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Windows 7 gets you around your PC faster than ever. The taskbar has bigger buttons and full-sized previews—and you can pin programs to it for one-click access. Jump Lists provide shortcuts to files, folders, and websites. And Snap, Peek, and Shake give you easy (and fun) new ways to juggle all those open windows.

WindowsLifeStyle is very pleased to announce its New Year giveaway. We are giving away an unused Windows 7 Ultimate Genuine License key worth $ 319.99 US. Anyone can grab this golden opportunity by following the simple rules described 7 keys

Windows 7 License Key Contest Rules

1. Subscribe to Newsletter: Just type your email address and complete the subscription request. (A verification mail will be delivered to Inbox, follow the mail to verify the subscription to complete the request)

2. Reply a valuable comment on the post: Use the same email address that is subscribed for daily newsletter, otherwise you won’t be eligible for the giveaway. We expect you’ll give your honest opinion why you want to use Windows 7.

3. Share about this Giveaway: Share about this contest with your friends on Facebook and become a fan of WindowsLifeStyle or follow us on twitter @nitinagarwal198 and Retweet about it using #Windows7Style, tweets without this hash tag won’t be counted.

Follow these simple 3 Steps and you will be eligible for the giveaway. The winner of the giveaway will be announced on 1st January 2010.

You can retweet or share about this contest as many times as you want and this will work more in your favor.

You may use this sample tweet to retweet:

@nitinagarwal198 Chance to win an unused Windows 7 Genuine license key on WindowsLifeSyle #Windows7Style

The Genuine product keys for windows will be send to the winner by email. So, please provide your correct credentials here.

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Nitin Agarwal is a Spritual Soul from India. He is a Windows and Windows Phone Expert and Blogger by birth. He has been awarded as Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for three times by Microsoft in Windows Expert category. People often calls him a Geek, techie, gadget freak and A Crazy Heart because of his passion towards doing things differently. Immensly inspired from Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and APJ Abdul Kalam.

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  1. Mad Geek @ beingPC

    I am a developer and I need Windows 7 because every software I make nowadays must be compatible with Windows 7 (with both 32 and 64 bit), so it would be beneficial for me if I get one.

    Besides I am using Windows 7 beta from a long time and I really love it so either way I want it.

    Retweet link:
    FaceBook Share link:

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  5. Hi Nitin,
    Thank you for your generous offer,
    Just became a fan of your on facebook and I’m going to share this giveaway via facebook.ù
    Whay I’d like to win?
    I’ve bought Windows 7 Home Premium and I’d like to switch to ultimate edition:-)


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  7. HI, Marry Christmas to all
    I would like to join for window 7, sorry the owner of this website I come from developing country, and realized that window 7 is new and extremely useful than Xp and vista. However, I live in rural area, and currently I use Xp for my study. I wish to have window 7, but the window 7’s key is too big compare to my budget. I join this for hope to win one.
    thank you
    Best regard

  8. Hi im using windows xp at the moment on my computer i have just bort a laptop and wood like to install windows 7 i have herd a lot of good reports about 7 so i wood like to win windows 7 thank you.

  9. I test Windows 7 beta and I’m please that this version of Windows is great. As we all now over the internet. The user’s feedback is positive and gain the trust of the customers. I hope I can win the full copy….

    Thank you for this a very valuable offer.

  10. can i have one, i would like to have windows 7 ultimate because vista is buggy to me

    btw very nice article about this, i’m sure windowslifestyle will help other people


    My facebook, already fan

    sorry i don’t have any twitter

  11. i really want to have the key cause i need to use the windows seven because of the new and more safe software as it is i wish i will get one

  12. I use vista sp2, my computer has died paddle (really slow)
    I would like to upgrade to Windows 7

    count me in
    merry christmas and happy new year

  13. I am currently using Windows XP.

    I keep hearing good things about Windows 7, for example – user account control, Installed Device Drivers automatically, faster boot time etc.

