Microsoft Cloud Storage OneDrive offers Reliable Data Storage, Access, and Sharing Features

Today, people carry Smartphones and Tablets to fulfill their communication and data sharing needs, which they can fulfill easily as well as efficiently through these devices on the go. Based upon the formal needs to fulfill data storage and sharing needs, large amount of disk space is required. However, these devices have limited storage space, which for data sharing has to be hooked up to the fellow computer, Smartphone, or tablet. To overcome these constraints, consumers and developers have turned to a better mode of data access and sharing, namely cloud storage, which various email service providers, viz. Microsoft, Google, etc. offer free of cost.

Added to the list of Microsoft’s online and offline services, SkyDrive (Now known as OneDrive) now has reached within your personal computer, facilitating free data (i.e. photos, documents, and more) storage up to 7GB right from your desktop. In fact, you can read/write access your data stored on this cloud at any computer, Smartphone, or tablet across the world, without any need for a USB flash drive or data cable.

OneDrive lets you share your photos and documents with your friends by adding a link in the email message, by posting them to a social network (such as Facebook, Twitter, and more), or sharing them on your personal blog. Additionally, OneDrive access is also available right from the desktop of your PC or Mac by simply installing the OneDrive desktop app, which indeed is pre-installed in Windows 8.1.

OneDrive in Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 and RT 8.1 upgrades along with several bug fixed and many new features offer enhanced support to Microsoft’s cloud storage service called OneDrive. In fact, Windows 8.1 users can access their data stored on the OneDrive both online and offline, which indeed is irrespective of the Internet connectivity. In other words, users can read/write access their SkyDrive data just as they do it on a local folder. Whenever the Internet connectivity is available again, the overall changes are synced with the online data without bothering the users.


OneDrive for Computers

OneDrive app is also available as a free download for the ones who use operating systems (earlier versions of Windows or a Mac) other that Windows 8.1. Once you download and install OneDrive desktop app on your computer, it creates a SkyDrive folder on the desktop that automatically syncs with your SkyDrive account. Each file added to this folder with the Internet connectivity available is accessible on all computers having SkyDrive access with your SkyDrive login credentials.

The same login credentials also work on OneDrive app installed on your Smartphone (i.e. Windows, Android, or iOS) and let you access data. Besides, let us discuss how to access OneDrive on Computers:

  1. Adding Files to OneDrive: Adding files to OneDrive is quite simple and quick. Simply drag the files (either individually or together) you want to upload and drop them into the SkyDrive folder created on your desktop. The green check mark on each folder shown in the snapshot confirms that it has been uploaded successfully.
  1. Based upon your requirements and data privacy, you can sync all or selected folders of the OneDrive with your computer. To change sync settings, right-click the OneDrive launcher in the notification bar (in bottom right corner) and choose settings.
  1. Checking the ‘Let me use OneDrive to fetch any of my files on this PC’ check box enable you fetch the required files from your PC (not the one you are currently using) with the Internet connectivity to the one you are currently using, no matter if those files are available of SkyDrive on not.

OneDrive on the Web

As I already mentioned, OneDrive is a cloud storage service from Microsoft for its email service users, and it provides 7GB free space. SkyDrive is advanced data storage, access, and sharing service, which makes you data accessible on any computer, tablet, or a Smartphone connected to the Internet.

Since all your data stored on OneDrive is available online, you can share it with your friends on various social networks by going to SkyDrive online. Thus, anytime you need to share your photos, documents, or other data available on OneDrive, simply log in to and send a download link via email.

Once you log in to you OneDrive account, you can see all your files (i.e. photos, documents, and more) with just one click. Let us see how:

  • Click ‘Files’ in the left pane to display all files at the right.
  • Click ‘Recent docs’ to display all recently read/write accessed docs.
  • Likewise, click ‘All photos’ to display all the photos uploaded to OneDrive.
  • Click ‘Shared’ to display all items that you have exchanged (Sent and Received) with your friends.

As you can see in the screenshot above, OneDrive lets you create different types of documents online, which by default are saved to your OneDrive account. Once the required document is created, you can share it right from the create document page.

Sharing Files from OneDrive

OneDrive lets you share your files (i.e. photos and documents) with the people you want to. To receive the files you shared with a particular user, he does not have to create a SkyDrive account or sign in with his existing one. In fact, he needs only a web browser. Let us see how you can share files with someone:

  • Go to Login with your OneDrive credentials
  • Upload the file (Max 2 GB in size) you want to share on your OneDrive.
  • Click (or Tap) to check the check box in the upper right corner of the file to be shared, and then click or tap Share at the top.

Another way to share a file from OneDrive is to embed the file into your blog or email, in the following manner:

  1. Select the file on OneDrive, and then choose ‘Embed’.
  2. Click Generate and a link to the file is generated as shown below:
  1. Then copy the link and paste it in your blog or email, and then send it.

To download the shared file, simply click the link and it will be downloaded itself. All these services provided by OneDrive makes it quite usable. If required, you can purchase more space as well.

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