Top 5 Free & Paid Online Cloud Storage Services


Online backup is pretty common these days. The moment the word “Backup” is mentioned we refer to DVD’s, External HDD’s and other media like storage tapes. The trend of offline backup is still present among us, but the problem with an offline backup is that it is prone unluckiness in our part like damage due to time or even hard disk failure. Sometimes we can even loose our backup disk which might become a big problem for us.

Losing a backup disk is a very easy task to accomplish and with increasing demand of digital copy of everything, you might even get your job at risk. Here comes the use of Cloud. Cloud services offer storage space for your data and in order to do so, you just need to upload your important files on the cloud and you are good to go. Here we have listed the top 5 Online Cloud Storage services which help you store your important data with ease without worrying about them being lost.

1. Dropbox

Dropbox is the name which comes when online storage is concerned. It feels complete with its intuitive interface and easy to use service. Once an account is made, you will see a complete storage solution.

Pros — 

  • Dedicated apps available for many platforms.
  • Very large user base

Cons —

  •  Relatively high service cost as compared to others
  • Very limited cloud storage space
  • Technical support is only available through email

2. Windows SkyDrive

Windows Live Skydrive is very popular and extremely useful cloud storage service which provides 25GB of free storage to its users. There is an option to install a desktop client but the enhanced HTML5 interface is very elegant and useful. Just open and type in your username along with your password. You can browse, delete and make folders for your files stored on the cloud. Each folder has a separate web link so sharing your files won’t prove cumbersome. You can even access your files from you PC or smartphone with a dedicated app.

Pros — 

  • Plenty of free storage 25GB which, I think is more than enough
  • Support for MS Office and Openoffice documents

Cons — 

  • If you signup now, all you will get is 7GB of storage instead of the pre-offered 25GB.
  • Storage is capped at 100GB for $50 per year


Box.NET is a clean and sleek built web storage service which although lacks the tradtitional abilites of file management comes with better storage plans. BOX.NET is best for business users which involves multiple users per account.

Pros — 

  • Good number of tools allowing you to share your files
  • Easy interface to organise your files
  • Fast website

Cons — 

  • Just lacks the traditional backup capabilities
  • No local client for easy access
  • Making folders and managing files is a cumbersome task

 4. SugarSync

SugarSync is as sweet as its name. The service is perfect of modern day user which features fast file synchronization but looks like that is use only suited for small file sizes.

Pros —

  •  Ability to easily sync existing files from PC
  • Comes with apps for every major platform

Cons — 

  • Unreliable drag and drop
  • No preview option in the browser

5. JustCloud

JustCloud comes with easy seamless integration of online storage and file sharing. You have the ability to sync all your files with JustCloud with a dedicated desktop client.

Pros —

  • Unlimited online storage
  • Free storage with no charges

Cons — 

  • Average technical support
  • Technical support is only available via email

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