KUPA X11 Windows 7 Tablet PC – Imperial Features and Specifications

Kupa, the leading US gadgets manufacturing company recently launched their latest Windows 7 tablet followed by the name KUPA X11 Tablet PC. Kupa X11 is considered as the next generation Windows based Tablet PC with multiple attractive features and stylish designs. The Kupa X11 offers much long lasting battery life which allows you to stay connected till eternity with your close ones.

Some of the grandiose features and specifications which one cannot find in any other Tablet PC’s at present are listed below:


The Kupa X11 has been textured into following dimensions measuring Height: 0.58 inch (14.8 mm), Length: 10.71 inch (272 mm), Width: 7.32 inch (186 mm) and weighs 2.04 lb (920 g)


The front is packed with a 10.1″ LED backlight and offers 1366 by 768 (16:9) WXGA Resolution. The Tablet embeds a lavishing touch screen with its unique features like Multi-finger touch sensitive and high resolution. With this astonishing multi-finger touch sensitive screen, X11 is capable of recognizing more than one finger touch from you at a time. On its screen new chassis your fingers flow smoothly and on its huge screen the pictures and videos look great.

The screen also offers Ambient Light Sensor which using its senses automatically adjusts the brightness of the depending on the level of available light in user’s environment

Input Device

Using Digital Pen Input device you can now put your thousand of thoughts; imaginations like as if writing with a real pen on a paper. It uses Digital stylus an Electromagnetic based input offering pin-point accuracy (<0.1mm error) and presssure sensitive (1024 levels) input. You can also share, modify, or print digitally your self-created stuff once you complete them.

Latest Intel Mobile Processor Technology

One of the impressive Kupa X11 features is that it entails latest mobile processor technology by Intel – Intergated GPU and hyperthreaded CPU. The new Kupa is housed with Intel Oaktrail 1.5 GHz . With the latest mobile processor technology it delivers accelerated 3D graphics and smooth 1080P video decoding. It is expected that  X11 will be able to satisfy all your graphic demands for work and play with extended battery life.

Durable Battery Life

What better can be developed than an X11 Tablet that is offering 30 days stand by battery life along with 10+ hours continuous operation. The Kupa X11 is powered by 52Wh lithium-ion polymer battery offering 10 hours continuous operation on a single full charge and supplies the power of 100-240V AC 50/60Hz 1.0A Max.

Response Instantly

X11 response instantly when asked to wake up from sleep and the amazing talk is that it wakes up in just 2 seconds as it is laden with SSD and optimized hardware parts.

Compact and Sleek

It is hard to believe that all these unique features have been crammed in such a light weighted and compact device.

Safe To Be Connected With The World

Prevention is better than cure, and thus the Kupa is packed with all the required widgets to keep you safe from the unauthorized uses in case if connected to the world. It uses two security threads to keep you, your data safe namely fingerprint scanner and the TPM data encryption module that are supported in Windows 7 Professional.

Dual Cameras

It’s not a big deal today to have a Tablet PC with dual cameras but delivering so lively images and videos is really a difficult task for other gadgets. It features a 2 Megapixels front camera and a 3/5 Megapixels rear camera depending on the type of the model.

Stay Connected Till Eternity

The Kupa X11 is capable to connect with both Wifi, and 3G networks. With its supersonically high speed USB port, user can further enhance X11 networking capability with additional peripheral.

Operating System

To complement X11 unique features Kupa embedded with Windows 7 Professional. Windows 7 Professional offers user unsurpassed software compatibility such as the “Windows XP mode” and enterprise features like “Group Policy controls” and “Network Backup”.

Graphic Chip

The X11 supports the following graphics chipsets:

  • Intel GMA 600: Supports OpenGL 2.1, OpenVG 1.0, Directx 9.L
  • Hardware Video Decoding: 1080P30 Frames/S HD decoding
  • Hardware Video Encoding: 720P30 H.264 BP@L3 Encode, MPEG4 Encode and H.263 Video Conferencing Codec
  • Hardware Video Codec Support: H.264 (MP/HP 4.0/4.1), DivX, MPEG4, MPEG2, VC1, WMV9.

To sum up, the X11 is the perfect gadget for those who needs entertainment and work both on the go without any hassle of carrying the device. To buy this great Tablet you can click on the

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