Microsoft in 2011 – A Year in Review


As 2011 draws, it’s time to quickly review the year that’s been. In this article I’m going to review the highs and lows of Microsoft for the complete 2011 year.

The year began with the grand CES 2011 show, where Microsoft revealed its future development plans in its technology and rolled out plethora of new devices oscillating from several new Windows form factors, to a new surface device, to new avatar capabilities on Xbox, to a new multi-touch mouse.

In 2011, Microsoft showed many developments revealed in the various events starting from the release of Microsoft Office 365, Windows 8 Developers Preview, then the release of Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango”,  and Microsoft Touch Mouse.

Well, overall the year 2011, has been a very good year with the significant releases made by Microsoft. Below you can see the major hits of 2011 by Microsoft:

1. Microsoft office 365

On June 28th, Microsoft released the most anticipated product of the year, Microsoft Office 365, an online productivity suite. After its release, recently, Microsoft also provided some major updates in the Office 365. Some of the new highlights that the users can experience using Office 365 are; it now provides Support for SharePoint Business Connectivity Service, provides Windows Phone 7.5 support, Self-Serve Password Reset and offers Office Web App Preview in Outlook Web Access (OWA).

Microsoft Office 365

2. Windows 8 Developers Preview

On 13th September, Microsoft unveiled the Developer Preview, at the Build Conference and as there were some concerns related to the Metro UI, the new OS has been well received. The Windows 8 Developers Preview was done with the intent to provide the opportunity to the developers to work with Windows 8’s new Metro-style user interface, and to help them learn how to create applications for the next generation of Windows, whose concept is beyond imagination.

Windows 8 Developers Preview

3. Windows Phone 7.5 [Mango Update]

On 27th September, Microsoft officially released the update for its Windows Phone 7 version. The update was released with the name Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, and the updated version offers plethora of advanced features. The new Windows Phone 7.5 is fun to use, and infinite latest apps are available at the Windows Phone MarketPlace to keep you entertained even when you are on the go.

Windows Phone 7.5 Mango

4. Microsoft Touch Mouse

Keeping a close eye on its one of the yet most successful Windows Operating system, Microsoft launched a superior multi-touch mouse for Windows, especially for Windows 7 to make its experience amazing for Windows 7 users. Using Microsoft Touch Mouse you can navigate Windows 7 like a breeze. The Microsoft’s new multi-touch mouse features natural gestures and is the best way to experience the smooth navigation over Windows 7. It allows you to easily switch between the tasks, very user-friendly, reduces the time in getting things done, and also uses the gestures to quickly scroll and pan, navigate, and manipulate content.

Microsoft Touch Mouse

As the countdown has begun for 2011 end to welcome a new year, it is expected that in the coming year also we will get to see more developments in the field of technology led by the software giant, Microsoft. Though few events are expectantly lined up for 2012 like the Windows 8, Windows Tango, the Windows Phone update and the Xbox new version 720. So, be prepared for more innovative hits by Microsoft.

It seems Microsoft always keep some news in its secret box and reveals on the right time only. Recently, Microsoft revealed that after 2012 CES show, they will no more appear and participate in the CES show.

To wrap up, as Microsoft did a great job in the 2011 year, here’s a big round of applause for the entire Microsoft team and wishing a very Happy New Year and Good Luck to make a blasting Windows 8 launch.