Lost Your Data or Partitions? Now Get It Back Using Hetman Recovery Software


A good day might eventually turn into a bad day when you accidentally lost or deleted an important partition of your hard drive. Losing an entire partition would be a real pain which often compromises losing your GBs of important data that you’ve invested over weeks or months on it. Fortunately, we are living in the age where nothing seems impossible and so as recovering of your useful data from such painful situations.

There are number of recovery utilities available in the market which claims to recover almost any type of lost data or partitions. Hetman partition recovery is one such useful utility that repairs damaged or corrupt hard drive partitions and makes you able to recover data in hassle free manner. You may have probably heard about such recovery tools before, but Hetman recovery tool works quite different and provides extra level of data recovery benefits. It ensures easy operability for basic as well as advanced users.

Through this tool, you can easily recover lost or deleted partitions; all the deleted content with their actual file names and attributes, severely damaged or virus infected files will also get scanned and recovered easily. Wizard based recovery interfaces make this software perfectly suitable for beginners and it’s Windows explorer like secondary interfaces will easily lets you explore through installed hard drive partitions.


Get this software from manufacturer website and install it on any latest Windows PC including Windows 8, Windows 7/ Vista/ XP etc. Make sure that you’ve enough hard drive space available to install and perform complete scanning of the problem drive. Also, prefer not to install this application on the drive containing deleted copy of documents.




Software performs in quite similar fashion as other software. Double click on the application icon located at the desktop and enter password if required for authentication purpose.  A pop up window will open and requires you to follow the on screen steps to choose problem drive and begin scanning it.

Wizard Recovery


Software can perform fast as well as full system scan to recover data from internal or any externally attached storage media devices.  Fast scan option is helpful to reclaim recently deleted files and folders from the storage device. Whereas, full system analysis employs content aware analysis to gather missing pieces of damaged or corrupted partitions labeled with NTFS or FAT.

Recovery methods

Any time, during scan, you can stop the scanning if you’ve found the files you’re looking for. Later, you can use the ‘Recover’ button located at the top menu strip to save it onto your desired local or removable media.

Besides recovering your lost files and folders, the software is also capable in recovering entire hard drive partitions. If you can want, can select the whole hard disk to scan and find corrupted or damaged partitions as well as save them as .dsk images. When actually recovering such partitions, you can compress the content of lost partitions to save disk space or save only the desired part.

Manufacturer offers descriptive video tutorials to understand this product better and explore more hidden yet helpful features.


Real time scanning result and capability to stop scanning helps user find lost or erased files quickly, instead of waiting for over hours to complete scanning. The software unique feature to trace partitions with lost or damaged directory structures is also useful.


Demo version is free to try. Likewise, you’ll need to purchase premium license key to restore lost data or deleted partitions.

The Verdict

Software offers powerful mechanism and techniques to ensure that nothing will be overlooked. It also claims to recover files intact and perfectly in healthy state.

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