Kupa to Showcase Kupa X11 Windows 8 Tablet at CES 2012


Since, the busiest week of the year has already started and the various manufacturers have started displaying their gadgets, it is expected that AT&T will be showcasing their 4G LTE Windows 8 based tablet at CES 2012 and we are also expecting some others too pinch in, with their versions of the Windows 8 tablets.

CES 2012

Thus along with AT&T we are expecting some more Windows 8 based tablets at CES 2012. There are many goliaths who will be pitching for Windows 8 tablets most likes would be Dell, Asus, Samsung and Acer, along with these big players we will also get to see some of the small scale manufacturers to showcase their versions of Windows 8 tablets. One such small scale manufacturing company is Kupa, who will be showing their Windows 8 based X11 tablet at CES 2012.

The Kupa X11 is available in three different versions. The 64 GB WiFi only version sells for $699 while the 64 GB version with both WiFi and 3G sells for $799. Finally the 128 GB version with both WiFi and 3G sells for $969.

Kupa X11 Windows 8 Tablet at CES

The tablet would be featuring a 1.5 Ghz Intel Oak Trail processor, the Kupa X11 is currently available on Windows 7 professional but has been deemed ‘Windows 8 ready‘ which means when the software arrives the X11 will be good to go. The Kupa decision of showing Windows 8 on the X11 Tablet at CES would be a wise cloud of marketing, to attract the Windows 8 enthusiasts before the actual time.

The gadget comprehends a 10.1 inch screen offering up a resolution of 1366×768 and X11 is offering up a 10 hour battery life and 2GB of RAM to make sure it can multi-task pristinely without a hitch.

Moreover, the Kupa X11 Windows 8 Tablet will come with a pen and also a 3G slot letting you connect the X11 to a network of your choice.

More to come ahead, so keep tuned us for more CES 2012 updates.