    I would defintely like to own a licensed copy of Windows 7 Ultimate.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  14. Old retired grandfather in need of better OS than I have now to stay in touch with the real updates world. A key to a wonderful OS like Windows 7 Ultimate would full that need just fine. I’m ready to move on and it would dearly hit the spot. Win or lose thanks for the chance to try

  15. It is really very minor, but one of my favorite little features is the set of window arrangement gestures. I love being able to maximize just vertically (drag the top or bottom edge of a window to the edge of the screen) or fill half the screen with a window (drag the window to right or left edge of the screen depending on which half of the screen you want to fill).

    I feel like I have used both of these features almost every day since I started using Windows 7. The half-screen fill is especially nice for web design work, where I can easily toss a browser and a text editor up on my screen to check my work.

  16. I want to get the license key of Windows 7 because I have no income to pay for it. I’ve done the test with the beta version of Windows 7 and was amazed with the ease and security it offered me.

  17. I want to get the license key of Windows 7 because I have no income to pay for it. I’ve been offered a pirated version did not accept because I do not think it’s fair.

  18. my son sent me this tip for promotion, then i would win because it would be very useful in my work it would be perfect in my notebook.
    i hope to win, hehe

    Note: i’m so sorry but i can’t satisfy the rule number 3 because i don’t have any Social Network, but i hope you count me in promoting the same way!

  19. I am one of the members of a student group who have been doing a project Interenational Hospitality. I feel so glad to take part in this giveaway. There can’t be a better gift from you for this Christmas.

    We presently have been using trial of Windows7, it will be so useful for us to have this. Thank you so much again for this great giveaway.

  20. is a very good website for Windows related stuff and Goodies is organizing a competition where anyone can participate and grab this golden opportunity by following the simple rules described at main site.

    I really admire this site & i require Windiows 7 Ultimate keys.

  21. I think this the first giveaway about windows 7

    I did not use a Genuine copy of windows before.

    I just need to do it just once.

  22. Hai, I would like to get a license of windows 7 original as I love 7 so much and finding difficult to buy from store.
    I read from various magazines and online resources that windows 7 is faster and the user interface is neat and clean. So it can beat any other OS in the market like Linuses and Apples.

  23. Hi, I like to use Windows 7 because of the speed, simple, clean and nice interface. It runs better than Vista and consumes less resource. Touch screen feature is a plus.

    So please count me in. I hope I can win a license. Thanks.

  24. I was just listening about the windows 7 since the day it was, but I’ve not got a chance to try it because there are no easy way to get it here in Africa. I’m an IT student in Kampala, Uganda and I really like to win this key so that I can start learning and using its new features as the world will be moving now from vista to windows 7. Thank you so much for this great giveaway and may God bless and give you more in the future.

  25. Hi, i really want a copy of windows 7 cause it’s better than windows Vista and i cannot afford to buy a genuine copy of windows 7

  26. I’m using windows 7 Rc and will soon expire, and I’m enjoying it a lot then so I would keep using!
    so please I would like this opportunity.

  27. January 1st is my birthday would be a great gift!

    I would love to win this Windows 7, its beauty, performance, compatibility impressed me … this is a unique opportunity, hehe!

  28. Hello,Take Christmas greetings .Windows7 is very rich feature,faster compare to Vista.I want to get this key this.Please count me this giveaway.Thanks in advance.

  29. I hope I win because get that this is the best OS, there is a mixture of the beauty of Windows Vista to Windows XP compatibility, also with up great performance!

  30. i would like to have windows 7 as it is the most advanced windows product.
    it has got all new feauters like snipping tools etc and its aero is simply would be great to have such a good product for free.

  31. Hi, I use WIN XP SP2, tried installing WIN 7 Ultimate but it requires activation in 30 days, hence require genuine WIN 7.

    The lightening fast speed of WIN 7 over its predecessor makes it light, easy to use & user friendly.

    If possible, allow me to use it


  32. As Window 7 is the latest and primary OS for now and forthcoming years as being no more back-ups of existing XP and Vista systems after 2 years leaving no alternatives for us but to accept it. On the other hand, this new system is much more better than XP and Vista with less memory space and much more efficient than before which everyone loves and eager to use it, the earlier is the better. This is the best system of Microsoft so far and hope I can win it this New Year Giveaway. Wish every members in WindowsLifeStyle and all participants a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  33. Hey Nitin I would surely like to win windows 7..
    I have tried the ultimate version at my friend’s home PC and loved it better than my currently bloated Vista Premium..
    I really liked the cool feature of “XP mode” and I like this feature the best in Seven..

