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Stellar Phoenix Partition Recovery software is to recover lost or deleted partition(s) from a Windows-based computer with a required set of system configuration. For the ease of usage (i.e. to carry out intended partition recovery task), the software is provided with a user-friendly interface that makes it a Do-it-Yourself tool.

After installing this partition recovery software on a Windows-based computer, it allows scanning the hard drive thoroughly for accidentally deleted/lost partitions. Once it is done finding one or more lost/deleted partitions on the hard drive, it lists them along with the available partitions and facilitates scanning the partitions to search and ultimately to recover lost data.


On scanning the searched lost partitions, the software creates a folder hierarchy in the left pane of the scanned result window, which can be used to save data stored from specific folders only. Besides, the software also features watching preview of recovered items before the data recovered is saved at a user-specified location.

Key Features

Stellar Phoenix Partition Recovery software is provided with a many features that when collaborated make it a complete solution for lost/deleted partitions recovery. A few key features of the software are listed below:

  • The software is provided with user-friendly GUI that enables performing partitions recovery task easily as well as efficiently.
  • The software recovers lost/deleted FAT, exFAT, and NTFS formatted partitions from Windows based computers.
  • The software supports a range of Windows operating system, including Windows 8/7/Vista/XP.
  • The software recovers files of up to 300 file types.
  • The folder hierarchy is displayed in three different styles – ‘Classic Tree’, ‘File Type List’, and ‘Filtered Tree’.
  • The software enables saving scanned information to resume data recovery later, where the scanned information including a list of found volumes can be saved as an .img file on the computer.
  • The software supports MS Office 2010/2007/2003/2000/XP for recovery.
  • The software supports Outlook Express 5.0 and 6.0 for recovery.
  • Based on the requirements, users can add/edit file types before scanning the found deleted partitions.

Trouble free usage

  • The software is provided with user-friendly GUI that makes it easy to be used for lost/deleted partitions and ultimately for data recovery.
  • The faster and efficient scan engine of the software enables quick and efficient recovery of lost/deleted partitions and ultimately for data recovery.
  • Users can abort the scan process in between and save the scanned information to resume the recovery process later with no requirement of expertise.

The Demo Version

The software is available as a free demo version, which one can download from the developer’s site and try recovering one or more accidentally deleted or lost partition(s) from a computer that is running on a supported version of Windows operating system. In case it performs as per the expectations, user can upgrade it to the full version or directly purchase its full version.

How it Works?

In order to be able to perform intended tasks using a commercial tool, the user must have its sufficient knowledge and some practical experience with it. Besides, the software interface plays a major role at each step of the process. Well, Stellar Phoenix Partition Recovery comes with a user-friendly GUI that enables the user performing lost or deleted partition recovery task easily and in an efficient manner.

As you can see in the ‘Screenshot 2’, the ‘Select Volume to Recover Data’ window displays the volumes that are currently available on the computer. In order to recover accidentally deleted or lost volumes, click ‘Click Here to Search Lost Volumes’ option provided beneath the windows showing available partitions.

When the user clicks ‘Click Here to Search Lost Volumes’ option, a new ‘Select Hard Drive to Search Lost Volumes’ window is displayed, which when selected provides scan options (as shown in the screenshot below).


Now the software provides two options (i.e. Search Lost Volume and Raw Recovery) to scan the selected hard drive.

‘Search Lost Volume’ option is provided with ‘Select Scan Type’ options – Quick and Deep, where ‘Quick’ initiates a faster scan over the hard drive to find lost/deleted volumes and it is recommended. On the other hand, selecting ‘Deep’ as the scan option comparatively scans the hard drive slowly, but it gives better result.

‘Raw Recovery’ option initiates ‘file type based scanning’ on the complete or a selected region of the hard drive. Raw Recovery is a better recovery option and gives efficient results. Thus, the odds for recovery are also better.

Based on the size of the hard drive, the software may take a while to scan it to search the lost partitions. Once it is finished scanning the hard drive, it lists the searched volumes below the available ones. Now, the user can simply scan these volumes (individually) just like the ones that really exist.



  • Quick Recovery is the fastest scan option and is highly recommended. It lists both existing and deleted files in the scanned result.
  • Deleted Recovery option recovers deleted files and folders from the searched lost/deleted partition.
  • Advanced Recovery option enables the user both scan and recover lost data from a FAT or NTFS file system based partition.
  • Raw Recovery searches and recovers files based on their file types and size.

In the scanned result, users can preview the recovered files in a three-pane window, as shown in the snapshot below:

The check box given in front of each folder in the hierarchy enables the users go for selected items recovery. To save recovered items, click  button and choose a location on the computer.

Help and Support

The techies at Stellar Information Technology Pvt. Ltd. are available to help and support its consumers available worldwide regarding issues they come across. Users may also go through FAQs available here for relative help.

Why Stellar Phoenix Partition Recovery?

Stellar Information Technology Pvt. Ltd. ( is an award winning organization, and it has been providing data recovery software and services to computer users across the globe for over 2 decades. The organization has earned great recommendations, such as CIO CHOICE Award

for its products and services in different domains, including data recovery from Windows/Mac/Linux based computers and removable storage media (e.g. SD cards, USB flash drives, and more).

The organization also provides its services in email domain, such as migrating mailbox from one email client to another, email database converter tools, database repair/recovery, etc. For more information, visit company’s website here.

The Verdict

Stellar Phoenix Partition Recovery is a commercial partition recovery tool that scans the hard drive thoroughly for accidentally deleted/lost partitions from Windows-based computers, and then enables regaining lost data.

The software is provided with a user-friendly GUI and a faster scan engine to perform the overall tasks easily as well as in an efficient manner. Based on the software performance, I recommend using this tool for lost/deleted partitions recovery and ultimately to recover lost data.

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