Top 6 Best Windows Software for Web Designers


Web designers are artists. Some may be aspiring artists and some may have many years of experience but regardless, they all need the same things to create their visual masterpieces: tools. A painter cannot create a masterpiece without a paintbrush and the same is true for a web designer. In this case, the paint brush is excellent software. This article provides a brief overview about the top six Windows compatible software for web designers.

Microsoft Expression Web

Microsoft Expression Web is designed to be the perfect tool for both beginning web designers and experienced professionals. New developers that create and think in a visual way are able to design websites on an interface that produces a real time preview of what their work is producing on the webpage. This particular feature also reduces the length of time spent browser compatibility testing. Featuring drag-and-drop controls that include Silverlight video, Adobe Flash and more, this software is user friendly and intuitive. Users with more experience who prefer to work in code will find that Microsoft Expression Web offers flexibility with innovative support for a large range of technologies essential to creating cutting edge websites: CSS, HTML/XHTML, PHP, XML/XSLT, JavaScript, ASP.NET AJAX and ASP.NET, Silverlight, video/audio tools for webcasting and Flash and Photoshop files.

Adobe Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver by Adobe has long been a favorite of web designers due to its functionality and versatility. The latest edition offers users the Fluid Grid Layout, making it a simple matter to build an outline of a page layout which automatically adapts to various screen sizes, such as desktops, tablets, phones or laptops. This software is also useful for developing native apps for both Android and ¡OS. Ultimately, Dreamweaver is a WYSIWYG editor that can be used to write CSS, PHP, SML, HTML, Javaspript, JSP and more. It easily reads templates from popular blogging sites, such as WordPress and Drupal. This software is best suited for professional web developers but is accessible enough to be used by freelancers as well.

NetObjects Fusion XII

NetOjects Fusion XII is especially suited to beginning web designers as it provides professionally designed templates and wizards that allow users to intuitively create, manage and maintain websites. Fusion XII also appeals to more experienced users in that it includes the capabilities necessary to develop online applications at a level of sophistication that is truly impressive. One of the more attractive features that NetObjects Fusion XII includes is an SEO and Analytics package built right into the software. Not only can users efficiently build and maintain websites, but they can use the analytics applications to determine how to improve their website’s SEO and overall, general performance. Finally, NetObject offers a free version to interested users who wish to test the software out before buying.

CoffeeCup HTML Editor

CoffeeCup HTML Editor has some of the best user ratings for an all-around functional product with excellent support and low price. This HTML editor features a large variety of graphics and templates and is designed to be user friendly and simple to use. It allows users to create HTML or CSS files from the ground up or use a professionally designed template, theme or layout. One of the attractive functions that CoffeeCup HTML Editor offers is the ability to open from the web any website and use it as a starting point to develop another. This feature can also be used to edit or redesign websites. Another key attribute of CoffeeCup HTML Editor is that the software uses valid web standards, making the site accessible from different browsers while keeping it easily accessible to search engines and disabled users.

WebEasy Professional 

WebEasy Professional is specifically designed for users who do not know HTML and have no interest in learning it. This makes it ideal for small business owners that don’t have the time to invest in learning a web language or the resources to hire someone who does. This highly affordable software makes web design easily accessible to beginners by offering drag-and-drop technology, 600 professionally designed templates and SEO assistance tools. WebEasy even allows users to embed streaming videos, incorporate social media applications and embed Google Maps onto their websites.

Xara Web Designer MX Premium

Xara Web Designer Premium is WYSIWYG designer software that doesn’t require the user to know HTML, CSS or Javascript. It does, however, provide the tools needed to create websites using all of those languages. Some of the features of this software include: support for inline graphics, re-sizeable JavaScript widgets, font embedding, Chart and QR Code Widgets, enhanced presentations, media exchange and more.

Each of these websites offer the best tools for web design to users of every level of skill at an affordable price. All six of these web design software are recognized as being at the top of their industry for performance, functionality and cost.

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