Microsoft’s records 1 Million Users

“One million people have signed up for a new, modern email experience at Thanks!”@Outlook tweeted. Following were the experience tweets by thousands of users who switched sooner to the Outlook service the same day.

The update came as one of the biggest news just after almost six hours of the release of Microsoft’s latest E Mail version, Outlook-which gives you a chance to link all your Email IDs at one place. The email service features a clean design, integration with Word, Excel and PowerPoint, a new photo viewer, Skype calls inside the inbox and the ability to pull contacts from Facebook and LinkedIn. The service will replace Hotmail.

Microsoft said Tuesday that it “realized that we needed to take a bold step, break from the past and build you a brand new service from the ground up.” is a “modern email designed for the next billion mailboxes.” doesn’t have anything directly comparable to Gmail’s priority inbox.  Broadly, Gmail has a much greater number of compelling features, thanks mostly to Gmail Labs, which lets users install mail filters and webmail apps.  The question here is, will Microsoft be able to replace the already existing customer count of GMail? As per reports, GMail has 425 Million active users till date. Outlook has a lot of little things going for it, like the ability to attach large files that exceed 25 MB, or easily filter out newsletters and other inbox clutter. But one of the best selling points is the ability to easily forward your Gmail account’s inbox to with a few simple clicks. In other words: You can use Outlook’s interface with your Gmail address.

Bottomline: “Microsoft has made all options available to make users, ditch Gmail for”. The future of seems bright enough to generate a revolutionary change in the mailing experience of the users.

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