Windows 8 Beta Download


In recent passed days we heard news in which Microsoft released its Windows 8 Developers Preview operating system, for PCs and tablets, to the public. At Build Conference that was held last month, Microsoft made three different versions available for downloading Windows 8. Since, this release was a preview of Windows 8, it may have plethora of bugs and need to be fixed by the Microsoft guys as it is not even Windows 8 Beta Version.

Windows 8 developer’s preview is nothing but a preview of Windows 8 before it gets complete without any bugs or errors.

Basically, the software release cycle involves few phases out of which one is the Beta phase. Windows 8 Beta phase is followed by the Alpha phase.

In the process of software development phase Beta is the second phase after the Alpha phase. The Beta phase is began as soon when the software is feature complete (A feature complete version of a software is not yet final, but contains all intended functionality of the final version.)

Usually, a feature complete software still has to undergo testing and bug fixing as well performance or stability enhancing before it can go to release candidate and finally gold status.

The users who will be provided with the Windows 8 beta version would be called Beta Testers. They are usually customers or prospective customers of the organization that develops the software, willing to test the software without charge, often receiving the final software free of charge or for a reduced price.

Basically Windows 8 Beta version would be useful for demonstrations and previews within an organization and to prospective customers. Some developers refer to this stage as a preview, prototype, technical preview (TP), or early access.

According to the recent updates, the most anticipated Windows 8 Beta version will be hitting the online surface early January next year. Windows 8 Beta Download links will let you download the Windows 8 Beta version for testing.

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