Nokia Windows Phone 8 images leaked on web


The Sina weibo(Chinese website considered as “Twitter”), witnessed the leak of some pictures of a Nokia Windows Phone 8 prototype which allegedly seems to be running on Windows OS 7.8 or Windows 8.

Nothing has been declared about the images yet and we they don’t seem true either. The images surely have created a havoc, hitting thousands of clicks besides, the device neither have the new W8 & Windows Logo on it.

As per the images, it looks like a bright yellow Lumia 800 or 900 hidden inside a black bumper case. Except for the fact that neither Lumia 800 or 900 has a publicly available yellow flavor.

The display of the device showcases the new Windows Phone titles, however that is not clear cut give away for a Windows Phone 8 device as new tile sizes will also be applicable to the current generation Windows Phone Mango handsets. However, when one takes a closer look it becomes pretty apparent that the device features a large display in excess of 4-inches, like the Lumia 900, and plus it does not feature a curved glass panel like the Lumia 800 or the N9, so it could just turn out to be a variant of the Lumia 900 in a different color.

It could be noted that the device has a tiny line at the bottom saying “”. Clearly this is some sort of prototype device leaked out of Nokia. We can not negotiate the fact completely that it might be a Windows OS7.8 device with the same logo as OS 7. Rumors does follow one another, lets hope to see some more images of the upcoming device soon.

Image source: WPCentral.

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