This is why Nokia Lumia 900 fails to be a Windows Phone Hero

Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone, the hardware upgraded version of Nokia Lumia 800, announced by Nokia in CES 2012 which is now available to buy at AT&T stores for $99.99, has been failed to meet the anticipation of a Windows Phone Hero of the market.

nokia lumia 900

It has expected that Nokia Lumia 900 will satisfy the requirement of a Hero Windows Phone which will stand remarkably in the market and take Windows Phone OS to next level like many Hero Android phones did for Android.

According to me it was not only the features of Android which made it World’s No.1 Mobile OS in terms of users but it’s due to some of the super cool phone came in market with Android in them. HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S 2, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note and many others which stood remarkably in the market, attracted the customers and made their reputation of being called as a Hero phone.

And even after spending millions of dollars in promotion of Nokia Lumia 900 before its launch in  US market, it failed to create a buzz and received an under whelming response from customers.

So, I read many reviews of websites, blogs and consumers on Nokia Lumia 900 to find out the reason of this fail. Here are the few reasons, according to me, which are responsible factor, why Nokia Lumia 900 is not Windows Phone Hero.

Note: A phone is called to be a HERO Phone because of its hardware, design, zero flaws, attraction capabilities, sale figures and capability to make an user change its platform and current phone.

Shipped with a Software issue/bug

Soon after Nokia and AT&T began selling this flagship device, it was identified that it has a software issue. In short, a memory management issue was discovered which in some cases, lead to loss of data connectivity. Though the issue is purely in the phone software, and is not related to either phone hardware or the network itself but it was more than enough to mark a stain on the reputation of the device.

The issue has been identified and Nokia have developed a solution for it and they are making two options available for the customers who have already bought a Nokia Lumia 900:

You will be able to update your device with the latest software via Zune on or around Monday, April 16th which will patch the software issue and your phone will start working normally again.

Or you can swap your current Lumia 900 for an updated Lumia 900 at AT&T stores. As a gesture of good will, every individual who has already purchased a Nokia Lumia 900 — or who will purchase one between now and April 21st – will receive a $100 credit to their AT&T bill from Nokia.

But sorry Nokia and Microsoft, you let your potential customers down by releasing a device in the market which was not fully tested. How can you miss this? I mean Lumia 900 is not an upgraded version of highly popular product line with high goodwill in the market like iPhones.

I remember perfectly that Apple has launched the iPhone 4 with an antenna bug in it and later on fixed it by releasing the covers for it but come on, it had the goodwill of iPhone trademark with it, so it astonished the market and it was having the whole new design as compared to its predecessors. But Lumia 900 is a copy of Lumia 800 with few hardware upgrades, now whom to blame for this blunder, Nokia or Microsoft?

Low Screen Resolution of Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia Lumia 900 is having a gigantic 4.3” screen with 800 X 480 pixel resolution. The resolution is too low if compared to the flagship phones of other manufacturers. Apple iPhone 4S have 3.5 inch screen with the resolution of 960 by 640 pixel, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Motorola Droid Razr, HTC One X all these phones have greater resolution than Lumia 900, the flagship phone of Nokia!

I know the resolution of Windows Phone can’t be increased until unless Microsoft will provide this flexibility to the manufacturers. So, no Hero Windows Phone till then!

No Dual Core or Quad Core Processors

This is 2012 and other companies are launching phones which are powered by Quad Core processors whereas Nokia Lumia 900 is powered by 1.4 GHz single core Qualcomm processor only. A single core processor, forget about Quad core not even a dual core processor in it. How can you expect it to perform like a Hero?

Limited Internal Storage and No Memory Expansion Slot

Nokia Lumia 900 is currently available in 16 GB variant only and you even can’t expand the memory using any micro SD cards. Android phone comes with an option of expanding memory using memory cards and Apple iPhone 4S have 32 and 64 GB variants as well. It’s totally out of my understanding, why Nokia Luima 900 is not available in 32GB variant.

So, a phone with low hardware specs can’t be a Hero Phone. It is not able to attract customer wildly and the reason of bad sales in the market. HTC Titan II is even more powerful than Nokia Lumia 900; it’s just another Windows Phone, nothing more!

And the wait for a Windows Phone Hero is still on…

Buy Nokia Lumia 900 from for $49.99


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9 thoughts on “This is why Nokia Lumia 900 fails to be a Windows Phone Hero

    1. Hi Ramesh,

      Yes, I agree with you that Lumia phones are true Windows Phone but still they are not so appealing to be a Hero Phone. 

      I have mentioned what I mean from a HERO phone. Please check, and Lumia 900 lacks in several areas… 

  1. if that is what you meant by HERO phone then there isn’t one out there on any mobile platform, as there will always be at least one flaw in each device. That alone renders your ‘essay’ redundant and out-of-point. although as far as HERO goes, how can you judge what makes a phone a HERO when it is limited by the OS itself? the reso, memory card slot and single core processor are all limited by the OS. so in terms of device using a particular OS, it is as HERO as it can be. and with the lack of facts regarding sales numbers, customer reactions and many more, you created a heavily biased storey with little to no depth. so being a TRUE windows phone, it is as close as a HERO phone a windows phone can get as of now.

