Keyboard Driver Solution – IntelliType by Microsoft Corporation

IntelliType is an official driver series for all Keyboards from Microsoft Corporation. These keyboards are available for both Windows and Mac Systems. IntelliType currently supports all versions of MS keyboards. These include both classic and multimedia series.

Developer Name:   Microsoft

Operating system: Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows

Type of Program:  Windows Device driver

Type of License:     Proprietary

Official Website:

IntelliType Supporting Keyboard Models

Following keyboards are supported by IntelliType driver series:

Wireless keyboard series, Wireless Entertainment series, SideWinder series, Normal Internet Keyboards, Pro models and Comfort curve series.

Noteworthy Features

  • The multimedia button events can be customized to call particular programs.
  • Visual Screen Indicator for Num lock, Caps clock and Scroll Lock
  • Volume change Indicator

IntelliType Limitations and Errors

The ability to modify default multimedia buttons has been added from version 6.3. This hence forced users to keep a regular check for updated version for the driver using “dpupdchk.exe”. This is a stealth process and comes with no information about its where about. This file run under background mode and continuously eats up the CPU resources.

The last version – 7.0 was very much criticized for overriding other multimedia keyboard settings. The commonly affected keys are – Play/Pause, Stop, Previous and Next. The problem still persists in latest Windows 8 operating system.

Bottom Line

IntelliType might be a backdated version of driver software for Microsoft manufactured keyboards but they were very helpful before the plug and play concept came into existence. The primitive version of windows used this driver to install and control multimedia keys and special inputs. But now with OEM drivers already pre-loaded to Windows arena, we do not want this driver to conflict with our original keyboard settings. Hence, Microsoft should reconsider IntelliType auto implementation in the upcoming versions which has become a real headache for normal users.

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