Nokia might catch Glare of Publicity with Lumia 900 aka Ace at CES 2012


Microsoft and Nokia have surely arrived with the Nokia Lumia devices. But if you thought this was it, then maybe you are wrong for these two giants have plans to step up the pace with a new mysterious Windows Phone device appearing now and then, rumored to be the Nokia Ace aka Nokia Lumia 900. Yes, immediately after the Nokia Lumia 800 launch, there were unconfirmed reports of a Nokia Lumia 900 arriving on the horizon (a glimpse of it was first visible on a Christmas card distributed by a Microsoft Partner executive).

After a few days, it’s rumored specifications were out (though not officially) with a front camera sitting right above the screen, making up for the Lumia devices which do not support video calling.

Windows Phone Nokia lumia 900

To be sold out through mobile plans of AT&T in the U.S, the Nokia Ace device is all set to feature as a ‘hero’ device of AT&T, which will promote the device in its advertising campaign through its retail channels and direct store associates to push the device within store. A huge amount of $200 million is expected to be thrown around by Microsoft, Nokia and AT&T as a part of promoting the Nokia Ace device.

Nokia Lumia 900/ Lumia Ace Specs

Against a 3.7 inch touchscreen for the Lumia 800, the Nokia Ace will have a 4.3 inch WVGA display. It weighs around 160 grams against 142 grams of the Nokia Lumia 800. It runs on an 1830mAh battery making it last for extending hours while the Nokia Lumia 800 sports a 1450mAh one. More details about this mysterious device are expected to roll out this Monday as Nokia takes stage at the Consumer Electronics Show 2012 at Las Vegas.

Windows Phone Nokia lumia 900

With this amount of advertising investment and promising specs, the Nokia Ace aka Nokia Lumia 900 may be the hit handset which both Nokia and Microsoft desperately need to stay in the game as Nokia CEO Stephen Elop had said “they were game for stepping up their performance, especially in relation to carriers in the US”.

Exciting times ahead!

This guest post has been contributed by senior author of, Syed Asrarullah. Thanks!