    1. Hi Hafizan,

      Well a Hero can’t be Hero is every area and that’s why I mentioned Windows Phone Hero, not Smartphone Hero.

      Though the limitations are by OS but what if when the new updates will come later on? You can’t upgrade your hardware… you can’t replace the processor or add a memory car slot option in it…

      And as per my knowledge, Samsung Galaxy S2 and Apple iPhone 4S have no reported flaws in them till now.

      No doubt that Lumia 900 is a true Windows Phone but its not a Windows Phone Hero… 🙂

      We all know that Lumia 900 is the best Windows Phone but tell me will it be able to convince the iPhone 4S owner or Galaxy S 2 owner? No, it won’t be able to do so… Please understand the real meaning of a HERO Phone first 🙂

  2. well  i read ur review its truly one side before its use really nokia lumia 900 you said about single core processors well i see lot of htc and smasumg are dual core on android its working quite slow then nokia lumia 900 memory is not issue its can be extend in feature model its look like nitin not like nokia other wise when i phone 3 or even iphone 4 come  then need to change soon 3s and 4s coz and both have hard ware change and i phone also available in 16g memory so wait nokia can expend it when OS give it chance   lets talk about samsung galaxy S 2 if you take in hand its look if its fall it will be broken all plastic metrical so its also week as body wise so why you say samsung galaxy s2 is hero phone

  3. Jesus, what a stupid and inaccurate article from another insipid fanboy. Let me explain a few basic facts fanboy.

    1. You say the Lumia 900 has bad sales. If that’s the case, can you please explain to me why it’s sold out at many AT&T and Best Buy stores, as well as Amazon. Don’t believe that, then Google it. Here, let me help you out.

    Try doing a bit of research next time, or you can continue to look like the clueless fanboy I know you to be.

    2. You say it’s not dual core. Who gives a damn except idiotic fanboys on the internet. Here’s a clue. Windows Phone is faster and far smoother than Android on a single core processor and half the ram. Hell, Android still lags on the best hardware. That means despite being a single core, the Lumia 900 is faster and smoother than the One X, which is nothing more than a knockoff of the Lumia design. HTC sucks at design, so they figured they should rip off Nokia.

    3. Limited storage might be your only legitimate complaint. However, 16GB is more than enough for the vast majority of users.

    4. This might have been a legitimate complaint if Nokia hadn’t remedied that situation very quickly, a mere day or two after the phone launched.

    You can remove your foot from your mouth now.

  4.  “My idea of the Lumia 900 would have had a Quad processor, 4.3 inch
    screen at highest level available, Memory card slot, 4G, Better sound
    (800’s is poor), LED to indicate call/sms/email or FB post, front facing
    camera (1Mp+ even though only a few might use it) and think the Zune
    software needs looking at, as me and others I know just find some things
    orkward to use.”

    LOL! Can you please show me a phone with anything more than 1 GB of RAM, and you’re asking for 4 GB? Are you delusional? That’s not going to happen anytime soon, if ever. A phone shouldn’t need 2 GB, much less 4GB. As for quad core phones, how many phones have a quad core processor? Very few do in fact. It’s an extreme rarity, and nVidia’s quad core CPU is not all that great. The Lumia 900 already has a front facing camera. As for Zune, the only problem with Zune is it’s not available in enough markets. Microsoft failed to market, promote, or make Zune available worldwide. But it’s easy and pleasant to use, far better than iTunes.

  5. I have to agree with Ramesh. The Lumia 900 is an awesome phone even though I did have the data issue for a few days. It looks great. Apps run great in it and it has what I want which is “glance and go”.  It takes fast pictures and all the apps I need are there. I have my wants but all I need is there.
    I cannot stress this enough that for a young OS, its pretty dang dynamic. Most of you android “trained” types are some of the most myopic bloggers I’ve seen in a while.  Somehow you forget Google’s first phone and the few that followed with how whack it stacked up against IOS.  IMO, it still doesn’t match IOS.  4.0 is good but there is something “mechanical” in how it functions. 
    But I digress.
    Microsoft is doing it right. If it isn’t ready, don’t launch it. We suffer in silence while they make this OS something we can be proud of owning while keeping costs low.

    One other thing Nitin, these apps are TINY. You see what I’m saying? TINY! with a capital T. There is no need for any phone to use more than a single core to run Facebook, twitter, Angry Birds, netflix or any of the commonly used apps on the market.  My Nokia Lumia 900 is fast nor does it lag. We have a saying “the grass is always greener on the other side”.  Until you find that in order for THOSE phones to play Angry Birds equal to how IOS and Windows Phone does it, you quickly see the difference between an advertising agency and a software company .  Wait, I can. 🙂


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