How to get Windows Phone Metro UI on iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4G


Many gadget lovers and phone users wants to enjoy the Windows Phone 7 metro UI, but due to the official unavailability of WP7 devices in India they can’t. As there are many people who have Apple ‘i’ series products with. So, here’s a special tutorial that will guide you to port Windows Phone 7 UI on your iPhone 4/iPod Touch 4G.

Note: This is Retinoid Theme, non-retina display supported devices (iPhone 3G / 3GS, iPod Touch 2G / 3G) won’t support this theme.

You will need the following tools and utilities:

  1. Jailbreaked iPhone/iPod Touch
  2. OpenSSH (Cydia Tweak) – Get it from Cydia
  3. iFunBox – Get it from here.
  4. Winterboard (Cydia Application) – Get it from Cydia
  5. Iconoclasm (Cydia Application) – Get it from Cydia
  6. Infiniboard (Cydia Tweak) – Get it from Cydia
  7. Windows Phone 7 HD  Theme by *Li-ion* – Get it from here:

Once all the tools and utilities will be ready. we are now ready to start the process:

1. Download the Windows Phone 7 HD theme from [Note: There are two downloads i.e. the original theme and an Add-on to it, download both the files]and extract the RAR archive File and place both of them in the same folder.


  • Make sure you have “OpenSSH” installed on your device, if not “Go to Cydia > Search > Type “OpenSSH” and install it.
  • You must have “Winterb0ard” installed on your device, if not “Go to Cydia > Search > Type “Winterb0ard” and install it.
  • You must have “Iconoclasm” installed on your device, if not “Go to Cydia > Search > Type “Iconoclasm” and install it.
  • Also you must have “Infiniboard” installed on your device, if not “Go to Cydia > Search > Type “Infiniboard” and install it.

2. Now install iFunBox which you have downloaded. Now, connect your iPhone 4/iPod to your PC using 30 pin Dock connector and run “iFunBox” application.


  • Now, navigate to: Raw File System on the left.


  • Then go to: Library\Themes


  • Drag n drop the downloaded Theme Folders (The Windows Phone Experience & Windows Phone 7 Add-On 1) into the Themes folder on the Device. (It will copy the theme by itself)


  • Now, in iFunBox, Navigate to: Raw File System on the left.


  • Then go to: Library\Iconoclasm\Layouts and drag and drop the “Iconoclasm layout for Windows Phone.plist” & “._Iconoclasm layout for Windows Phone.plist” files from “The Windows Phone Experience” folder (Which you have downloaded)


  • Disconnect the Device from PC.

3. Now from iPhone/iPod: Go to Settings > Winterb0ard > Select Themes > Then Select Windows Phone 7 Add-On & Windows Phone 7 Series

clip_image013 clip_image015

  • Return Back to Winterboard and Select Respring


  • The Theme will LOAD but will be messed up Like this,


  • Now Go to Settings > Iconoclasm > Layout > Then Select “Iconoclasm layout for Windows Phone”


  • Return Back to Iconoclasm and Select Enable Iconoclasm “On”


  • Now Go to Settings > Infiniboard > The select Vertical Scrolling “On”


  • Still icons will be messed up, now in order to get the icons in order arrange the icons accordingly such that,
  1. Call
  2. Message
  3. Mail
  4. Contacts
  5. Photos
  6. Safari
  7. Game Center

Yes, you are now done – the final screen will be look like this:


Thanks to our reader Varad Choudhari for writing this tutorial for us.

Nitin Agarwal is a Spritual Soul from India. He is a Windows and Windows Phone Expert and Blogger by birth. He has been awarded as Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for three times by Microsoft in Windows Expert category. People often calls him a Geek, techie, gadget freak and A Crazy Heart because of his passion towards doing things differently. Immensly inspired from Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and APJ Abdul Kalam.

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  1. can and if so when can we do this to iphone 3g? is there any other way to do it for the 3g? there’s currently a theme out but its not the same as this, no push notifications or anything….anyway to do this on the 3G???


    An update for WP7 is coming soon, hopefully bridging the gap with the iPhone with the addition of multitasking and copy paste.

    Right now the platform has serious bugs like the Marketplace application crashing all the time, Windows style (need to reboot to get it back on) and app updates don’t work for apps in trial.

    Too bad MSFT is only pushing rare bulk updated and not providing maintenance releases.

    More comparison with the iPhone and WP7 shortcomings (and critical bugs…):


  3. Will this interface be be visible when using certain apps? For instance when texting, will it be like texting on a windows phone UI or the same boring iPhone interface?

  4. i have all the thing already and i had followed all the steps~ but the Icon in my Iphone 4 is not changing~ zzz~

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