How important is high speed internet to the popularity of online gaming?


There are a number of reasons why online poker has risen in popularity amongst the general public over the last few years with the improvements in the sites themselves – thanks to technological advances – being a major one of them. Nowadays online poker sites, like, are able to offer their users an experience that replicates that of playing at a brick and mortar casino far more closely to go alongside the greater convenience. However, none of the improvements made by the sites themselves will really count for much if the user’s internet connection is not up to scratch.

For any form of online gambling a high speed internet connection is pretty important, but it is especially so when it comes to poker. Delays during the game will make it a lot harder to remain aware of what the other players participating in the game are doing, which can in turn severely damage your chances of success. Although people play online poker and other casino games for fun the fact is that most people are in it to try to win, and anything that inhibits their chances of doing that will diminish the popularity of the game. Thus a high speed internet connection is crucially important to the public enthusiasm for online poker.

Furthermore, aside from the fact that it can be to the detriment of the chances of winning at online poker, a slow internet connection will also make the experience of playing irritating and frustrating – even for experienced players. As the sites themselves have developed more sophisticated graphics the download process has become slower unless you have a good internet connection. Generally speaking most online poker players have a preference for cable internet connections because they are not only fast, but also the most reliable type of connection available.

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