Windows Phone Unlocking Service by ChevronWP7 is Now Available


Finally, the Chevron team including Rafael Rivera, Chris Walsh, and Long Zheng has signed off on their “ChevronWP7 Labs” official unlocking service for Windows Phone users. In a nutshell, ChevronWP7 Labs permits hobbyist developers to unlock their personal Windows Phone devices and install, run, and debug unsigned apps for just USD$9 bugs per device – without having to register at the App Hub and pay for the USD$99 yearly registration fee. Of course, it won’t allow you to publish apps in the Windows Phone marketplace, as the aim of the service is to nourish the homebrew apps community for Windows Phone.

Follow the below mentioned steps to sign up:

  1. For registration a Windows Live ID is required, which necessarily need not to be the one tied to your phone.
  2. Purchase “unlock tokens” that available for USD $9 through the PayPal or credit card mode of payments. Each token equals one unique Windows Phone device registration.
  3. On your PC download and run a ChevronWP7 Lab’s unlocking tool. This tool works similarly to the official “developer registration” tool, but requires you to have purchased an “unlock token” first instead of an App Hub account.
  4. You will be then placed onto an “unlock queue”. This queue exists to serialize unlock requests for several security and administrative reasons,
  5. Your Windows Phone is now developer unlocked and can now install homebrew XAP app packages.

Notably another advantage of using the ChevronWP7 Labs service is that your phone’s warranty will remain sound, given the team had worked closely with Microsoft and the unlocking tool works identically to the official tool. The ChevronWP7 team posted some great homebrew Windows Phone apps already available, in order to make it easier for you to get started:

  • Screen Capture v3 – Take screenshots from your Windows Phone 7 to share a funny SMS or illustrate an app on a blog post.
  • Mango Battery Status – Check your phone’s battery life on a Live Tile.
  • Webserver (Mango) – Why wouldn’t you run a web server on your phone.

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