Samsung Launches Series 7 Slate Tablets Powered by Windows 7

The leading global mobiles and tablets manufacturers are daily hitting the tablet battle ground with one or the other latest Hi-Tech Tablet. Recently, at the IFA global consumer electronics trade show, Samsung showcased their latest Samsung Series 7 Slate PC. The highlights are that it has been specifically designed to provide maximum mobility and highly unconventional computing capabilities supported by Windows 7 OS.

According to the sources, Samsung Series 7 Slate PC is packed uniquely with slim texture and comprehends utterly PC capabilities running inside the hugely successful Microsoft Windows 7. Samsung has stuffed all the goodness of a full-sized laptop in an extremely portable package.

Scott Ledterman, director of mobile PC marketing at Samsung Enterprise Business Division says that, “The Samsung Series 7 Slate PC was designed for on-the-go users who need a slim, lightweight computer but can’t afford to sacrifice true PC functionality”.

Vice President of Worldwide OEM Marketing at Microsoft Corporation, Nick Parker also added “The Samsung Series 7 Slate PC is a great example of the commitment Samsung has to continued innovation with Windows”.

The new Samsung Tablet is fully laden with all the PC functionalities that brought an revolutionized arena in the Tablet era and took the experience on the new level of the innovation and provides richer experiences.

Portability and Maximum PC Power

The Series 7 Slate is best in its portability as it just weighs two pounds, not even the complete another pound with just half an inch thickness. No matter it flaunts its slim style, inside it is much more powerful than the power of two beasts as it is full-PC like featured with a 11.6-inch screen, powerful Intel Core i5 processor, a full version of Windows 7 Home Premium or Windows 7 Professional operating system and an up to 128 GB solid state hard drive, fulfilling the needs of even the most demanding power user.

Using the on-screen keyboard users can easily type quickly and navigate through the slate’s features with the highly responsive capacitive multi-touch screen, or using an electromagnetic pen can also write on your own which makes easier to take meeting notes, creating documents and reports in Microsoft Office 2010, or browse online.

The most unique Series 7 feature is FastStart technology which makes the slate to switch from a hybrid sleep mode to full functionality in two or three seconds, allowing users to quickly jump into work or play anywhere. Samsung’s Touch Interface simplifies the life by providing pristine access to applications used daily such as Social Network Integration like Facebook, Twitter, maps, and media content.

Outstanding Design

The Series 7 Slate is designed impressively with higher degree of portability which looks stunningly elegant. With its sleek, slim design it gets easily fitted in the palm and gives you comfy experience. Like portable design it also offers durable battery which goes on for seven hours ensuring all day connection for optimal productivity while on-the-go. Due to inclusion of Samsung Power Plus technology means that the Series 7 Slate battery will retain 80 percent of the original battery capacity for up to 1,500 charges – giving users a battery that works whenever and wherever they need it, even after three years of use.

This tablet looks promising and if we listen to rumors, these tablets are upgradable to the upcoming version of Windows, codenamed Windows 8 also.

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