    Hope I win a license this time and here is my tweet status link in case you want it..

  34. I need Windows 7 because i like its speed, reliability and security with tons of more features, less buggy than vista.
    I more reason, i like to stop piracy but i, myself cant stop it because i dont have enough money to buy such an expensive software.However, it is 20% lesser in India but still expensive.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  35. I am updating my computer, new graphics card, more ram, power supply, now all I need is Windows 7 Ultimate OS. Please count me in. Thanks and may you all have a Merry Christmas

  36. Windows 7 is nice streamlined system which I could do with using for my applications as I am unsatisfied with Vista. Would be nice to use this on a daily basis. Thanks!

  37. This can be the Best Christmas Gift to me!
    I am running Windows XP since 2002. Time for a Change…
    I hope I win…
    Good Luck to everybody!
    Thank you in Advance for this Great Offer!!!

  38. Thank you very much for this offer 🙂
    I have been using Windows Vista for 6 months on this machine and I’ve been disappointed in Vista’s performance and features. I’d use the offer to get the most out of my hardware (Vista has been hogging a lot of resources) and finally be able to get that extra fps out of those games 🙂
    I have had to repair this Vista machine twice (First corrupted MBR then had to restore from a backup from crcdisk.sys error)
    I’m currently a student studying IT at college and I use my Vista machine to store my work and would also like a more stable, newer operating system to work on 🙂
    I hope you take my offer into consideration, thank’s again!

    – Chris

  39. Currently still get used to Win XP …..which not yet get got chance to upgrade to Vista due to pricing of license that sold over my country….

    So hope I am lucky enough to be get selected, so that I can get touch on it…

  40. Greeting, just an old guy trying to learn to build a computer. I am using the free Windows 7 RC on my old computer and have gotten to really love it. Starting to build a new computer [ one new part each month] and would love to have Windows 7 to use as the operating system.

    Thank You “Muchly”
    Dwane [cuggie]

  41. I just recently took an interest in moving from XP to Vista but heard so many bad things about Vista.
    So after hearing so many good reviews about 7, I have wanted Windows 7 but could not afford it at this time.
    Having this chance to win a key for Windows 7 is something I’ve hoped for. Mind you I am horrible at winning anything lol.
    Luckily with the help of the scan device to see if your computer is capable of handling windows 7, mine passed.
    I guess its one good thing my ex did for me. He built my computer.
    Now all I need is a Christmas gift and this would be one I would treasure for many years to come.
    Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday to everyone and the best to you all in 2010.
    Good luck to whoever wins and thank you for your generous offer to all of us to have this chance at winning something really useful and up to date. Hugs Tylicia

  42. Windows 7 has great looks with superb performance.It really starts fast than previous version of Windows.
    Hope I will win.It will be a big bang New Year!!

  43. OK, first of all thanks for this kind offer. I would like to get Windows 7 just to upgrade to it from Vista which I bought pre-installed on my notebook.
    Though I’m not sure if it’s possible. I heard a lot of good things about Windows 7 and I’m sure it must be of better quality then Vista, which is OK in general but still has some weak points about it, imho.

  44. Hi i stopped using XP as i was getting to many virus and vista is big and slow so have been looking at Linux .but i think this win7 will keep me from the dark side, as all the reports are its more streamlined and faster and i like the XP mode so can use old software

  45. To be honest first I considered buying Windows 7 Genuine but later I changed my mind because the price seemed too high ( at least for me).
    I’m currently using Windows XP at home and Vista at my working place and can tell you that XP is much better in many ways.
    Lately I heard so many talks about Windows 7, and read many reviews over the internet and they are mostly positive. It’s why I decided to take part in this contest, you were so kind to offer.

