Microsoft to preview Windows Phone 8 Apollo on June 20th

Microsoft is going to preview the next version of its mobile operating system, Window Phone 8, code-named as Apollo on 20th of this month.

The month of June is all set to be filled with the goodness of mobile operating systems. In less than a week, at Worldwide Developers Conference 2012, Apple will reveal the details of next version of its flagship mobile operating system, iOS 6. And then at the end of the month Google will show off the next version of Android operating system at Google I/O event.

Microsoft is holding the Windows Phone Summit in-between the event of Apple and Google. It seems like Microsoft is ready to go head to head with its biggest competitors in the mobile OS market.

Invitations have now begun to circulate, and happily it’s going to give us “a sneak peek of the future of Windows Phone.”

According to the leaked details of Windows Phone 8 Apollo, the OS has been completely rewritten, improving on many of the strict hardware restrictions Microsoft imposed on early Windows Phones.

This could include support for higher screen resolutions, dual-core and possibly quad-core processors, user-expandable memory and NFC. Additionally, Skype may be integrated into the OS, and Windows Phone 8 could bring about the demise of Microsoft’s Zune software.

There is no official word from Microsoft officials on Windows Phone 8 supporting the old Windows Phone Mango devices but certainly the mystery will be cleared at the event.

Many of the analysts is seeing it as bold move by Microsoft, as the new iPhone is surely coming later this year and Google is also planning to start an online store to streamline the purchase of Android devices and apps by the month of October of this year. And if Microsoft will fail to impress the market, this could be the death of the Windows Phone OS.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Windows Tablet Reviews

    June 12, 2012 at 9:54 PM

    Good to see Microsoft isn’t shying away from its competition. If it wants to make any sort of dent in the tablet market then it’s going to have to hit Apple and Google hard. Looking forward to June 20th!

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