license of windows 7. I’m using windows vista and its very buggy, many UAC prompts, slow down system & slow connectivity. I like to switch to win 7 because my friends tell me its very fast, speedy network connectivity and better security. Also i like the new graphics, easy to navigate user interface & it uses less resources.
    I have subscribed to the newsletter. Followed & RT @ashgripe.

  2. HI nitinagarwal

    VERY GOOG GIVE AWAY, i would love to participate in this giveaway and win

    holi the festival of colors let it bring light and more colours in all our life thank for this wonderful offer , please count me in and happy holi, (holi ki badai ho bhaiyya)

  3. Hi, I hope I win one so that I can experience the new functions and user ability of a new operating system such as Windows 7, as I’ve only been using Linux and Windows XP for the past few years. Also having Windows 7 will make my life easier as I do a lot of research and other academic work and need a operating system which can cope with my demands so that i can complete my tasks efficiently and easily.

    Hope I win one.
    Many Thanks

  4. Why not using the best windows OS? Win 7 comes with a lot of improvements, faster startup, tons of extra features and better security. I have used Vista, and still regretting XP. This could make me forget my frustration this is for sure.

  5. A very special giveaway indeed.Using windows Xp.Don’t like Vista & want to use
    windows-7 legally,coz it overcome many Xp & vista’s bug.& 7is unique, innovative product of Microsoft.I want to particapate this special contest.I m waiting for good luck.Holy greetings for all.Thank you.

  6. Hi,
    A very nice gift on this auspicious occasion of Holi..
    No doubt Windows 7 is hell lot better than Vista and after reading reading its review, i really really wanna try it..
    I mean it has got so many features with enhanced security and interface..
    Have followed all the rules.
    Any version will be ok for me..
    So, Pls count me in buddy..

  7. Hi Nitin,

    I would love to have a genuine copy of Windows 7, i have been using Windows XP home genuine for a long time now. I never upgraded to vista, which i use at my office, but am really interested in using Windows 7.And what better way to upgrade to Windows 7 than to win a giveaway, and that too from a fellow Indian? I have retweeted your tweet about the giveaway on twitter and am following you too.

    And wish you a very happy holi.

    Best Regards

  8. Great giveaway and a great site. My old XP box died. Had to buy a new one, about 4 weeks before it would have been eligible for a free Win7 upgrade. The box is Win7 ready, but no Win7. 🙁

  9. Hi, I’ve re tweeted it under Silk400@twitter.com and I’d love to have a chance to win the OS’s you are offering as it certainly beats XP or Vista. Not to mention its a fair draw and thank you for your offer for a genuine retail key. Good luck to everyone! Hugs

  10. Windows 7 is on the way track because many software developer is compatible already in Windows 7. A good move where they release beta in public for testing. A very good investment to have. Fast, sleek, and productivity…

    Thanks for this great giveaway. I retweet http://twitter.com/vj_onix/status/9648191594 and share http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/profile.php?v=feed&story_fbid=326775927874&id=100000260657031&ref=nf

    Thanks and Happy Holi. Count me in.

  11. Happy Holi to everybody! Hi, What a wonderful offer to end a great giveaway bonanzaH.. Im hoping that i lucky enough to win this Window 7 Ultimate which its really more secure, easier than previous versions and the interface really great… I like to win a license for this excellent software. Please include me and thank you for this great giveaway!

  12. I’ve been using Xp for a long time and don’t want to change even microsoft offerred vista ( too heavy),

    since window 7 appear in t

  13. One of the hottest things is and always will be Win7 at this time for giveaway.
    So, greater giveaway from this one i can’t imagine.

    I haven’t tried Win 7 yet, as i still use older version of Windows and i don’t have hardware for it.
    I’m planing of acquistion of new PC and the best thing for it is Win7.
    Newest product from MS which is Windows 7 has improved very much in a lot of aspects over it’s predecessors and is definitely “A Must Have” for everyone that wants wonderful experience on their Computer.

    Happy Holiday to You.
    And thanks for this opportunity.

  14. I’ve been using Xp for a long time and don’t want to change even Microsoft offered vista ( too heavy),

    since window 7 appeared last year, I saw a lot of good comment from my friend, please count me in for a chance to win one

    Best regards,

  15. I wish i would win, desperately need the key….it would be a treat for me to win this..currently running XP and want to try genuine windows 7

  16. I would appreciate winning Windows 7 because I’ve been using XP for about 5 years now, and hear it is very good. I plainly like all the new features, especially the new Paint. I am a major graphic artist, and I like quickly editing an image with Paint. Unfortunately, Paint does not support transparency in XP. I heard Paint got a major rehaull, so that’s one reason why I want to win Windows 7.


