Latest version Facebook for Windows Phone app is now available to download

Few days ago, I reported that Facebook developers are going to update the Facebook for Windows Phone app soon. Well the time has come; Facebook has released the latest version of their Windows Phone app v2.5 in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

The app is now available to download from the marketplace or you will receive an update notification if you are already using the earlier version of Facebook app.

The new version brings a lot of awaited features in the app. Here is the list of all newly introduced features of Facebook app:

  • You can now do full Facebook threaded messaging including group messaging using the app.
  • You can now tag friends and locations in your posts in the ‘with’ and ‘at’ format.
  • You can delete posts and comments from your wall by using the tap and hold context menu
  • You can now tap on links in posts to go directly to the content. The links now works as active links in the posts.
  • The photo comments and likes page has been updated to match the posts comments and likes page. You can see a hint of the image at the top of the page, pull down and you can see the whole thing.
  • The ability to ‘Like’ comments has been now added in the app.

Download the app from Windows Phone Marketplace and enjoy the newly added features today!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Satyam Active Mode

    May 24, 2012 at 11:48 PM

    still its useless, because live update works like offline update……..

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