Why Joomla could be your next Content Management System


Joomla is a robust content management system that can help you develop websites without knowing extensive HTML, PHP or CSS programming knowledge. This means that even the most novice of website owners can put together a professional looking site with little effort. After the initial setup and design, the only thing you need to worry about is producing material for your site.

As the CMS is so popular, many designers sell templates that you can install in Joomla. Instead of settling for the default design after installing the application, you can upload templates that will change the look and feel of your website. Regardless of your personal or corporate niche, there are templates and themes that can fit a very wide range of tastes and likes. You can also hire a designer to make a theme should you wish a more customized look.


Another attraction that many find alluring is the ability to install modifications and plugins. These small programs of sorts can be designed to customize your Joomla installation further. For instance, you can install mods to add: real estate listings, chat boxes, customized calendars for events, sports scores, stock tickers and much more. Like the design of templates, you can hire professionals to develop customized plugins for your own specific needs if you can’t find one that fits your niche.

Joomla can be an easy system to use in order to build an advanced website. Once the theme is installed and the plugins you want are activated, all you need to do is write content. This interface is similar to many text editing programs and provides you will the necessary functions for bold, underlined, italicized and other modifications to the material.

Many web hosting companies will offer Joomla as a free alternative to designing a website. Hosting providers such as NetworkSolutions.com offer package deals that include a wide range of CMS applications including Joomla in order to help you develop the most engaging and lucrative site you can. This hosting provider also offers unlimited bandwidth for an affordable price allowing you to build a website that can handle thousands of visitors per day without additional costs.

Whether you need a robust business website to attract customers and clients or a simple page about your favorite hobby, Joomla can do a great deal to help you create a site that is attractive and functional. If you’re looking for a hosting provider and a method to quickly set up a website, make sure it has Joomla or any other CMS application and find out for yourself how useful it can be for you.

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