  17. Happy holi mate!
    Currently i am using windows 7 RC which is going to Expire,i would be happy to get a key and use it,otherwise i have to use XP which is outdated and doesnt support many games and new graphical applications.

    Thank you

    a very nice and impressive giveaway.windows 7 is probably the best os in terms of looks,speed features,security and above all it did not slow down your computing experience. i had a very horrible experience with vista but i heard that windows7 is very different and superior
    it is certainly not possible for me to buy a genuine copy
    but i want to try this
    so please count me for this giveaway

  19. Cool! Thank you so much Windows LifeStyle!

    I like to have a license of Win7. It has so much features and improvements that we can call it a new generation of Win OS.


  20. Windows 7 is a big improvement over Windows Vista and Windows 7. It has improved UAC, better security and much more. Windows 7 set a new milestone that with great speed and great UI. Hope can win this contest.

  21. Happy Holi! 🙂

    Why would I want to use Windows 7? The good old XP served me long enough, I think it’s time for a change. To me, W7 seems to be one of the best versions of Windows, coming after the “hated” Vista. Even tough W7 is a “tweaked Vista”, those speed tweaks and optimisations definately make it a good operating system.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  22. First take my thanks for this great giveaway and then my heartiest wish to you and all others for a more than happy holi. Yes, I would like to be the lucky one among all during this holi by receiving a license for Windows 7 through your giveaway. I am an IT student and thus my mind always flies around new applications. I am using a 30-day trial version of Windows 7 Ultimate & I personally found it as the fine OS of Microsoft after windows XP. I want to try every feature of this new operating system & then want to share my experience over internet. I want to test every positive and negative sides of this OS. Being an IT student I would like to know this OS more & then I can be the reviewer as well as the helper of the people who will likely to find some difficulties or errors associated with it. As I am using a trial version I can not get the fullest out of it and also I don’t have enough days to know it closely. So if I would be lucky enough to get one license through your giveaway I’ll be really grateful forever. By the way, I am running a site/blog of my own for this purpose. I hope you’ll check it out :

  23. Hello Nitin for this great oppurtunity.I am already a big fan of windows lifestyle and read the feeds regularly.Being an Indian i know how special is holi for all of us.I would be very happy to have a license of windows 7 as i have been using xp from many years and would love to try win 7.
    Wishing all success to your blog
    With best regards

  24. I am a developer and I need Windows 7 because every software I make nowadays must be compatible with Windows 7 (with both 32 and 64 bit), so it would be beneficial for me if I get one.

    Besides I am using Windows 7 beta from a long time and I really love it so either way I want it.

    I have followed all steps May I win one.
    .-= Mad Geek @beingPC´s last blog ..Tweaking: Edit Firefox Context Menu =-.

  25. I really like windows 7 but don’t want to waste my money coz i already buy vista. if can get this one for free, i definitely install w7.

    Why w7? compared to vista, my opinion is w7 is far lightweight, better gui, and more…. i really want to explore by myself, on my very own lappy.

    Wish to get this one for free~~~

  26. Hi Nitin,

    i really impress to join your lucky draw. i really hope to win windows 7 because i always see my friend using it. it is so light and nice to use.

    thanks Nitin, hope you will count in me too.


  27. Well Windows 7 is new offering from MS which i would like to use it at home and educate my people more about the latest happenings around in the technology sector. This OS has beaten all the shelves and emerged as the most successful OS by crossing miles at a faster pace. It does not required a high hardware requirements, as system that are running Vista or even XP is enough for this OS.
    Beside this i have been using Win 7 RC and 28th Feb is the last day that i can enjoy, i have experienced Windows Operating system since 3.1 and i must say that i is the BEST OS that i have seen till today.

  28. Great promotion! I sure would like to win one.
    I tried Windows 7 and it was awesome, really good. Unfortunately I can’t afford it 🙁

    If only I would win…

  29. Thanks for the opportunity to win a very nice OS. I have use the trial version for awhile and it is truely a great OS. Please enter for the drawing.

    I have previously singned up for your newsletter, but forgot what name and email I had used. Lost everything do to a reformat. I have another HD now and do better back-ups now.

    I have also enter some of your previous contest but was unlucky. I hope to have better luck this time. Good luck to all who enter…..