  46. Just now I was informed about this competition by friend of mine and I wish to post some words concerning new Windows 7 OS and my desire to upgrade from Vista, though surely I understand that my chances to win a single genuine license are extremely miserable.
    Anyway… After my upgrading from XP to Vista I was greatly disappointed and felt sorry I lost my money on buying Vista license. Till now I have problems with it from time to time and can’t completely get accustomed.
    As I heard many talks about Windows 7 they say that version is greatly improved comparing to Vista, so I do not mind winning a your prize, and Big Thanks for giving all us a chance.

  47. I think it’s quite obvious that everyone wants to get genuine license for Windows 7 without paying a single penny for it.
    In my case I just can’t afford it since being a student I don’t have a full-time job, but I don’t want to use pirate version of Windows 7 ( don’t know though if it’s already available) and you are giving us a real chance to get a license for Windows 7 absolutely legally. Thank you very much.

  48. Hi
    Im currently using Vista! It looks good, but it slows down my computer 😀
    But as a student (at the time) I dont have the money to upgrade to Win 7, even if I’d wanted to, so this is a great chance to win it!!! What I like the most about Win 7 is the easy way to share your internet connection (also wireless!) and also that it does not consume that much resources!
    Thanks for providing such a nice giveaway!
    Best wishes

  49. Hi!

    Thanks for offer us this great oppirtunity!
    Imagine and also wish that plenty of good new things will come out from
    this initiative, like new social connections will see new light between different
    types of interest’s and people. Twitter is an awesome tool in many way’s.
    Hope someone have seen my tryings in make some RT at twitter.
    Though it was the first experience and I don’t have a clue if it was made
    in the right way, we will see what happen next. However it was a good idea.

    Myself have been Windows user since 2004, in this moment I’m running
    XP Professional. Hope there will be a chanse for uppgrade it to Windows 7,
    hopefully in a near future as we heard and seen many good review’s from this
    new OS and I can only say it looks just terrific and very developed this far.
    Still there might be many users who still working with former XP in their
    environment, think many of those considering to wait a while before have
    real fact on the table that Windows 7 showing proof that it is stable and secure.
    It’s a kind of repeat from when XP saw the light and many wanted to stay with
    Windows 2000 as an example, every change need some time to make.
    But I think this new OS haveing very good future prospects, a winner.

    Once again, thanks for a interesting offer!
    It came very convenient as I don’t haveing afford in this moment to get a license.
    Wish everyone good luck in this contest as also a wonderful Merry Christmas
    for all who celibrate this holiday around the world.

  50. I would say many lies to win ths win but, things like think my bike using windows seven and even drinking seven-up i ride for some way with my newest giveaway pressing ON button dressing my cotton look at screen, with start bar, and in the side bar, besides my car, i see the speed and the fuel, because i seek to fulfill this blank space to win and don’t scape this new version, with my pure intention, to say just truths, just with my imagination, above all seven knights, during all nights, fight for my seven, the Windows Seven.

    Thank you for this opportunity, good work.

    Samuel Sindra – From BRAZIL (Escuse some grammar mistake, i write in Portuguese)

  51. I got the update for Windows 7 Home Premium for my laptop for only US$ 30 through a promo for students using an .edu email account.

    But I’m still using Windows Vista Ultimate on my desktop, of which there are no promotions available and is a bit expensive to buy.

    It would be great to win this license!

  52. I appreciate this offer and I would like to thanks!
    I like Windows 7 because it is fast, have better compatibility, virtualization and XP mode, Pin, Snap, HomeGroup, Play It, Touch Windows, Internet TV, Improved Memory Use, and much much more … difficult to have enough money to afford for this windows, and I hope in your offer … all the best and good luck! 😉

  53. i am using a pirate windows xp bcoz i don’t have a sufficent money to buy a genuine license this time u guys can help meby give a genuine license

  54. Hi,
    my hardware is compatible with Windows7
    This would be a great opportunity to discover Windows 7
    Thanks for the offer.

  55. this is a valuble comment.because it is in this weblog:)
    I have OEM license of win7 but I have a doubt on its geniune. because I bought it just for 129 $. I will be happy to have license that I trust it is geniune.

