The Options you have for Upgrade from Windows XP

‘Microsoft has cut off support and security updates for Windows XP on April 8, 2014. Is this the last day for this most loved Windows version in the history of Microsoft? Will the users find an equivalent platform and be able to forget Windows XP – the OS, with which they started using the computer? Things will change undoubtedly, but nobody is sure about what these will lead to. Users, incidentally, have multiple picks; however, one must go for an OS that best suites his needs.’

The intricacy of deciding on which one to go for increases with the number of alternatives you have in front of you to pick out of. Well, the same is applicable for Windows XP users who will have to migrate to another platform, as Microsoft will no longer provide support and security updated to all such users from April 8 onwards.

Windows XP upgrade options

Windows XP is going to R.I.P

Looking back at the days when Windows XP used to be the only operating system people would like to go for. Things were damn easy just like that. It did not require users to have special skills to operate it in an appropriate manner. Luckily, the period (i.e. the lifetime of Windows XP) has been very long and it is still preferred in corporate world, e.g. software testing, backup machines, servers, and more. This marks the significance of this ‘so-called’ obsolete Windows operating system and nobody can ever deny of the contribution of the particular OS in the lives of individuals as well.

After Windows XP

Since there will be no support and further security updates for Windows XP after April 8, 2014, you must make a mindset for upgrade to a newer version that can be any of Windows 8.1, Windows 7, or probably you no longer want to stick to Microsoft’s Windows series of operating systems and go for Macintosh. Let us see the alternatives you have at present:

Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1, as you know, is the most recent version of operating systems in the series of Windows and Microsoft certainly wants every single Windows XP user to upgrade to this version. If you want to check what Microsoft got for you apart from Windows 8.1, you can visit here. Well, the site detects your XP based machine and suggests you upgrading to Windows 8.1 or purchasing a newer Windows 8.1 based machine.

Upgrading to Windows 8.1 requires nothing more than the common system configuration, i.e. 1 GHz Processor, 1 GB of RAM (for 16-bit) or 2 GB of RAM (for 32-bit) OS, and 16 GB (for 16-bit) or 20 GB (for 32-bit) of disk space. However, the screen resolution must be 1024×768 pixels without failure. For further information regarding Windows 8.1 installation, you can download its upgrade assistant.

Windows 7

Upgrading to a comprehensible operating system like Windows 7 instead of Windows 8.1 is more suitable for those who still use the old-school Windows XP. When it comes to reliability and ease of usage, I suggest choosing Windows 7, even though Windows 8.1 is much faster, safer, and apart from that, is the latest platform.

Upgrading to Windows 7 is more or less similar in usage to that of Windows XP. The only difference the user will come across is the graphics, while the same desktop and things like recycle bin, user profile and more are also available in Windows 7.

Well, it has been 12 long years and Windows XP is still surviving in the market. In fact, the operating system is pretty much in use in corporate and why not? The newer versions are not suitable for business purposes. They are not that user-friendly and productive for business requirements, but they are perfect for individuals for social blogging, watching movies, listening to music and other stuff. These are the grounds for Windows XP to survive for over a decade being the most comprehensible operating system.


Migrating from Windows to Macintosh is a great idea indeed and is in your favor from every single aspect. This makes me recommend going for Mac OS X along with all your data. However, people generally do not take such a big step and upgrade to a recent version instead in order to manage the cost factor.

Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks, the most recent version, is undoubtedly even more secure than any version of Windows operating systems. Upgrading to Mac gives you the power to manage the hard drive on your own with the inbuilt disk management tool called Disk Utility. Apart from that, using Mac OS X is an amazing experience in its own. The incomparable processing, eye-pleasing graphics, high data security and many other features make Mac OS X an excellent computer operating system.

The Bottom Line

While you make a mindset to upgrade from Windows XP, the biggest and the essential part you must not forget is your data. Therefore, upgrade to an OS that is the most secure and that requires you to pay an amount within your budget.

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