    Tweet: http://twitter.com/pacfever/status/9681638444

  30. Subcribed and followed on twitter.

    will be doing more things later on

    hope to win 1 😛
    .-= Mridul´s last blog ..Snaptree : Free Photo Prints Every Month =-.

  31. I’m hoping that i lucky enough to win this Window 7. I am using Windows 7 beta from a long time and I really love it so either way I want it. I like to win a license for this excellent software.

  32. Wow. This is a big giveaway. I’m glad you don’t have an easy way of showing post count…

    Anyway, I would use windows 7 for music production. I currently use windows 2000 for music and cannot afford an upgrade. I would also use it to test out my software occasionally.

    Count me in.

  33. I would like to enter the drawing.

    I hope I win. Windows 7 is a lot better than vista. It’s faster, has new features, and looks better.

    Thank you.

  34. Hai,

    Nitin. Hope I will win this time. I am eager to get the license of Master piece software from Raymond. In my opinion windows 7 is the best OS of all time. As it’s revamped new interfaces, better response time, and very nice features. My friends who are already using this nice OS said to me it that they haven’t faced any issue so far.

    Expecting the magic to work for me.

    But how about Google Buzzing.

  35. Hi folks,

    This is a Great offer for people, who want to get Windows for Free.

    Windows 7 is really an Excellent OS (I am telling this after using Win Vista)

    Microsoft should have provided this as an upgrade to all the users of Windows Vista(Genuine users) as it was unstable.

    The Features like in Windows 7 (used only Home premium) is Aero Peek, the Geat taskbar which beautifully animates any open Window or minimized ones.

    One feature I miss in Windows 7 is that ORB(Starting Windows logo before Welcome screen).

    In Eye candy features I would rate Windows Vista +1 over Windows 7

    Stability is the Ultimate Draw back of Windows Vista which was fixed in Windows 7(this is the best feature which makes it worth a buy)

    Thank you,

  36. hi nitin

    just now i completed all of your above rules ( requirement ) to quallify for the draw

    1. Subscribed to WindowsLifeStyle.com Newsletter


    windows seven is the latest o.s from microsoft, it is easy to use. rich in feature, very attractive , not that much of a resource hogger. it is an eye candy.hence very costly. this makes it very very difficult for me to buy one. but its features rich quality makes it irresistable. so i really, really need it . so if i can win it here it would be really very help full to me. this is what all i can say hope this satisfy you.ineed it very badly.

    3. i have tweeted about your giveaway a few times here



    and now i am following you through twitters also and i have retweeted also

    so i think i have followed all what you have said above to qualify to win a windows seven key

    now that i have done my part , i can only pray to god and hope that i win in this giveaway.

    by the way i should say thankyou very much for such a wonderful giveaway



  37. Hi,
    Thanks a lot for this great giveaway. I’d like to change my OS from Vista to Windows 7as Win 7 is less cluttered and bloated. It also boots up faster. Please count me in.

  38. Nice giveaway! I would like to win the Windows 7 Ultimate or Professional because Windows 7 is a lot more “organized” than Windows Vista and it is a lot faster. I’ve wanted to have Windows 7 since it was released and I’ve been dreaming to have it.

  39. Hi, Nitin

    1. Subscribed to WindowsLifeStyle.com Newsletter

    2. My honest comment

    The main theme around which Windows 7 was based on how it would like to work for the consumer and corporates. It was based on around 4000 IT comapnies feedback. It would like to resolve all the aspirations of consumers such as faster , smarter, lighter OS. This OS simply does what it is supposed to with all the visual presentations which is the trend of the modern OS. A robust OS can be customised according to the hardware that you run it on. Surprisingly, it runs fast compaire to Windows XP. That is why many will probably be changing their OS for the first time in five or six weeks. This is probably the first time we have a Microsoft OS that can run on a lower configuration than its predecessor. It is light, an ideal OS for the portability of the atom processer. If the report is to be believed, the OS consume less bettery power too.

    Windows 7 is superior to XP and Vista in variety of ways, Vista was presumably unpopular because of the high system requirements, though at first glance Windows 7 seems a more optimise version of Vista. Windows 7 can run with 512 or 768 MB of RAM. With some of the visual effect turned off. Though it can be enabled later.