  56. Please count me in… I would like to enter in the contest.

    I would really love to win a Windows 7 genuine license, because it is a great product. In my opinion, Windows 7 is the best OS that Microsoft made so far.

    I like at Windows 7 the good management of the computer’s resources. The new Superbar is very usefull and the Aero effect gives a great look. There is something that I don’t like: the retail license it’s too expensive.

    I’m a student and I can’t afford to buy a license… if you pick me, I will be very grateful to you. So, please make me happy! 🙂

    Thanks you for this great giveaway and good luck to everyone! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  57. Windows 7 is the last windows available from Microsoft and it is the most scure windows
    So i hope i will win
    Could you count me in , thanks

  58. I have been using xp from many days and when i used windows 7 for the first time i felt it a bit difficult to use.It was not as simplified as i thought.But after using it for some days in my friends laptop i felt comfortable with it.
    I then felt that my tasks were even more easier to do.
    1. Boots Faster Than Vista
    2. Battery Life and Wireless Connectivity Optimization
    I wanted ro make this reply simple and genuine.This is what i felt.From many days i have been following the tips and tricks and i was even successful in setting up windows rc in my friends computer.
    I would be glad to have my own copy of windows 7 this christmas as it would also help to improve my business.
    Waiting for the winner to be announced and merry christmas to one and all

  59. I would love the chance to try Windows 7 and all the new features, I don’t care too much for Vista.

    I subscribed

    I follow on Facebook Vickie Bartlett

    I follow on Twitter (vlbsweeps) and have been tweeting

  60. Hey, thanks for the gr8 offer.

    I’m a fan on facebook Mohit Tandon
    I’m following on twitter mohit12341 and have tweeted

    i would just love to win windows 7 so plz count me in.

    Thnx again,

  61. I want to upgrade my computer from Win XP which I have been using since ages. I have heard about the problems with Vista and therefore want to go for Win 7 now. I saw the great new features that Win 7 has and would love to have this OS. I tried to download the RC but it was a pain to download such a huge file on a slow internet connection. I wanted to apply for hosting the launch party but couldn’t because I had exams approaching. Besides I cannot afford to buy this right now, so it would indeed be a nice New Year gift from you. Thanks for this giveaway and a Happy New Year to all.

  62. wah! what an offer. thanks for this offer. really its nice to hear/see. this is best offer for christmas/new year. i like win7 most. i really want win7 key.i feel that i’m lucky if i got the key.
    Again thanks for this offer.

  63. Well My Reason is To get a look and feel of the best OS from MS stable and my migration from XP to Win 7 would be a joyride full of Awe Inspiring Moments .
    Just Cant Wait to have a Hands On Of Win 7 and u only can fulfill that Dream …
    Aero Peek … Aero Shake .. etc etc .. Just Heard Of it uptil now ….. And want to use them … So Hope u will Make My new Year Special ….
    Count Me In …. 🙂

    Twitter Fan : abhi2803
    Face Book : Abhinav Dhand

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  66. I have completed all steps , however I do not “tweet” so mine is posted on facebook – Edward Gudz .

    I would really love to get a copy of Windows 7 ultimate , this has to be the best OS I have EVER used , it may take a little getting used to but once you are used to it it is 10 times easier than all the other OS’s and if you get into trouble with it , it is also much easier to get yourself out of that trouble .

    Thanks in advance .


  67. I want this software, windows seven, because i can’t buy it to give to my niece. I already used the beta version and i loved it.

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    Technology is one of the human factor in doing the style of everyday life, there are 2 sides … be good and also bad for one’s lifestyle:)

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  70. This is what I wanted! I was searching on Google since 1 hour and was really depressed as I got nothing but this post really made me happy. I just bookmarked your blog as I will not like to waste my time again on Google.

  71. This post is good, whenever I just visit blogs I comes across some shitty articles written for search engines and irritate users but this article is quite good. It is simple, good and straightforward.

  72. Maybe this is me talking nonsense, but it seems like Google isn’t a company run strictly by the top and they seem to be doing quite well.

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