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As we are getting close day by day to the release of Windows 8 beta, Windows 8 has been into talks very much these days. Though till now, almost every feature of Windows 8 has been discussed here among us, one essential tool of Windows 8 is still left to be written here.

I’m talking about two new toolsavailable in Windows 8 Control Panel. In Windows 8 Control Panel, under System and Security are two new tools, Refresh and Reset. The Refresh tool allows to completely re-store Windows 8 Developer Preview to its original state including all your files. The Reset tool is very useful if you are disposing of your computer as it eradicates your files and applications.


Metro Controller is a useful tool that enables you to disable unwanted Metro features in Windows 8. With the use of Metro Controller tool you can take some of the perplexity out of Windows 8. In case if you are friendly with the touch screens of Metro UI and looking forward to disable it, then Metro Controller is probably the best freeware portable app that allows you to disable Windows 8 explorer’s Ribbon UI and Metro UI without needing registry hacks or manual DLL renaming.

Metro Controller

MetroController Features:

  • Disable all new features in windows 8 like Ribbon Explorer, Lock Screen , Metro Start Screen etc..
  • Disables only metro features but keeps the Ribbon Explorer

You can also re-enable all the new features, the Metro stuff including Explorer’s ribbon UI using MetroController.

Restoring Windows 8 Developer Preview

No matter if you have disabled the Metro Style UI, as there are two options available in the Windows 8 Control Panel, Refresh and Reset. Windows 8 features both Refresh and Reset both the features. The “Reset” option is almost same as the “Return your computer to factory condition” option in previous Windows version Windows 7.

To access these options, you need to open the Control Panel and scroll down to More Settings.

Restoring Windows 8 Developers Preview

To access refresh option, when the Control Panel opens up, select System and Security followed by Restore your computer to an earlier time and then Refresh.


Refresh is a very useful tool that allows you to bring everything to the state in which it was. Eventually, not everything as all installed applications and settings outside the original Windows 8 installation are lost. This is the best way for getting things back to normal.

Removed Apps List

After refreshing the installation of Windows 8 and restarting the computer, Windows 8 will display an Internet Explorer icon on the Desktop showing the Removed Apps. This can be of very use, as it provides the essential list to you when you decide to re-install your favorite missing applications.

Removed Apps

Download MetroController.

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