    Aerosnap , junplists , taskbar enhancements , ubiquitious search, new media center gives an idea of choice for HTPCs also. For the first time multi-touch is being embeded into an OS for the masses. This gives rise to new set of devices and applications . This Os uses the untapped power of the GPU, The GPU is no longer just for graphics, in Windows 7 the CPU and the GPU creat a co-processing environment through DirectCompute which enables applications in Windows 7 to take advantage of GPU computing to accelerate the applications.

    In the comercial environment one of the very big features offered by Windows 7, is actually a replacement to a VPN. It lets you directly access your corporate resources remotely , while giving you certain amount of savings through branch catche , bit locker. PC experience enhanced through more robust security and risk management and more robust IE 8 with superior security and protection features.

    Windows 7 taskbar has more functionalities. It is thick, lets you change the sequence of applications running in the task bar, pinning applications to the task bar , grouping of active applications , a real time preview of each of the instances . By pressing Windows key+left/right arrow keys fit the expanded window to the left or right side of the screen. Windows 7 lets you add as mant paths as you want for either of the pre defined folder, quick access to frequently used folder , setting the defult action for the usual shut down button , constantly changing wallpapers , with preview mode in Windows Explore (Alt+P), sticky notes to keep track of tasks that one needs to do, running applications using a different user account, capturing screen shots with the Snipping Tools, toning down the controversial UAC, checking for memory problems with an inbuilt tool Windows Memory Diagnostic just needs a reboot to work, built-in cleartype tuner, enabling the Windows XP virtualisation mode, Windows 7’s resource monitor more powerful than process manager, easier multiple file selection is convenient even through a long list of files are the most prominent features and the characteristicks of Windows 7 so far.

    One more feature worth mentioning of Windows 7 AppLocker whick ensures users on your PC only run the programe and application you specify. You can easily block other users from accessing executables, Windows Installers scripts or specific softwares,etc. With Easy Connect in Windows 7 one can use Remote Assistance to invite some one to connect to tyour computer and assist you even if that person is far away.


    3.tweets about it:



    4.retweeted few times

    follows yours tweets

    I have done my part and consider me for this giveaway and thanks best regards

    .-= sunkumar´s last blog ..The Genius Of Sachin Tendulkar =-.

  40. Windows 7 is great, works really fast . It deserves to be used. It is even better than Xp, because it has more features. Please give me a key.

  41. Hi and first of all thanks for this great giveaway!
    In may of the last year I bought a new HP laptop, with Vista in on of course 😀 That was really a pity because HP made an offer according to which everybody who bought his or her computer after june 2009 should get a FREE upgrade to Windows 7! I missed the option to upgrade for free just for about a month, that sucks…
    But now I have the chance to win my desired Windows 7, and this is great, because Vista is really taking to much ram on my laptop. Another thing I like on Windows 7 is the easy way to make your LAN-internet-connection to a Wifi-Hotspot that can be used e.g. by smartphones!

    So please, count me in for this very special giveaway! Thanks a lot!

    What considers sharing this article: (my nickname on Twitter is Mitch_Fitch)
    – I followed nitinagarwal198 on Twitter and I retweeted the information about this giveaway on your channel
    – I updated my status: http://twitter.com/Mitch_Fitch/status/9770753573
    – Further I subscribed your Newsletter (as desired) and your RSS-Feed

    Best wishes

  42. Completed!!!!!
    I am using Linux(Ubuntu).Cannot afford Windows Price:(
    I hope that i win a licence and best of luck to everyone.
    Thanks for this share Nitin..

  43. Great contest, Nitin! I have followed the directions and I hope I can win! Keep up the good work here at Windows LifeStyle.
    .-= James Fisher´s last blog ..Review: Acronis Backup and Security 2010 =-.

  44. First of all HAPPY HOLI Nitin,Yaar!

    Thanks but I will pass on this[I am neither on any of social network nor on any sharing websites mentioned above],I am newbie here,but thanks for giveaway and nice site u have got here too.

  45. Before i talk about Windows7,i would like to thank windowslifestyle for this excellent giveaway on one of our indian great festival. Thank you WLS Team for the offer.

    I been thinking of moving to windows 7 from Vista simply because of good review from all over the Net. I am sure, Microsoft has fixed all the issues that are reported by vista users and i am hoping that windows 7 satisfies all over the peoples. Another reason for me to move to Windows7 is to keep up to date myself by upgrading to latest technolgies.

    i have already retweeted this in twitter.

    and i am going to inform all my friends about this offer and also i will be referring windowslifestyle to all my friends circle which i been doing it in past too.

    Once again, Happy Holi to WLS (windowslifestyle) team and you guys rocks.

    – Jeeva

  46. I Want Window 7 Because Currently m using window 2000 And As M Doing Engineering, So i Really Want Updated System For My Studies.
    .-= Aviral Goel´s last blog ..FREE Flexible Joints Tripod Stand for Camera =-.

  47. Hi everyone on Windows LifeStyle!

    Thanks very much for the greetings Nitin, I’d like wish you and everybody the same, my warm wishes it become a great celibration in much joy!

    Must tell it felt tempting to takeing part in this awesome giveaway as I have’nt had the right resources myself to get a genuine copy of this highly reputated OS yet in my hands to install. I’ve heard alot of reviews which explain that this new Windows is one very successful invention from Microsoft and perhaps if not the best operating system MS ever developed through the history.

    Imagine the new flashing GUI are one of the first improvements users begin to thinking of when talking of Windows 7 in this stage as it is quite new.
    From been useing the RC version during a short time it became obvious that there has been made many new improvements under the hood for makeing this new OS much more user friendly for makeing different sorts of tasks more easier to do and also understand for not so high advanced users, that’s good.

    I’ve also seen there’s a bigger support for useing different kinds of attached equipment much more now than ever before. That’s also a great relief and good help. One of the first thing you will meet when booting up for the first time and being surprised of, that’s the desktop emvironment which now comes with many new possibilities for makeing reality of individual taste and own creativity.

    For those who have’nt noticed it – even the harddisk sounds different when it has Windows 7 installed, don’t know why but I guess he enjoy it much 🙂

    1. I’m one of your subscribers from before. (done)
    2. My tweet will be found here -> http://twitter.com/FlexTech .(done)
    Looking very much forward in this exciteing contest!
    Best regards

  48. Please count me in… I would like to enter in the contest.

    I would really love to win a Windows 7 genuine license, because it is a great product. In my opinion, Windows 7 is the best OS that Microsoft made so far.

    I like at Windows 7 the good management of the computer’s resources. The new Superbar is very usefull and the Aero effect gives a great look. There is something that I don’t like: the retail license it’s too expensive.

    I’m a student and I can’t afford to buy a license… if you pick me, I will be very grateful to you. So, please make my day! 🙂

    Thanks you for this great giveaway and good luck to everyone!

  49. I would love to win Windows 7 because I have been using the RC Candidate and it will be ending soon. I have loved it and would like a legitimate key. XP has been such a stable OS for me, but I would love to make Windows 7 permanent.
    I hope i win
    Thank You

  50. Vista was a disaster to start off , for windows. The kind of adverse publicity it created for Windows was best avoidable. I am sure they are now trying to redeem themselves with Windows 7 and hence it’s would be a good choice according to me, given their expertise. The lesser benefits in terms of lesser space taken, faster loading and a better interface are welcome perks.

  51. Count me..I am in (Subscribed, Followin u on twitter, Fan on facebook )

    Best luck for the success of this contest 🙂
    .-= VISHAL´s last blog ..Tricks Machine Monthly Roundup & Traffic Report, February 2010 =-.

  52. Great Prize…

    I Never Used a Genuine Product..I want to Try a Genuine Product this time..And Would Like to Win WINDOWS 7 Key..Thank You..

  53. what a giveaway..
    I will upgrade my pc with this one if I got this ..

    Thanks for great giveaway ..
    I have fallowed three rules

  54. i have been using a Win 7 build for a couple of months now. I like it for the most part. I was rather hesitant about jumping from XP Pro to the new operating system.

    Unfortunately, I have i must re-install the Operating system again. (Due to Microsofts WGA policies). It figures, just when I was getting comfortable, Microsoft tries to play God again…. Anyways, I very much need a valid installation.
    Great site and fantastic post! keep up the good work!

  55. hmm…..
    i bought the MSDN key for 99$ about 2 month ago. Then I bought another for my friend or 20$. Then I Found that MSDN keys are illegal to use for none subscribers. Now I want to win to have legal one:)

  56. Hello Nitin,
    First of all, congrats mate for organizing such a nice giveaway. Secondly, I would like to win this contest, as because I am very new to Windows 7. I have used Windows 7 in my friends laptop, it was great experience.

    If I or any else will won this contest, nothing will happens. Just you are helping anyone to discover the new world of Windows. Thats all from me.

    Meanwhile, I have subscribed to your newsletter, I have shared it on Twitter and Facebook. And I am following you on facebook and twitter.

    .-= Rajesh´s last blog ..Download Vista Icons for Windows XP =-.

  57. Hello Everyone…
    First of all, I found out about your website today, and I can say it’s awesome!

    Windows 7, if possible Ultimate Edition product key, something like my dream.
    I always loved all Microsoft products, but Windows 7 is something special!
    Windows 7 is the most stable version of Windows ever, the fastest, simplified, and secured as well.

    Windows 7 users are better protected and can browse the internet safely, there are many security features like Windows Defender, Windows Firewall and BitLocker as an extra protection, that means that you are better protected than ever.

    Windows 7 is simplified, and usable for beginners, but with it’s numerous features, it’s a challenge for advanced users.

    Windows 7 is designed very well, many useful features like Aero snap and Aero shake make Windows 7 original, and you simply enjoy your PC when you work with Windows 7!

    With Windows 7 Live Taskbar Previews you can manage lots of open programs, documents, and browser windows easily with thumbnail and full-screen previews of open windows.

    The taskbar gives you a quick way to find the programs and files you’ve got open. Jump Lists take you right to the documents, pictures, songs, or websites you use most often. To open a Jump List, just right-click a program icon on the Windows 7 taskbar. You can also see Jump Lists for the programs on your Start menu.

    With Pin feature, you can pin programs to the taskbar, also you can pin some files to the jump lists.

    With Snap feature, you can size and arrange windows by simply dragging their borders to the edges of your screen. Instantly expand to full screen and back, or arrange two windows side by side.

    With Windows Touch you can use your fingers to scroll, resize windows, play media, and pan and zoom on your touchscreen PC.

    With Play To feature it’s easy to send music, photos, and videos from your PC to other compatible media devices connected to your home network.

    Also you can use Remote Media Streaming to get photos, music, and videos from your home PC even when you’re away from home.

    With Home Group feature you can share files, devices, and printers on a home network.

    With Windows Live Movie Maker you can turn your photos and videos into numerous great looking movies and slide shows.

    You can also watch TV shows for free with Internet TV on Windows Media Center.

    All these features make Windows 7 the best OS ever, that’s my opinion, I don’t know about you, but I really hope that you think the same way!
    When i installed Windows 7 RC, after an hour of using it, it was clear that Windows 7 is the best OS ever made!

    I would really like to win, and have Windows 7 Ultimate product key, i really need it, I’m still young and I can’t afford Windows 7 ultimate, but this giveaway gives me a chance to explore Windows 7 and it’s numerous features!

    I subscribed, became a fan on facebook, I’m following you on tweeter, I Retweeted ( http://twitter.com/PCTweakZone ), and I’ll tell many people about this! I will try to tell everyone I know about this giveaway, and in the end I would like to say that I really hope that I’ll win and get Windows 7 Ultimate product key, because I really need it, and I really think that I deserve Windows 7 Ultimate Genuine Product Key!

    Good luck everyone, this is the best giveaway ever!


  58. Newsletter subscribed.

    My opinion about Windows 7:

    I’ve been testing that OS since very pre-beta state and I must say that I’m impressed. I’m a very advanced PC/OS user so I’m looking on almost everything. The key features for me:
    Performance has been much improved since Vista, I’m really glad about that.
    The new SuperBar is beautiful and much customizable. Jump List are very useful and handy.
    Action Center – awesome. All in one place.
    Aero improvements are really nice.
    Drivers base is quite big. Bigger than Vista and whole drivers installation process has been improved.
    This OS has better support from other software companies and producers than previous OS.

    Summery: Windows 7 is good successor of Windows XP and I really want it on my PC.

    Hope to get the license.

  59. It’s amazing ! Have tested windows 7 and have come out trumps vis-a-vis vista. It’s so much faster than Vista. It requires even lesser space and hence will load faster on the same operating system. Cant wait for the free key. Please……

  60. Hi nithin
    Currently I am using XP and i want to install Win7 in my PC for this I come to this contest.
    my twitter link
    Thanks for this great offer.

  61. Already a subscriber to your mails since a long time and a fan on facebook.

    Now following and retweeted

    WIndows 7 is the best OS release till date and I would love to upgrade from my XP which is slowing my PC and is really buggy. The cool new features and added security benefits of Win 7 make it a must use.

    Thanks for this wonderful Giveaway.

  62. I want to use win 7 because it`s easy to use, it`s better, faster, more stable, reliable, more secure and it`s all that i`ve expected in an operating system. twitter.com/d3vit